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Found 8 results

  1. Marre de l'entraide ? Marre du PVE ? Rejoinds notre serveur FULL PVP ou les RAIDS sont autoriser !!! fraichement wipe ce serveur n'attend plus que toi pour vivre une aventure jamais vu dans project zomboid !!!! n'hésites pas à rejoindre notre discord pour plus d'infos !!!!! Serveur encadré , nombreux EVENT , MOD , CARTES etc !!! venez check c'est par ici : https://discord.gg/F68EzAda7z
  2. · HARD PVE server · zombie infection ON (only bites) · car damage ON (when crashing, not to players walking) · hypothermia kills · fire spread OFF · fuel in gas stations low · server starts 12 months later · world degradation ON · Random zombies · 5% sprinters (for now, can change) · HIGH zombie population · multi hit OFF · loot: insanely rare (respawn 7 days) · can claim 5 cars · can claim any building · can claim a empty space to create your own safehouse. · Many map mods, huge map. · The best vehicle mods. IP Game port: 42200 join discord
  3. Hello Survivor, Are you looking 4 a hard server but also fun? if so come join and give it a try there are active votes for mods and events. Events happen once a week from building clearing to loot boxes. there is a discord for help support and just meeting people, this server is going to be a long lasting one so you dont have to worry bout wasting time. only soft restarts unless voted to do a full restart. there are 2 active admins that can help with any issues or trouble! so please come give us a try and tell us what you think IP: https://discord.gg/jX3RaK5j
  4. Hi there! I little bad at english, and I hope you can read next what I write. I here to say something: - You can do hard system of the alchogol distilation: like a making mors from berries, or vodka from potato - and next a distilated some pure desinfectet liquid. - You can do some more addictions how coffe, drags, alchogol or important needs at insulin. And if be so nicley, if that addictions can be if you take many of that... How if you many takes of trauma and takes a painkillers... and if you can pure from addictons with a very many time (and with manys debugs). Thats take at game some hardness I think, if you control that. - Do a point at optiones, what do a jumps at the running, above a walls/fences (At new version) by the holding a button (if we build some towers, we jumped so much from them ) - Do some at game music from a CD-player, what you can heard, whats make your persona little happy. - Fixing a walls or constructions, from the masters on carpetnery. OR make to visible capacity to the masters (make a book or something). This is not fair, than you cant just expect your buildings... and if needed replace that. - Add coffie and tea leafs, how a plants. -Make a blooddrop system? How a anemia if you lost too much blood from the open wounds. And a blood bags next with it, for a blood change if a blood have a infection (but not a KNOX Viruse). That's makes game a little harder, and take a sence with a blood stops ropes... like than you do operation on body, how amputation... -Many pepoles use a redacting a bat file, tham use more RAM, for a get around a lags on a multiplayer servers (More intencive update speed, how a understand from they words). Thanks for your work, we love you. P.s we are awaiting a fix of HAM Radio.
  5. anyone who wants to join my server can: lots of zombies rare loot. try and survive with me! im usually on during weekends
  6. Hi, I post this new topic because i don't find any server of this kind. Pvp is fun, but usually make the game without coop, because most of the players play it like a GTA so it's a little like a solo with a difficulty in more. I understand that in a real apocalypse, some people will kill everything on sight, but there will be some community too, because a group is stronger than several separate people and most of the people alone will die or become mad on the long term (just my opinion) . And the public server in pve are almost all the time so easy that coop is not required to survive and even if I enjoy to play in coop on this kind of server, it's rather a sims than a survival game if you played in solo since a long time. So, i search a server really hard and realistic, example, rare loot for food and weapon is logical, but why for the rest of the stuff ? In an apocalypse zombie, most of the people will travel with the needed stuff, not all the junk in their houses... The server can be in RP or not, i'm open to both. I really prefer without mods too, because I like the game as it is for now, but why not Hydocraft, if I don't have to remove the mod to play to my solo save. But above all else, I just search a PVE/Hard server anglophone (or french, but anglophone is better), but If it doesn't exist, I'm really hot to begin a new server, I just can't be the host. That's all, sorry for the mistakes, bye .
  7. "You lived with your family in the farmhouse outside of Muldraugh when it started. Every night, you hear screams from your neighbours' houses. Now your parents are dead, and your supplies are low... You are restricted to the farmhouse and the area directly to the north. If you survive for two months, the world is open as normal. Let's hope you can find what supplies you need in the small available area, and be sure to choose a forager, trapper, or farmer, or your death will be slow and painful. Expect a couple of unexpected twists before your time is up..." The farmhouse is a great but remote location that a lot of players move out to, but what if you started there, and can't leave except to scavenge from the houses to the north? All feedback is welcome, especially about the number of zombies/amount of loot. Too much/little of either, please let me know! Farmhouse Challenge on Steam Workshop EDIT: The challenge is activated under mods. Double click "Farmhouse Challenge" so that a green tick appears beside it. Then the challenge will be added to the bottom of the solo->challenge screen. The mod doesn't change anything in the map or game outside of this challenge.
