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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I am going to be starting a new server soon called "M700N's Survival Night". There is a brief description below but for the full details of how it works and how to join, you will have to join our Discord server by following this invite link; https://discord.gg/pUXV9pp How Survival Night works; These are 1 night events and will be announced in the #sn-announcements channel on our Discord server. Survival Night is basically a PvE Horde/Battle Royal type game mode. You will all be spawned into the same location (inside a ready built fort) and all spawn in with the same equipment. You will then have 10 minutes to get set up before the hordes of zeds start attacking the fort. As it is PvE only the Zeds can kill you. It is your decision if you go at it lone wolf or decide to work as a team (I fancy the latter option myself) and try to survive for as long as possible. If you are a member on my PvE Server "M700N's UK PvE Server" then the position you come in the Survival Night match will earn you gifted awards to use within our PvE server. Like I mentioned above all details of this are on our Discord Server. M700N
  2. Hey, I remember few years ago there was a horde with zombies which was moving in random ways. There was random zombies in many places too. I would like to play with that horde mod, is that available? Now zombies are everywhere and just appears in random places on the street - I really dont like it (I back the same way and suddenly I see zombies in place where they shouldnt be). Didnt see also a bigger horde with zombies. That was really fun to trying avoid a big horde and sometimes I had to wait long time to back my home. There was also smaller map. I understand that on small map is easier to make like one horde moving around but that was pretty fun and I really miss that game. Additionally I would like to play some quests (stories). In older version there was a small story with his wife, that was a pretty cool. Thanks...
  3. Disclaimer and link I got this idea from answering topic #17273, named : PZ players might dislike this... (sorry linking does not seem to work) I made a brief research and no relevant post showed up (if any, please advise). I did find topic #17268, named : Bob's crazy ideas. Although it's a bad name according to the suggestion guidelines, it has a few interesting ideas (that need polish in my opinion). The idea is below What happen when people try to rush in on a structure, say : a door during black friday? Some trampling may be involved. What happen when people trample another? They get a little more elevation that, depending on the state of the tramplee (flat on the ground vs on all four), range between a couple of inches to roughly a foot. What happen when there is a horde of zombies trying to break a wall down? Is it possible for them to pile themselves up to cross over it? Or for that matter, can the eventually reach a window or something? Well they should. They don't feel pain and are tireless. Large enough group are bound to stack or climb upon each other to reach higher ground. The net result Large enough group should be able to reach, given some time, higher ground. I would fix part of the single player floating base exploit, but not MP. Balancing note Group of zombies should be large. Even then, it should take time (i.e. it is not automatic and rely on a probability check) to take into account the fact that they need to climb upon one another. Success (i.e. a zombie reach +1 floor) should increase with the number of zombies in a given space. It would be more precise to speak about density. Reaching higher then +1 floor would require enough success in the group so as they get a chance to get even higher (thus taking even more time). Concerns The animations... zombie trampling each other and piling up require new animation to show the vertical effect. Personnaly, I would not care about a simplification such as a few zombies trying to get higher from time to time, even if it's not the zombie that do get higher. Some may feel that it's a bug though. Zombie damage... bruising from trampling is out of the question, but there is still broken bones. A simple solution would be that zombie randomly become the crawling type, they would have a decreased chance to get higher up but could still count as far as the horde density is concerned.
  4. To make it so not every horde you encounter after a few in-game days looks just about identical in number and distribution, maybe add three fields that govern rally group size and a percentage modifier that governs the likelyhood of that number being selected. Right now it's set at 20. Instead, for example you could have something like 4-8, 12-18, and 20-28 with 40%, 30%, 30% utilization respectively. Perhaps even spice it up even more by weighting the percentage rolls based on what size the "neighboring" hordes have selected to reduce the chance of one area getting too high a population. It would probably be beneficial to make a random-ish appearing adjustment for how the groups distribute themselves on the map as well, so you don't encounter those areas with neatly spaced zombie hordes dotting the landscape.
