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Found 5 results

  1. The Order (Logo created by myself) Hey everyone! I'm Rich C. and my Steam name is Richcoconut! The Order is a group that I wanted to make that was inspired mainly by a huge battle me and some players had on the Desolated server trying to take over the motel to make it a community base. This group will be crafted to help track down bandits, build both community and group bases, help others and recruit, expand to other servers, and possibly run events giving items but that'll be down the road. It will be semi-RP/RP at moments! I'm recruiting right now and for those who are interested I'd
  2. So, again for post-NPC era, what about instead of creating just one character, you could make a whole group to start with? And there will be a tactics system like in many games, to give out orders or let them do what they want if they need to eat, rest or whatever. Also, an ability to switch player controls between your group members, so that while one sleeps, other stays on watch... Or goes on a raid. That'd make sense in multiplayer with the sleep implementation, but the problem is, you can't roleplay a loner, unless you need to sleep for not more than only 5 minutes (game hours), and have c
  3. Sometimes when i play i feel weird visiting big places, becouse everything there is okay, glasses arent broken, chairs are nice set up, nothing is destroyed, almost no blood, no corpses, i cant see the chaos. Its like there wasn't any zombie breakout. Just like in second everyone turned on into zombies, and they didnt touched computers chairs tables, and everything was left clean My idea: Add more blood over the map, maybe graffiti on walls, or blood subtitles like "god forgive us" , "there is no help " flipped trash cans, newspaper all over the city, massacred corpses and bones, holes in
  4. Project Zomboid Survivor Outpost P.Z.S.O. *radio transmission* / The quick run down... " We allow survivors of the outbreak to make their way to our outpost. The infection rate is rising and we can't risk scratched or bitten citizens we hope you understand. All of those fit and ready will be listed and sent into groups to find food, water, medication, and more for our survival. These are the end times, this is judgment day and we wi- *static* " Alright basically this group is for those small group of people that like the game Project Zom
  5. Helloo! I know that multiplayer play is maybe several months up to a year away, but I figured I'd get a sort-of-early-ish-but-really-not-early start on grouping up with other players and stuff. I was thinking that I and anyone who agrees to join me could play the role of predatory raider characters as a collective, sort of start up our own dealio beforehand. Yes, I know that this general idea was done on the previous forum, but nobody's started another one recently so I figured I'd do it. No obligation or anything, just seeing if anybody'd be on the wagon, were I to try it out. This isn't mean
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