  8. First, there's no information on doing any kind of reset as far as I can find. I searched, and dug through tons of threads. It seems everyone else already knows how to do it. How do I go about doing a soft and a hard reset? I get this error when I run my server. Apparently, the map size doesn't match up? I even did a clean reinstall of the game. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid>".\jre64\bin\java.exe" -Xms2048m -Xmx2048m -Djava.library.path=./ -cp lwjgl.jar;lwjgl_util.jar;sqlitejdbc-v056.jar;./ zombie.network.GameServerLoading RakNet from: ./SVN REVISION 964versionNumber=Build 26 demo=falseserver name is "servertest"reading server options from "C:\Users\---\Zomboid\Server\servertest.ini"user database "C:\Users\---\Zomboid\db\servertest.db"Initialising Server Systems...translator: language is ENtranslator: failed to parse Recipes for language=ENtranslator: failed to parse Items for language=ENLoading: media/lua/shared/ISBaseObject.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/JoyPad/JoyPadSetup.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/NPCs/MainCreationMethods.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISRackAction.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/TimedActions/ISBaseTimedAction.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadAction.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadManager.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadUtil.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadableMagazine.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadable.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISSemiAutoWeapon.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISReloadableWeapon.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISShotgunWeapon.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/ISRevolverWeapon.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Reloading/stormysReload.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Sandbox/SandboxVars.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/SpawnRegions.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Util/AdjacentFreeTileFinder.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Util/BuildingHelper.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Util/LuaList.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Util/StringReplacer.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/Util/Vector2.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/a_requires.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/defines.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/keyBinding.luaLoading: media/lua/shared/luautils.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISBuildUtil.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISBuildingObject.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISDoubleTileFurniture.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISLightSource.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISNaturalFloor.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISSimpleFurniture.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenContainer.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenDoor.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenDoorFrame.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenFloor.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenStairs.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/ISWoodenWall.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/PaintingReference.luaLoading: media/lua/server/BuildingObjects/RainCollectorBarrel.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Camping/BuildingObjects/campingCampfire.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Camping/BuildingObjects/campingTent.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Camping/ISCampfire.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Camping/camping.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Camping/camping_fuel.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Camping/camping_text.luaLoading: media/lua/server/ClientCommands.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Farming/BuildingObjects/farmingPlot.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Farming/ISPlant.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Farming/basicFarming.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Farming/farmingCommands.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Farming/farming_displayInfo.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Farming/farming_vegetableconf.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Fishing/BuildingObjects/FishingNet.luaLoading: media/lua/server/HealthSystem/HealthUpdate.luaLoading: media/lua/server/ISBuildingBlueprintManager.luaLoading: media/lua/server/ISCoordConversion.luaLoading: media/lua/server/ISDoor.luaLoading: media/lua/server/ISObjectClickHandler.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Items/ItemBindingHandler.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Items/ItemPicker.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Items/ScriptItemInterface.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Items/SuburbsDistributions.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Map/MetaEnum.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Movers/ISBaseMover.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Movers/MoverStateMachine.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Movers/MoverStates/ISBaseState.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Movers/MoverStates/MoveToState.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Movers/Rabbit.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/Behaviour/BaseBehaviour.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/Behaviour/GuardBehaviour.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/FetchQuest.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/ISConversationScript.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/NPCEncountersMain.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/NPCHouse.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/EventSystem.luanew event systemLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/MetaSurvivor.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/MetaSurvivorGroup.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/RelationshipModifiers/Modifiers.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/SadisticAIDirector.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/SadisticMusicDirector.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SadisticAIDirector/SurvivorSelector.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/SendOnLootMission.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NPCs/TestThing.luaLoading: media/lua/server/NewSelectionSystem/GridSquareSelector.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Professions/Professions.luaLoading: media/lua/server/SandboxVars.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Seasons/season.luaLoading: media/lua/server/Seasons/seasonProps.luaLoading: media/lua/server/TurnBased/TurnBasedMain.luaLoading: media/lua/server/TutorialHelperFunctions.luaLoading: media/lua/server/XpSystem/XPSystem_SkillBook.luaLoading: media/lua/server/XpSystem/XpSystem_text.luaLoading: media/lua/server/XpSystem/XpUpdate.luaLoading: media/lua/server/katebaldspottutorial.luaLoading: media/lua/server/mapScripts.luaLoading: media/lua/server/metazones/metazoneHandler.luaLoading: media/lua/server/metazones/metazones_westpoint.luaLoading: media/lua/server/recipecode.luaLoading: media/lua/server/timedactionshelper.luaLoading: media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/spawnpoints.luaLoading world...tiledef: loading media/tiledefinitions.tilestiledef: loading media/newtiledefinitions.tilesmap_meta.bin world size (1145393987x1) does not match the current map size (20x26)Exception in thread "main" java.nio.BufferUnderflowException at java.nio.Buffer.nextGetIndex(Buffer.java:498) at java.nio.HeapByteBuffer.getInt(HeapByteBuffer.java:355) at zombie.iso.IsoMetaGrid.load(IsoMetaGrid.java:335) at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:1031) at zombie.network.GameServer.main(GameServer.java:157)C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid>PAUSEPress any key to continue . . .
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