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Found 1 result

  1. I needed to find some spawn points and the only information I could get was... complicated at best, and once I understood it I came up with a simple spreadsheet to do the required maths for me. The spreadsheet can be found here on Google Drive and should work perfectly. It requires RoboMat's Coordinate Viewer, technically. The spreadsheet cannot be edited directly so you need to either download it (file > download as) or copy it to your own drive (file > make a copy) To use it, you find a spot on your map, turn on the coordinate viewer and put the absolute coordinate into the "absolute coordinate" box. It then gives you the maths. The "coordinate" output box gives you the main variable (so if you put an X in you get the X out) and then the "position" gives you the remainder, which is the position. To explain more, to set a spawnpoint you need worldX, worldY, posX and posY If you put the absolute X coordinates from the coordinate viewer into the spreadsheet - we'll use 10632 for this - it'll give you "35" as the coordinates and "132" as the position. Any feedback is appreciated. I really hope this helps!
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