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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I'm welcoming you to join the first unofficial real world map expansion for Project Zomboid! Community project: Radcliff Now in blindcoder's PZ Map project! http://pzmap.crash-override.net/?desc=Radcliff0dot2L0 Map description: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Radcliff Beta v0.2 Disclaimer: I can not and will not support any MP versions of the map and can not commit bug fixes in the forseeable nearTM future. The map is a beta version and does have bugs. If you're willing to live with this knowledge without complaint here's something for you: DOWNLOAD Installation directions: just extract the files in your %username%/zomboid/mods -folder and enable the mod from the pz mods options window (you might have to restart the game). ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' As many of us know the developers have been hard at work with the mapping and Mash is pounding away in secrecy and deciding what will be the next big things added to the map. Also much hasn't been confirmed about how big the map will actually be and what it will eventually cover. We have had word that the map will be expanded, and some rumors that we'll likely see the impassable Fort Knox and the swarming city of Louisville implemented in the future. That is all we know. This project is here with that knowledge to be added south of the future Fort Knox and maybe even work as an encouragement for Mash and TIS on their great work. So, what is this about? I am creating (with hopefully some help ) a 10x10 cell map with accurate (as close to real life size and placing, as I have the fortitude) road mapping, forests, rivers, railways, paths and buildings of the town of Radcliff which is south of Fort Knox. Where do I fit in? Your job, if you wish to join and/or contribute to the project, is quite simple at the moment. I will need hundreds of buildings for this project and you as a budding Zob the Builder shall do my bidding , wait... no... can help <3 by making as real life accurate buildings as you can in the style of what is already existing in game (ie.no own tilesets, at least for now). More accurately, you can check google maps for the area covered and try to copy buildings as good as you possibly can. We are also trying to imitate the style that has already been established in the game by our wonderful MashPotato. If you wish to do more than that, have some mapping required (simple) skills and are ready to dedicate yourself, you can contact me by PM and we'll discuss your future role on the project. (Read on for more accurate info on the buildings...) Why are you doing this? Because, I love Project Zomboid and the community and wish to help make this the best zombie survival game it already is! Also I have been doing a fairly large project on my own which includes my home city, but I have decided to put it on the background for a while and do something where the whole community will benefit. As to the purpose of this map, it is to be as good as (or even better ) than the original, existing map, expanding the playable area enormously and maybe even be incorporated to the vanilla map when it is fully fledged out. Only TIS knows! When will this be out? I wan't to play! I'm sorry to say that this being such a huge and intricate project, you're going to have to wait quite a while until it will be in any fully playable state. As in the Indie Stone fashion: No ETAs! That being said the ones contributing most can of course always make test versions for themselves and with agreement, share some versions with friends and others for testing/streaming etc. purposes. Once we get there I will publish larger alpha/beta tests for the public, but I'll say that as I'm quite the perfectionist, the map should be very much near completion at that point. Mainly this is a slow and steady project and I'm in no rush of finishing it tomorrow or the day after. Questions, comments, ideas? Post them below or PM me personally, but as always keep it civil, constructive and lovely, above all! Ok! to the pics yayyyy!!!: Full map plus roads: Roads: A finished cell (1,3): The most typical buildings in the area: png map: _veg map: Plan: Finished areas, buildings etc: Finished/submitted buildings: (note not all of these are yet included in the map but approx. 98% are) 35 garages 147 tiny houses 205 small houses 118 medium houses 2 apartment blocks 3 medium blocks 1 small block 2 large houses 21 trailers 1 medium warehouse 14 construction sites 118 custom buildings (including schools, baseball fields and basketball courts, a town hall, library, a gazebo, chicken coop, a full golf course with apartments etc.etc) 638 buildings in total updated 6.4.2015 Completely finished cells (with buildings/tiles): Important for sending houses: Contributors, thanks and active members: Stay lovely <3
  2. Viceroy's Asylum for the Insane! Done: Floorplan. Furnishing. Lighting. Not Yet Done: Decals. Asylum Grounds. (Partially Done) Signpost & Reception Signpost. <<< Looking for a spriter on this The Asylum features among other things the following rooms: Cramped cells for the insane! Kitchens! Canteens! Bathrooms! Showers! Laundry Rooms! Medical Area! Checkpoints! Lounges! Libraries! Stuff I forgot! Now on to pictures for the less read-y types: From Afar: Ground Floor: First Floor: Reception: Medical: Download Link Up: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ca6efyj43a76v7o/challengemaps.zip Asylum: https://www.dropbox....hemp asylum.tbx Greenhouse: https://www.dropbox...._greenhouse.tbx Groundskeeper: https://www.dropbox....oundskeeper.tbx Boiler Room / Ventilation Room: https://www.dropbox....ylum_boiler.tbx Instructions: Extract the zip folder and place the contents into your ProjectZomboid\media\maps\challengemaps folder; should overwrite Challenge1 and Challenge2, I have included backups of the original maps in case you want to go back again. The *.tbx files can be placed in any map so feel free to do so, just let me know (so I can check it out) and credit me, all is well. Message me if you have issues or thoughts. Thanks goes out to the internet for allowing me to google stuff and to civilization for building asylums.
  3. I'm interested In learning how to make maps for Zomboid, I want to start a HUGE project with some of my friends and create the city of Melbourne, Australia. However Melbourne is a collosal city with buildings stretching upto 91 floors [see Attached]. I would guess the engine couldn't support buildings that tall or it would cause conciderable framedrops. I'm wondering if it would be possible to do this either now or in the foreseeable future. Thanks in advance
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