  5. I've lurked here and on the old forums pretty much since PZ began. Never felt the need to make an account until now, but I need to get this off my chest. Zombies in PZ used to terrify me. The days of the tutorial, baldspot and Kate, the looter... The first time I left my oven on and the house caught fire, waking up to a hundred zombies at my door. I freaking sh*t myself. I barricaded myself inside my house and inside my room. They eventually got in. I've never been so excited to die before. I'd never experienced anything like it. I was hooked. The next time I thought I'd steal the looter's shotgun, better weapon right? Oh hell no, every shot attracted more zombies until my measly rounds were all gone. I was eaten again. It was amazing. I was so scared to just go outside. But the more you play the game, and the more in tune you become with the meta, the weaker zombies become. They're not even a threat anymore, they're a joke. It wasn't long before people were one-shotting zombies with the fireaxe and surviving for over a year. Just Youtube anyone that plays PZ, you can rally a thousand zombies with a shotgun and just run rings around them. Just one example: I propose a revamp. My first small change - make the zombies lunging speed slightly faster than your character is able to walk backwards, to prevent the ability to just kite and shoot. So when they're within 5 metres of you, they suddenly get faster. Note - I am aware they already do this, but their lunging speed is still slower than you're able to back-pedal, so it's not scary at all. But my biggest change would be to implement a more Walking Dead style of zombie: the more zombies that are grouped up; the faster they become (but only when they see you). Just 1-2 zombies? Shouldn't be a huge problem to deal with. 5-10? Starting to speed up, a fast shuffle. 25+? They're almost breaking into a run. But you should still be able to out-sprint them. Second big change would be the distribution. Again taking Walking Dead as inspiration, zombies need to be fewer, but the horde needs to be massive. I am aware you can change the settings for amount of zombies, but it's either tediously empty, or unable to breathe. It would be nice to have both, the feeling of relief and desertation, with the constant worry of a huge horde just suddenly appearing. Coupled with the new speed mechanics I proposed - this would always be a threat. I want to feel like I have to run or hide from huge groups of zombies. Not moonwalk away without a care in the world. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only way to bring tension back into the game. The most stress I ever have is finding a nice home-base. That's about it. I want a horde to scare me again, I want to hide in my base peeking out the sheet-covered windows, worried that they'll see me. Not loading up my shotgun to tediously lure them away. I love PZ, it has the potential to be the ultimate zombie survival simulation ever made. But right now, it's just pac man wielding a shotgun, with crippled ghosts.
  6. I have been doing a little testing as an invisible admin on how sound ques currently work. Here's a run through of what I would suggest would work better to make the gameplay more interesting, realistic etc. This is of course all stuff that isn't a priority over bigger stuff, but some things are an issue and changing them would improve current gameplay. I would maybe put these changes to effect after the stealth overhaul to create balance for that and emphasize it's meaning. [note] When I'm talking about something making a sound, I mean in game as in zombies reacting to it. 1. First the most obvious to me. Windows breaking. They don't make nearly enough noise to attract zombies. Not when broken by player and not when broken by another zombie. Here are a few pictures to demonstrate. In these first two pictures a zombie is banging the window and breaks it. Behind me is a horde of roughly 30 zombies that I spawned. The main issue here is, even with the tightest zoom, where zombies naturally hear foot steps and some zombies would even react to sneaking, only 7 zombies hear the window breaking. If I'd ran past that window or inside that building, the whole pack would have definitely noticed me. Mainly I think that windows should make even more noise than running. It only makes sense to me. In the second 2 pictures I've broken the window at the end of the building. Only the zombies that were already next to the window noticed it breaking. 2. Issue number two (admittedly smaller) is that none of the zombies hear the window being banged on. Compared to them being able to hear sneaking, i'd say it's off balance. I also tested hitting thin air and it made more sound than the window breaking or the zombie banging on the window. 