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Found 4 results

  1. Maintaining a good clean garden and lawn gets a bit timeconsuming after a while and frankly "unrealistic" There should be tools and methods to make the "remove grass" action a bit more effective instead of pulling out the grass strands with your hands so a few suggestions. 1. Lawnmowers. (New addition, models/animation/mechanics) They make sense in the universe of PZ, and should be a part of the world. Having maybe 3 kinds. I do belive that the vehicle mechanics could be used/modified for both types push and rider. A hand push/Walk Behind Manual lawnmowe
  2. Project Farmoid version 0.75c is out! Trellis kits now function as a separate farming plot. Once you have a trellis kit and either a shovel or a trowel, you will be able to place them just like you would a farming plot. Once placed, trellis kits can be planted with their own list of seeds. If you remove the plot, you will get the trellis kit back, regardless of whether there are vines growing on it or not. After you have harvested your vines, the plot will revert back to an unplanted trellis plot ready to be reseeded! You must be farming level 2 and have rea
  3. I have had a few years of growing fruits and vegetables, so I really like that one can grow their own food in PZ too. But I feel that the farming element of PZ is rather unbalanced, compared to how gardening works in real life. Plainly put, some plants are much too easy to grow, the rest too hard. My main examples are carrots and radishes (C&R). In real life these are two of the easiest vegetables to grow; whereas in PZ, they’re the two hardest to grow! Practically impossible, I would say. I have never been to grow either of them to harvest in PZ in a ’survival mode’ game, only in a sandb
  4. Just a quick suggestion; I think that basic gardening should be doable with no tools, as is possible in real life. If you have seeds and maybe a watering can at most, you could plant and water them and get results. Of course, to grow a very productive garden, tools would be necessary.. but I think it should be more accessible to start up in the early stages before needing to go looking everywhere for spades and such. *edit: Actually a watering can would even be unnecessary, as you could use a mug or bowl or any container to transfer water. This would likely take much much more time to water
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