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Found 7 results

  1. How it works? Loot is generated when opening a container? When a player enters a chunk? Are there any differences from the singleplayer mode? I have found various options on the forums, but I don’t understand which one is correct.
  2. Moleon

    How i can start?

    Howdy! I really want to make some mods, like a manga books, anime cds and more freak items. I dont know how i can start... where i can learn how the code works? What is the name of the programming lenguage? i really want to know the first step that i have to do. In the future i really want to contribute to the hydrocraft! Thank you very much!
  3. Miren el video ,comenten y subscrivanse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAMezEg3f2I&list=PL30C3804CDCF06261 les ayudara a testear ect . Pero sobre todo Para masacrar zombies XD SUBSCRIBANSE PARA MAS
  4. How do you build a fire in build 26? I make a campfire kit and then it just turns into campfire materials and it doesn't let me make kindling either with a sturdy stick and notched board.
  5. As a huge fan of Project Zomboid and a server hoster myself, I am currently wondering if anyone (devs, admins, mods, or players) knows the day/month/year we will have multiplayer mods for server hosters. Any hints toward such knowledge is greatly appreciated!
  6. [vent] I HATE ITEM BLOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/vent] Hi everyone, just venting. Spent the last two hours trying to figure out why my items aren't working (If you have something wrong or invalid it will turn into the item "Blooo") and I stillhaven't made a dent . Just venting while I take a break.. Blades mod is looking nice though. Though nice to me may not be nice to others. But it's nice!! Edit: If modders are coming across their own item Blooo, post here to help each other fix what's wrong. Some values can't be set to certain things or it will Item Blooo.
  7. Hello, all! I'm just wondering how i would go about creating a simple GUI box in-game that has a text box and a button on it when a player presses a key? There's some Clydes in it for you if you help! ;D
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