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Found 4 results

  1. While editing the wiki page, I found out about An Unnamed Gas Station near the military surplus store in Doe Valley. Since it wasnt resembling any theme of the main Gas Station chains, nor had any clear signs on it, I thought that its a new, undocumented gas station. However, upon closer investigation with debug menu showed that zombies within it will spawn like in Gas2Go Zombie type. There is clearly something amiss, since there are no Gas 2 Go theme anywhere around nor within it, apart from gas pump style. I think it either should be either rethemed to fit its category, since it ruins overall theme consistency within the Gas 2 Go chain. Or renamed officially with a new logo clearly visible somewhere. Coordinates of the Unnamed Gas Station: 5473x9709|
  2. First of all, I feel like once gas stations run out of power then it's impossible to get fuel from them. So, my suggestion is this: Find a garden hose, a siphoning kit or a rubber tube (construction, gardening, sheds etc) with which you can safely siphon fuel from the gas tanks underneath. It's actually rather easy doing it, even if it's below your feet (don't ask why I did this). You can siphon fuel using your mouth (not recommended since you'll feel sick and maybe throw up (btw this might be used as a negative trait if siphoning fuel with your mouth)) or you can use a hand-held pump either from the kit you bought or a makeshift one which is rather easy to make (you can use a ball, duck-tape, scissors and so on. This would help a great deal with scavenging for fuel and making the gas stations one of the most important places to loot in PZ besides police stations, gun stores and supermarkets. Suggesting this since fuel from cars will run out and after 3-6 months the whole place will be deserted of fuel. So this would be an amazing alternative and if in MP it will give players something to fight for or fortify. Hopefully the community and the Dev's will like the idea and add more flavor to the game. Here's a WikiHow link with some stuff about this idea: https://www.wikihow.com/Siphon-Gas
  3. Is it possible to connect a generator to a gas station to pump gas after power goes out? Would be helpful with cars.
  4. I had this Idea since corpse burning and cars are coming up. There are some gas stations around Muldraugh, West point and some other maps I've seen. So I had this idea your player could go to the gas station with a gas can and use the pumps to get some gasoline to burn corpses or fuel your car. I am not sure if pumps need power to run (I've never driven or used a pump). Anyway it's just an idea I had whether or not it is good is up to you guys. *EDIT* Of course eventually the pumps would run out of fuel.
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