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Found 3 results

  1. Hey gaming freaks ;D Are there any fans of futuristic races? We would like to announce a special premiere! On 20th of December, a racing video game, in which every player can pilot enormous jets is going to be released for PS Vita. Make your dreams come true and test your reflex and meet Air Race Speed Earlier, you have a possibility to compete on mobile devices and consoles such as Nintendo 3DS. For more info, visit our page http://qubicgames.com/en/home/ Feel free to ask questions in comments We are at your disposal. QubicGames Team
  2. Hello ladies and gents, My name is Chris Chancey, I am the CoFounder of ManaVoid Entertainment based in Montreal, Canada. As you may know, we recently launched a Kickstarter project called Epic Manager, where you can create your own Adventuring Agency! We are happy to announce we are past the 20 000$ mark today! The gameplay features the roster management & character progression of games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics, narrative choices & consequences in the beloved tradition of gamebooks series such as Choose your own Adventure or Fighting Fantasy, the epic scope of a Dungeon & Dragons campaign or a Lord of the Rings novel, and the humoristic tone of the Princess Bride all in one awesome package! After reaching out to other indie studios, we have also had the chance to feature iconic characters from great indie games such as Shovel Knight, Chroma Squad and Rogue Legacy! We would love to keep the conversation going on the best rpg, fantasy and gaming forums and theindiestone.com is obviously on that list! Here's a few images of the game and we hope you guys come check out our project on Kickstarter! Thank you all for reading! Cheers, -Chancey, for the ManaVoid Dev Team
  3. Hey everyone! I just released an indiegogo campaign for a website I'm working on called Offset Games. This website will mainly be a place to put all the games I make and have you guys be able to look through the source code. However, in the future I would like it to become a tool that allows other indie developers to post their game and get revenue/exposure on their product. The upload would be completely free (no upload/hosting fees). So, please check out the campaign and tell your friends, thanks! http://www.igg.me/at/offsetgames
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