3. Third is the fact that they don't react to each other. when a crowd of 7 zombies move to a window they don't raise the suspision of any other of the zombies. this is the same case as when a small pack notices the players, they don't draw any others. However imo this point is up to debate wether it should or shouldn't be that way. I think that as they are making an actual noise when they attack the player, that should at least draw some zombies. Even a small domino effect when they notice you would be nice. 4. Shouting is too quiet in my opinion. It is comparable to the sound made by hitting a zombie (see picture above). Here are the comparison pics from shouting. You can notice that the whole group moves with the exeption of the two zombies in the top. That's roughly the same amount as hitting a zombie. Imo, it should be louder. You could even add a "psst..." whispering shout when you're sneaking to balance it out. 5. Forcing windows open makes very very little noise (1 zombie in a pack, literally around a window, reacted) and failing at it doesn't nearly account to the sound that it makes in my headphones. This is similar to no.2 but it does make the game less exciting and it's a feature that I've always thought that should be in. Again, walking/sneaking makes more noise than forcing windows or failing at it. 6. The horde forming noises. This, while a great improvement to zombie behaviour, it caused a real issue when testing with sounds. The fact that when a zombie broke a window and those 7 zombies came rushing in, they immediately changed direction after getting in and returned to the horde, without checking the building at all. This is definitely a case of zombie AI and I'd consider adding something more to that so that the zombies would actually try and search the house. I'd rather have the zombies that followed the sound que into the building make the horde forming noises as it would be with suggestion no.3. Guns make enough noise imo and are working great in that regard! They could maybe cause a spawn trigger but that's another topic. TL;DR: 1. Window breaking needs to be a lot louder. 2. Zombies banging on windows should make a sound. 3. Zombies could have a sound que to make them react to each other, when they're reacting to something. In other words, domino effect. 4. Shouting is too quiet. Hitting a zombie makes roughly as much noise. 5. Forcing windows and failing at it makes as much or less noise than sneaking. Should be louder. 6. Zombie AI would need a tweak to somehow fix that zombies are more interested in each other than what's probably food. (and no it shouldn't be a case of making zombies less likely to group, rather more interested in the brains) Again disclaimer, these are all my observations and opinions on how I think the game should work. Agree or disagree, let me know! Long post is long. Thanks for reading.
  7. Hello, now I was sure this would be suggested at some point or another, but I haven't really seen it around in suggestions anywhere, if it was I'm sorry I did look through the list somewhat. Anyway, I was thinking, anyone who survived for decent amount of time currently probably would feel the same. So right now once you get set up, build or secure your safe house, stack up food, get a farm going, the game really loses a lot of its former tension and gives you very little reason to go out there again, instead people just hunker down and enter sleep/wake/sleep/wake/harvest/sleep/wake cycle. And there is really no in-game event that really prevents the player from doing that, the threat is suddenly gone. So here is the actual idea, world in the game actually every now and again spawning a horde out of the view of the player or just on the edge of it, that would wander in the general direction of the players safe house and as time went on the hordes would get bigger over time and more resource consuming to deal with, I think it would give people who have survived for extensive periods something to do, something to worry about, something to have to constantly deal with instead of simply hiding in their cubbyhole and never coming out of it, also it would be a reason to get back out there and look for resources to fight back the horde. After all, the game always begins with "There is no hope of survival, this is how you died". Or a little bit less invasive version would be having several hordes on the whole map constantly wandering from place to place randomly, having big numbers(most likely several hundred at a time) it would be something you cant just deal with by picking of one zed at a time, but rather it would be a threat that would exist with a chance of one day arriving at your door, where you would have to sit behind barricaded windows and pray they don't know you are in there. Now feel free to tell me if you like or dislike the idea, I just thought as someone who have survived for months on end and didn't have anything to do, it would be something to spice it up a little bit. And to add last, I did try to play with High/Insane amounts of zombies, to me it really makes the game more of a chore where you have to get out bash a few, rest, bash a few, rest etc. etc. I like the base normal amounts of zombies/survival mode, that you can dodge and avoid instead of having to go rambo every five steps just to get to another house.
  8. I feel like safe houses can survive too easily and that it makes it too simple being able to clear out sections, so I think they should add large hordes which come from off the map and pass through the town, leaving some behind, so you have to survive the wave of hundreds of zombies and at the end there are more zombies in sections you'd previously cleared. (I'm thinking of it like the herds from walking dead, that sort of size, power and idea.)
