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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I've been working on a mod attempting to add Diets to the game. In order to do this I would like to be able to retrieve (or get) the FoodType String from the item object if it is a food. I've been digging around for a while but haven't managed to figure out a way to do it. I was wondering if this is even possible currently? I managed to adjust the FoodType variable by using ItemTweakerAPI for Build41 which allowed me to adjust only that value instead of overwriting everything. I confirmed that it was indeed working through the Mod Options mod. However, I have not been able to actually retrieve the FoodType variable from any food item object. I was wondering if I was missing something or if this just isn't possible to do currently.
  2. Now, before anyone jump on me - I know that the walking sounds are already implemented into the game, it's just that they work in the way they probably weren't meant to work. So, without a programming experience, but atleast having some notion of what it could be, I'll jump in with my suggestion. Foot sounds. Whenever a certain sprite plays, play that 1 single footstep sound. That way it won't be binded to how long "Shift + (Directional Button)" is pressed, and therefore could be a ground up for some awesome sneaking implementation. The way it works is, whenever a certain sprite is displayed (Taking the ones where our/NPC/Zombie character sets foot to the ground), it plays 1 single sound file. That way whenever your character runs, you can tell by hearing footsteps (and so can zombies, wink wink). It both solves problem of footsound syncing with animation, without the need to calculate it like "So, the footstep sound plays every X seconds... Fuck, but what if he is tired, or overencumbered? then the walking won't be in sync.. Or grabbed, hell, aaa". Something along the lines of "WalkingspriteNorth_15.png" calls the "WalkingFootstepsoundgrass_1.ogg", or chooses between "Walkingfootstepsoundgrass_1.ogg" and "Walkingfootstepsoundgrass_2.ogg" or "Walkingfootstepsoundgrass_3.ogg" etc, for variety. * With this in mind, you can go completely crazy as to make all kind of footstep noises - grass, sand, gravel, ceramic, bare footed, sneaking, zombie shuffling, walker crawling. Imagine how much more it would add to immersion. Hearing like a dozen of zombies shuffle around outside your warehouse. You didn't forget that your character can get a little scared when some amount of zombies are outside? Well, now you can get scared aswell. Tell me what do you think. ____ Edit : * In the "WalkingspriteNorth_15.png" example with the number I meant to display the "appropriate" frame when the character sets a foot on the ground, while in "Walkingfootstepsoundgrass_1" the number represents one of the variety of the footstep. So the first one would sound different from the _2, or _3.
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