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Found 7 results

  1. So I've heard that the NPCs are mainly being scripted in numerous timelines from various backgrounds, traits, and other conditions that are essentially being hand-made. Which I can absolutely respect as that would allow more "human" responses in comparison to AI. I understand the idea of event chains that act like a logic system in a way, but I can't fathom anything short of a small army of writers to make it possible. Atleast without years of development. So I propose the following; why not let us, the community and gamers help write scripts or events? I'm sure we've all been through a number of situations and reacted to them differently depending on our own character builds or goals. If they allow the player base to contribute to this end, it would allow the devs to focus on the mechanics end to aid in speeding up the final release of NPCs. Not only that but it would allow some great diversity in the PZ world as of course, not every writer is the same. This could be accomplished by giving the community some form of template and maybe bracket it into categories of responses, reactions, or goals. Or a similar tool to properly and effectively integrate it seamlessly into the game. Essentially give us the guidelines and a relatively basic tool to help create the NPCs you, the devs, envisioned. Because trust me, we the players would love deep, lore rich NPCs. One way I could think of implementing this is breaking it down by traits or prebuilt classes. This way we could formulate different NPC reactions and goals that could potentially mesh together with other traits depending on their capabilities or limitations. Maybe even adding in reliance on other NPCs (such as potential family members) for negative traits such as deaf, weak ect or vice versa for bonus traits. Maybe have npc cops, firefighters, soldiers ect try to do their jobs at first and maintain the crumbling civilization. The possibilities are endless. A way to allow us access to this could be a form of massive logic chains. Where inputs from the beginning of the game could be handmade by thousands of players. Such as family members, goals, occupation, and some background information such as preferences, relationships ect. Perhaps even slap on a labeling system such as traits, personality ect to easily organize and piece together multiple chains. Finally a team of moderators to accept or decline certain inputs/outputs or entire chains for rating purposes or feasibility. It could be something as simple as a blog similar to this one, or more complex as a plug-in or game extension. Or even a bit of basic coding. Anything that would allow us to effectively help the core game.
  2. I can't seem to find what toggles the movement states between walking, running, and sneaking/armed stance. Anybody know what they are? Or should I just modify the players walkspeed and multiply it by the appropriate skill level in getGlobalMovementMod, getSprintMod and force the animations to play?
  3. People left food in their ovens and microwaves before they ran off!! Better eat it!! This mod makes uncooked food spawn in ovens and microwaves. Made for suggestion post here. I tried making cooked, burnt and rotten food spawn but ran into problems, so I just made it this way. DOWNLOAD: Main (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox)
  4. Hello PZ-Community In this post i only want to ask, how i can costumize the zombie spawns in my map. I made the smallest German island as a map in PZ and at this island do only live 11 people, so i leave the zombie_spawn.png complete black, but there are still spawning zombies, and a lot more than 11, so my island becomes very unrealistic. Did anyone know if i can edit the spawns better as example in lua? Thanks for your time reading my post And i hope you understand me, because my native language is german so my english isn't that nice. MrGoldenLP
  5. I went through all of the logging co. buildings gathering most everything of value. Then I made my way to the large warehouse where I fought furocisoly to hold and secure it. When I finally managed it I went through everything in the large warehouse and started sorting and placing things in different storage contrainers on the 2nd floor. I hung sheet rope from all the 2nd floor windows and was about to destory the stairs leading to it. I decided to first test the sheet rope. I had more than enough sheet rope to make it long enough so I wasn't worried about it. When my character went down the sheet rope from the 2nd floor he somehow glitch-fell and injured himself badly. I decided to go back up the sheet rope and he went up it and climb back through the window then glitch-teleport-fell to the ground again and died. I spent hours on this character trying to make a secure safe house and he goes and dies from a glitch. So much mental patience went into this character and it's all gone. I would feel slightly differently if he had died legitly but this is just bull. Is there any possible way to revert back a few minutes, an hour, or a day?
  6. This mod adds fourteen new boredom reduction items that have uses and will wear out with each use, all but three are craftable. The craftable ones are two new doodles and ones you can make using a pair of scissors on newspapers or magazines. The non craftable ones spawn in the world and on zombies. 18+ ONLY: You can now use that wallet you looted off of that zombie a few days ago. You can now modify the wallet to hold a bunch of pictures, doodles or other related items. (It works as a container, even though you can put a shirt in the wallet doesn't mean you have to... Please play realistically with this mod!!) Using vanilla textures for now. (Removed "Favorite" part of the name, you know there favorites, why do you need to be told they are?) DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror (My Dropbox Link)
  7. I would love to craft this things: But except that the devs want to put the profession "potter", and then you can create with clay a pot... you could only find the clay pots in some homes I think : P What you guys think.. is too bad idea? haha I was thinking about make a mod... but, I don't know anything about it, and right now my life is too lazy to try...
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