  9. Alright, so I've had this idea in my head for a actual zombie apocalypse, and for any sort of game involving one, for a long time. However, project Zomboid seems like the first game where the implementation of such a concept is really viable, or useful even. The power goes out after a while, and so does the water, you're in the stone ages, and you're not quite happy about it. What if you wanted to figure this out on your own? To find the switch that needs throwing and put such a plan into action as to power the dark zombie-infested streets again? Or maybe just not having to use rain collectors would be nice too. Most cities have their power stations and water sanitation buildings, and if you've been near one, you'll know that they can often stick out like a sore thumb, and sometimes also cause plenty of noise for the neighbors. However, now the neighbors are zombies, and despite maybe just a few loyal workers valiant efforts, they decided to find the noise. Overwhelming whatever staff was there, or chasing them off, and eventually, they found the source of the noise. Maybe a open water tank stirring to try and sanitize water, and somehow, they clogged it up, likely by just falling into it, contaminating the water, if not clogging and stopping it's flow entirely. This could also open up the possibility of a bit of a warning as to when water was going to go for new players, first it starts becoming murky, then black or brown, then shutting down. The power station would definitely make more noise though, and be the first to go, zombies breaking in, and finding some very noisy turbines. Not having more mental capacity than a moth drawn to a flame, they fling, or walk, themselves into the turbines, powered by coal, or maybe a running river (yay green technology.) This wouldn't really give the whole warning thing the water one would give, but it'd give some actual reason as to why the power went out. So how do we fix it? This was actually a really hard list for me to nail down for this game without it becoming horribly unimplementable(not that it's a easy task now), but I've narrowed it down to a few things that could be done, and might not be impossible to do either. Water Utilities: Sanitation or pumping facility invasion event (Or having already happened with the shutoff proceeding as normal behind the scenes)Possible roaming workers? Can't expect the player to really know how to operate everything unless it's simple enough, workers could stay behind and defend if player left fortifications for them, though the necessity of food may be a extra thing for the player to consider.Unclogging the pipes. The zombies clogged it with themselves, and as such, you're probably going to need a net, or maybe a shovel of some kind to get them out. However, zombies can't drown, so if you find one not too mangled, you run the risk of it biting you as you work when careless.Re-invasions later. They're not going to give up that easily, the player may have to come back if they want their precious water on tap, further adding a set of tasks to players who want to go above and beyond the call for survival.Possible generators and gas on site for when the power went out to continue powering the plant. This would be a good explanation for why the water stayed on if it was based around a system that needed powering, and possibly a location for the player to raid for such supplies. However, if the player showed up after the water turned off, they might have missed the window to find such gas, and be left with empty, heavy, generators.Lots and lots of zombies. This is not a activity for the weak of heart, this would be the perfect place to truly have a sea of zombies for the player to try and wade through. This would be a luxury event for players to embark on, and would likely require coordination between a few players, or very clever strategies.Power Utilities: Power Outage event: The power going out, usually the end of perishable foods, and also whatever staff was employed at the power plant still. This plant would be much louder, and as such, much more a target for the zombies, seeking food.As with the water plant, the player should not be expected to know how to fix and run everything in the plant. Possibly they find a worker that is necessary to run the plant as the machinery is a little bit more complex than before, maybe with special needs that threaten to turn the power off if not supplied booze or cigarettes, leaving the player in the dark as to if the worker was dead, or if they were just unhappy.The turbines must spin. Zombies likely would have crawled, or just maybe pounded on turbines until the sound stopped, or they weren't able to. They could have clogged the spinning up, leaving the player to shovel and poke out the corpses, which may still stand a chance of catching them off guard.Different types of power: It may be a coal plant, or possibly a solar plant, however, most plants do need water for steam, and subsequently, the ability to spin the turbines. A reservoir on site or maybe water from the other utility plant may be necessary for actual power. This could both implement the possibility of unclogging the intake pipes at the power plant, and dealing with the water plant, meaning the player had to put some problem solving skills into action.Power lines. Pretty self explanatory, but a power line could go down, leaving the player without power, making it a (relatively) simple fix that the player could accomplish with cutting down a few trees and maybe a ladder.Even MORE zombies.: Some power plants are quite loud near them, and are quite the beacon at night, usually having quite a array of lights on the various things needed to run the plant. Again, this is a luxury event, cleverness and resources would be the top priority for completing it, and the more companions you have, the easier the event would likely be. This is a long list, but I think it'd be a interesting thing for players who think they have it all to try and attempt, though this would probably be something that's not even a year down the line for development, the resources involved for creating this would be immense, but I think it would be something quite unique to have in the game.
