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Found 2 results

  1. Good morning to the doidscene, Everyone of my friends seem to encounter the following during winter season : - No sleep traits modifiers - House is 21 degrees, Electricity still on. - Winter season. When someone goes to sleep it wakes up after 10/20 minutes with hypotermia status. Thank you for your work
  2. So according to PZ, to survive a Kentucky winter without power or any kind of indoor heat source, all you need are shoes (no socks), pants, and a sweater. No hat, gloves, or coat required. That's ok with me, it can be reasonably explained. However, I believe if you happen to get caught outdoors in a rain storm during the cold weather months (November - March), it should have some kind of effect on your status besides being dampish or drenched. This is my suggestion: - As a character's "wetness" level increases, the "warmth" factor of clothing should decrease. Being damp would only cause a slight decrease in warmth, if at all. But, being drenched would negate the "warmth" factor; in essence, when drenched, it would be like you weren't wearing any clothes at all (except you still have their weight on you). So, if the game temperature is cold enough to cause you hypothermia without your clothing's warmth factor, then if you're drenched, you'll get hypothermia anyway. This would make player's run indoors once the rain starts during the cold season; just like they would do in real life. - Of course, if the dev's add a rain coat, then this would negate that, but that would just be CRAZY!
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