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Found 7 results

  1. When I host a game with my friends, it always seems like all the zombies are in big clusters, really close to each other, and I haven't seen any spread out zombies, how do I fix this bug, please help.
  2. A few things I've been thinking a lot ever since I first heard about NPCs coming to the game in the future and I wanted to bring this up early since even if there is the possibility they are being considered for the NPC update, there is always the possibility that in the chaos that is the world of gamedev day to day, one or more might have gone by unnoticed. There are 4 possibilities on how you will meet with NPCs and each of them brings up important points that must be discussed and with such I'll add in a few suggestions about each. 1- You DON'T have a "group/base" and the NPC also doesn't have a "group/base". Group in this matter is a survival base with other NPC and/or players. In this case, it should be possible to interact with the NPC and recruit the NPC for your group. Starting a group from 0, setting a home base, defining which place is to rest, where food is stored, where it is safe and where isn't, patrols, watch points, all the needed inner workings of a base, maybe defining what needs to be built where and if you are the leader of the group, giving those build orders and choosing which NPC does what. You could arm an NPC with a rifle and order another NPC to build a watch tower even if you yourself have 0 building skills, placing that NPC with the rifle to keep watch on the tower and maybe even setting more than one NPC at that watch point giving a different schedule for each one so that there is always one person there and when one gets off to rest and idle, the other takes over. This means there should be ways to define Leadership of a group and it should be possible for an NPC to become Leader or a player to surrender Leadership. This also means that the relationship with NPCs also needs some form of "political interaction" within the group and a way for NPCs to know who belongs to their group and who doesn't by interacting with one another and developping relationships with one another, maybe even forming inner factions. And in MP that means that only one player gets to be the "Leader" of the group, or maybe even there could be more than one Leader by "decision of the majority"? Things to consider 2- You DON'T have a "group/base" but the NPC does. This makes it so that if the NPC "trusts" you they could invite you, if they don't trust you, they wouldn't and if they are evil, they could pretend to invite you and screw you over or even they could be evil but the player by doing a proper sequence of interactions still gets that NPC trust and gets to join an "evil" group. This means that a sort of "dynamic trust system" should exist during first interactions with NPCs. Not just due to relationship points, but a sort of "first impressions" system that only is used for the first few interactions of when you meet an NPC. This would also be needed for situation 1 since if an NPC doesn't trust you, due to you screwing them over, hurting them, insulting or abandoning them in a situation of danger, they probably wouldn't want to join your group and say they would be better off alone. 3- You DO have a "group/base" and the NPC doesn't. As I mentioned in situation 2, in this case, the "dynamic trust system" should exist so that the NPC can judge if they trust you enough to join your group, to bring you back to their "family" (smaller than a group, not a base but just a few other NPCs surviving together in a stage with smaller numbers before growing into a group and settling a safe base) so that their "family" may also join your "group/base". 4- You DO have a "group/base" and the NPC also does. In this case, there should still be a "dynamic trust system" in situations that the NPC "thinks their current group/base is bad for them" and even a possibility of needing to "rescue" another NPC belonging to their "family" from their current "group/base". OR the possibility of them bringing you to their group/base that they feel safe as a sort of ambassador of your "group/base" which brings the possibility and need of a diplomacy and diplomatic relations between "group/base" that also need to exist between NPC to NPC groups/bases. Exchanging food for goods, doing scavenge runs together, being requested to rescue someone from their group since they are out of "runners" that can go out of the base and other possibilities that could use the radios in specific frequencies to communicate between groups. Base to base interactions should be something almost as, if not more important than the inner workings of your own base. There is the possibilities of war as well. Kidnappings or murder of your "runners"(NPCs defined as scavengers that go out in search of specified goods defined by the leader). As I mentioned, I just wanted to bring this topic up as soon as possible since I know that the NPC update is already underway and I know how chaotic gamedev is and how some aspects my just pass us by when focusing on other aspects of development. I actually very excited for the NPC update and loving the game currently, so I can't wait to see what you guys are cooking up right now.