  10. First off I really like the game, but I feel it's missing one thing. It's a common issue with survival games. What do you do once you have settled into a lovely base, stocked food and supplies? For me the answer is roaming hordes of zombies. Picture this; you baricaded yourself in your base got a lovely farm going, a plentyfull supply of water, stocks of ammo and construction materials and so on. You are settled and living in comfort, but all of the sudden a massive horde of Zombies come by and force you to defend or even give up your home and flee to a safer place. Yes I know there are similar mechanisms already in place in the game, like the random gunshots, helicopters flying by and so on. They are all very good ideas and mix up the local zombie population. But what if you have cleared the area of zombies entirely? The actual proposal: In other words I am proposing an off map spawn of a Zombie Horde, that move on mass together in a random direction across the map. Even better would be the spawn of multiple hordes on different ends of the map. In my opinion it would add another challange to the game. It would certainly unsettle me if I happen to come across a roaming horde or if a horde happens to pass by my base of operation. At the very least it would mix up the local zombie population and supply you with another fun combat challenge. I am not entirely sure if this has been proposed before, I havn't seen anything like it in the stickies or other topics I have browsed. But I would be happy to see some form of roaming hordes of Zombies in the game.
  11. Hello peoples! I've searched through numerous topics and only really found one that said about this, but it wasn't focused on this primarily. My idea is fairly simple really, well the idea anyway. It's just a quick button press to get behind a wall your character is close to. Why is it important? Well, for one shootouts tend to happen a good amount of time in PZ's MP, at least from my experience a trade goes south pretty quickly. There's been times when I barely got out of there because I was armed. Which eradicated trust, but one time I got shot and I had to run around the entire building, I saw him at a place where I could have taken cover if that were possible. Would have been useless since I had no ammo. So I ran into a hotel room and bashed his brain in with a crowbar. It could have turned out differently. There was also two of them at the place, one with a gun which was obviously not the plan so at that point I would have loved to take cover and use local chat to ask why there were two of them there. There is so much use for this in-game but it's probably a difficult task in an isometric game, right? It could be useful in SP also to peek around the corner and used for shootouts as well. Shootouts are another entirely different topic but they could attract a really massive horde because of the amount of noise being created. Basically if I'd been shot from someone who was trading with me and I made it to a wall or any object like a wooden bench, fountain, inside a house I could use chairs, duck underneath the windows. We could press, for example "q" or right click and "take cover" which would be a "sprint to" command so people could have a chance to bandage and/or peek out and take a shot to keep the other person at bay.
  12. Hi My sugestion is simple (at least the ideia ) Make the horde walk through the city sometimes Like in TWD Serie: 2:40 minute They aren't walking because noise or something like this, they are "just walking" Imagine you looking for supplies in the game, then when you see on end of street, a huge horde of zumbie coming in your direction
  13. Made for Suggestion Here. People now will have carried more stuff before they died and turned... Bug: It breaks the savegame so it doesn't reload it after you quit. Works fine on ** So after making and reloading a whole bunch of games, it seems to work fine now for ** I'm so confused.. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  14. When you lovely developers have the time, why not add a sandbox setting thing that takes that sweet metagame thing you wrote and scales it back a little, try and make it more realistic in that zombies won't magically seek you out after a time. Plenty of people have gotten miffed about how the zeebs still manage to find y'all after a bit; why not offer another experience to add some additional variety and still stay close to the lore you're going for? I definitely don't mean to ask you to do this right now or add it to survival or anything. <3
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