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Found 2 results

  1. (Suggestion) I think the ability to carry injured players and NPCs would add a lot to the gameplay in creating a more authentic and cooperative environment. In the game currently, when a player is overexerted, their movement is compromised. Injuries such as broken bones also have this effect. This would mean certain death in many scenarios, regardless of whether the player is alone or with other survivors. My hope is that this feature could allow players to compensate for each-other, perhaps at the cost of their own safety. With this feature, players could either aid someone in walking with an arm over their shoulder or by carrying the injured/exhausted/incapacitated survivor on the player's back (or @Bullet_Magnate's suggestion a 'Fireman carry' and/or dragging). These actions would come with drawbacks for the player performing the action, however the incentive to save a fellow survivor could create a moral choice for players. Drawbacks could include the 'Heavy Load' moodle and its debuffs or a general reduction of speed as well as the inability to use weapons. This feature could also pave the way for more potential interactions between survivors such as pulling or restraining. I am not a modder nor do I have experience in game design, and so I don't know the feasibility of this suggestion. If this has already been suggested or if It doesn't meet suggestion requirements, let me know! I'd also love to hear any other ideas or criticism and will be adding or adjusting accordingly.
  2. I have made a brief search of the forum and have not noted a similar post. Please advise if I'm mistaken. The idea came from wasting ropes on fences instead of sheetropes, as I depleated the later and did not check my inventory regularly enough. Since then I found the workaround of droping the ropes as soon as I'm done unstacking logs. But it would be nice to avoid droping and picking up the stuff, since it takes valuable time (meaning less electricity/water time and anhigher need for food, water and sleep). (Edit : and it make some sense, since the character sees what he uses, but the player is reliant on inventory check) It would be nice to have options in the menu to toggle on or off automatic features. Though I'm mainly interested in being able to turn off rope usage instead of sheetropes, it could be extended to other features (see list below). In a first step, it could be a submenu in the option/setting menu AND it's effect would be limited to solo games. Then a second step could be to have a similar menu or list of option added to multipayer settings. Additionnaly, some sliders or input box could be available for rules and exception (ex.: auto eat food equal to or less then -x hunger). Use rope instead of sheetropes when none of the later is remaining in the player's inventory;Auto drink from water containers in inventory (credit is due to an older post that I remember but can't locate quickly enough, please advise);Auto drink if water has the tainted tag if no clean water is remaining in the player's inventory;Auto drink other liquid (by type) if no water is left in the player's inventory;Auto eat food;I will be glad to had other's suggestion to that list.
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