  3. The Order (Logo created by myself) Hey everyone! I'm Rich C. and my Steam name is Richcoconut! The Order is a group that I wanted to make that was inspired mainly by a huge battle me and some players had on the Desolated server trying to take over the motel to make it a community base. This group will be crafted to help track down bandits, build both community and group bases, help others and recruit, expand to other servers, and possibly run events giving items but that'll be down the road. It will be semi-RP/RP at moments! I'm recruiting right now and for those who are interested I'd like for them to come to this page and fill out this forum and to add me on Steam. Also, spread the word! TEAMS MAIN SERVER: Zeek's Haven 24/7 SERVER (US EAST/NYC) MAIN TOWN: WEST POINT Right now I'm looking for experienced and new builders, leaders, assistants, and fighters. YOU WILL RISK DYING (DUH) FOR A GOOD CAUSE! NEWS: TUE FEB 17TH 12:44AM EST - WE HAVE A BASE WITH A KITCHEN, LIBRARY, ARMORY, LOCKER ROOM, CHILL ROOM, AND WORKING ON SECURITY CURRENTLY. WE HAVE ESTABLISHED OURSELVES AS A STRONG GROUP AND AS THE SERVERS COMMUNITY BASE. FRI FEB 20th 3:26AM EST BASE HAS BEEN MOVED TO WEST POINT ON THE SERVER, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE EXACT LOCATION, PLEASE REQUEST IT FROM RICH C. IN-GAME. Steam name: In-Game name: Job: Longest Time Survived (dd/hrs): Gender: Town of Residence: Why should you get picked?: Location: (US East, US West, EUR, EU, EU West, EU East, RU, etc.) Main Server: (You main server you are always on) I will be checking this regularly and updating it with more info! Please spread the word! Each team will come with 1 builder, assistant, and 2 fighters/builders Member List Phoenix Wright Miley Cyrus ieatkebabs Deschain Zac OxyCleanMan - Doctor Phoenix Wright Silvio JoshGaraaax3 Mike3k Bunny Tidd FrankieC Max
  4. So, again for post-NPC era, what about instead of creating just one character, you could make a whole group to start with? And there will be a tactics system like in many games, to give out orders or let them do what they want if they need to eat, rest or whatever. Also, an ability to switch player controls between your group members, so that while one sleeps, other stays on watch... Or goes on a raid. That'd make sense in multiplayer with the sleep implementation, but the problem is, you can't roleplay a loner, unless you need to sleep for not more than only 5 minutes (game hours), and have contraptions so players or bandits won't get you. Also, I'd like a feedback on my idea about offline AI characters - you log off a server, your avatar goes AI and does whatever you assign for it (just an option, I don't mean it to be everywhere, I know it's probably hard and quite a bold idea which would cause some more random or butthurt for some players)
  5. Sometimes when i play i feel weird visiting big places, becouse everything there is okay, glasses arent broken, chairs are nice set up, nothing is destroyed, almost no blood, no corpses, i cant see the chaos. Its like there wasn't any zombie breakout. Just like in second everyone turned on into zombies, and they didnt touched computers chairs tables, and everything was left clean My idea: Add more blood over the map, maybe graffiti on walls, or blood subtitles like "god forgive us" , "there is no help " flipped trash cans, newspaper all over the city, massacred corpses and bones, holes in the walls, broken doors, burned houses, shopping carts near the super market. Or any sight of survivors i mean Barricaded houses with more loot but no one inside, sign saying "nothing is here" or "big horde over here" or already looted houses Zombie events: I mean when you walk on the street you can see a group of zombies eating someone, they cant see you so you can walk around or fight them Thank u for reading
  6. Project Zomboid Survivor Outpost P.Z.S.O. *radio transmission* / The quick run down... " We allow survivors of the outbreak to make their way to our outpost. The infection rate is rising and we can't risk scratched or bitten citizens we hope you understand. All of those fit and ready will be listed and sent into groups to find food, water, medication, and more for our survival. These are the end times, this is judgment day and we wi- *static* " Alright basically this group is for those small group of people that like the game Project Zomboid or are fans of it and etc. I hope later on this group can grow to be a big portion of PZ's community on steam but as of right now we're a small unknown group slowly getting members one by one. As PZ changes I will be sure to keep our members updated and informed in our announcements. Hope those of you that join enjoy. > ZedHead I apologize for the rough description but we are still a young group. Now since Steam is drawing closer I wanted to post about our group on these forums. Now before some of you look at this and shove it to the side I mind you this group has been more successful than all the other PZ groups (from what I've seen). I plan to make this group grow in number and maybe host some events in the long run. Although we're not as popular as other groups I believe we've been more active minus the recent silence we have I do believe the discussions and comments will come back once PZ early access hits. I've been trying hard to get this group in a organized fashion and been tossing things here on forums and there on discussions. Recently I've had a few of TIS's team join the group which is very exciting since Captain Binky approves of the Spiffo. Not to mention we also have RingoD123 and the beloved nasKo along with Robert Johnson. Seeing these recent arrivals have made me very anxious to spread the word on these forums but I wasn't sure how to present my group in a way people would find it interesting. All I can really say is we're growing in size and I really want the PZ forum community to see that there is in-fact a group out in the Steam community that isn't a dead husk laying under at least twenty repeats/attempts at a good PZ group. The group is public and anyone can join so feel free to climb aboard if you're ever on Steam so we can survive this apocalypse together. Check us out on steam and give us a chance to get a good group going...
  7. Helloo! I know that multiplayer play is maybe several months up to a year away, but I figured I'd get a sort-of-early-ish-but-really-not-early start on grouping up with other players and stuff. I was thinking that I and anyone who agrees to join me could play the role of predatory raider characters as a collective, sort of start up our own dealio beforehand. Yes, I know that this general idea was done on the previous forum, but nobody's started another one recently so I figured I'd do it. No obligation or anything, just seeing if anybody'd be on the wagon, were I to try it out. This isn't meant as a forum roleplay writing-y thing-y like Jethro's doing either, just a little hoot to see who'd be with me.
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