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Found 3 results

  1. Careful shooting without ear protection. Shoot too much without it, or just one poorly timed shot indoors can make your character deaf. Three strike rule is in play. First offense, you have a spell of tinnitus. Second strike you become hard of hearing. Third strike you become deaf. I SAID YOU BECOME DE- oh forget it.
  2. So my idea is pretty simple, if you shoot a gun, and you are not used to shooting it (Lets say you have a job that doesnt use a gun) you get a temporary ringing, and the more you shoot your gun. the less it rings. Another idea is that lets say your in multiplayer, and someone shoots a gun right next to your ear. You will either get the hard of hearing trait, or if your unlucky. You become deaf. Seems like it could be a good idea, and it gives ear protection a real use.
  3. In its current state the sandbox options are a bit lacking. When you want to change the hearing of a zombie, you either get a zombie that for all intents and purposes is deaf, your normal average zombie, or a zombie that can hear you breath from 100 yards. (exaggeration (duh)) It would be cool if instead of three options, you had a slider bar that you could move left or right and get more variable senses in zombies. Would be cool if this was done for walk speed too.
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