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Found 9 results

  1. Just like the title says. Fresh install of the game [version 34.28 (Steam)]. 64 bit client, on Windows 7. I click Host, server name is 'servertest', server memory doesn't seem to matter. 0.75 is the lowest option I have. I've tried each increment up to 2GB. I hit Start. It reads 'initialising', then 'initialising server systems', then 'loading world', then kicks back to the first menu and says 'Server has stopped during launch (NormalTermination).' When my friend tries to host a server the entire game just crashes to desktop for him.
  2. I've been attempting to get a basic server running for about 5 hours now. I've tried using the in game hosting option and inviting another player to join me (I've also had the player in question try to click on my username and join me that way). However, they are unable to do so even after I send an invitation. The server, among other things, kicked her out due to "files not matching the server's [settings/files/something]" So there's that faint glimmer of hope right before being kicked in the balls. So here's my question guys. Can you guys end my nightmare? Can you show me h
  3. So I booted up the game today after months and months of waiting. There is a host option now in the main menu (34.27 Version) Steam. Can I now just host from the game instead of running my own server? I can invite friends from the hosted game? Do my friends need to have anything set in particular on their side (Ports, etc? ) TCO
  4. Go to your Library and then select "Tools". Scroll until you see "Project Zomboid Dedicated Server" and download/install it like you would with a game. Once downloaded, you start it. Start the game from the host option in PZ Did that. So I started a server earlier today as a test. Just to see if it would work. I went through the settings to configure a quick game setup. Played around in game a bit. I had invited someone to see if they could get in but at the time they were busy. Hours later I wanted to run another test. I can not host a game.
  5. Hello everyone! I'm just gonna start off by saying I love the game. Had a little trouble hosting a server, but finally got it all working properly... or at least so I thought. Just to clarify I downloaded all the necassary steam files to host a steam server. I port forwarded correctly with available slots for 4 people. I can play both online with my friend at his house and lan. Before I start the server I start from scratch by going to the serversettings.exe in the Project Zomboid install directory. Once I have adjusted the server settings for my server I go to the file where I installed t
  6. Hi everyone! I just bought the game this summer sale, and so far I'm loving it, having a lot of fun! Since I bought the game with some friends, we wanted to get a private server running just for us which we could save and manage as we please. However, I haven't been able to get a private server running, no one can connect. I've read the forum and haven't been able to find a solution. So far here is the list of things my friends and I have tried: Portforward both TCP and UDP ports 16261 to 16270 to the same as entry port.Add Project Zombid exe file to the firewall exceptions.Disable th
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could host private servers on the build 27 using hamachi. Me and my friends want to host and play together on a private server. I used to host on older builds but now it doesn't work anymore. Thanks!
  8. I've been trying to successfully host a server on OS X, following the instructions by Rathlord. But anyway, I the map still fails to load completely. Black borders all around a very small portion of the map. Items do not appear either, and zombies appear and disappear as you approach them. Something is not transmitting the data from the server to the game correctly and I read that the problem was that the ports were not forwarded so I try using Hamachi but the issue still remains. Anyone knows how to fix this? Im currently on build25b and this has been happening since -onlinetest. Thanks.
  9. Greetings, I've been greatly enjoying PZ since first exposed to it late last year. I've started running a server on my own and was wondering if the starting locations of players can be changed or even randomized? On a side note, can custom maps be used in MP as well? Thanks!
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