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Found 20 results

  1. I think so far there was one problem is that the view from driving are still too short for players, I can't keep my speed up to 60, because I can't stop getting crash into on something, I think mabye if we can change our view from the driving to look even further ahead will be good, I mean we already able to do that by aim our weapon, so why not make this one too? just use our mouse to contorl our view, that will be good, right?
  2. One thing I felt was very unrealistic is how a person has to go through the GUI to equip different items. If I have a flashlight in my pocket, I am going to know its on my pocket. I am not going to root through different items in alphabetical order to reach it. Introducing the Holster System + Gear Wheel. The Holster System The Holster System consists of 4 variations 2 - 1 handed slots 1 - 2 handed slot 2 - 2 handed slots 4 - 1 handed slots The speed and amount equipable of holster and equipment switching is based on what you
  3. Project Zomboid should have its own game-exclusive cursor because I have a custom cursor and it just doesn't fit too well. I'd hate to change my cursor just for the sake of not having it distract me during game but I feel as if it would be really easy to just add a cursor in-game so that I don't have my multicolored out of place cursor distracting me in game. Also it could be made so that it could be turned off so that people could use their own cursors from their desktop. But please make a cursor that's just for the game.
  4. If it is possible, I would like to see a "last action" feature. So when you eat a berry(or any other action that has a repetitive process) instead of going through the right click> eat>all motion, maybe it could be possible if "E" or even another key could be a "last action" option. So if you do the right click>eat>all right after instead of repeating mouse method, you just press "E" and your character will just eat another berry. Would make eating berries, foraged edibles and other things a little quicker to do. There are so many things this could be used for as well. -Fo
  5. This mod lets structures come crashing down when their support structures are removed. All structures must have a wall in a 5x5 area below or get destroyed. Also prevents players from building floors more than 3 tiles away from any wall. Be aware that any player (and zombie) that is below a crashing structure will get hurt, maybe even killed... Mod preview image by Onkeen. Thanks! I'm still working on the details and effects of this, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to reply! This is what happens when you remove enough supporting struct
  6. RegularX


    This is a pure gameplay mod, no new items or weapons or the like. The gameplay goes like this: You don't sleep. You don't even get tired.You start with a hiking bag, a flashlight, some batteries, a hammer and some nails.During the day, zombies are blinded. You can walk right past them. They will react to sound.When night falls, not only do zombies go from being blind to eagle eyed - most of them will probably know where you are. Hopefully you spent the day wisely. The intention is for fairly high difficulty at night. Fortify yourself well, or be prepared to stay on the run for the en
  7. Hello to anyone who's reading this. I'm working with Neutz on the Union City map. We'll release a part of it once the Suburban Area is done. What I need from each one of you is an idea for buildings, it can be a shop, a gas station, (no more house ideas, please, unless you made some and want to share them, my brain is mush as this moment from making 200+ houses already) warehouses, small clinics, pet shops, you name it. I just need building ideas. If you want to give some buildings for the upcoming map you're more than welcome to do so. If you want to give ideas, give a small description or a
  8. So in this thread I don't want to discuss the inevitability that cars are coming to PZ. We know cars are coming and you can test them right now. This thread isn't for that. This thread is for people to discuss the future use, mechanics and ideas surrounding cars. As the discussion evolves I'll be adding things to this list. Cars and the like have an incredibly high value in this game, especially with customization and fleshing out the fun parts of using vehicles. They should be balanced, but also they shouldn't end up like guns. Remember that cars are meant for transportation, and
  9. Genesis Some of you may have seen my Perma Base design "artwork" on steam, video is pending on me moving my rain barrels because I've chosen to downsize my crop size (way too much before). Problem is I can't pick them up before I empty them of water. There were 16 "large collector". How it work now Right now you can only fill containers and pour them on the ground. Turns out I need 13 bucket to empty a single barrel (the 13th one is not full). Added time of filling them up add up quickly even if I speed time on each "fill bucket". As stated before, it can't be picked
  10. I've been attempting to get a basic server running for about 5 hours now. I've tried using the in game hosting option and inviting another player to join me (I've also had the player in question try to click on my username and join me that way). However, they are unable to do so even after I send an invitation. The server, among other things, kicked her out due to "files not matching the server's [settings/files/something]" So there's that faint glimmer of hope right before being kicked in the balls. So here's my question guys. Can you guys end my nightmare? Can you show me h
  11. Regicide (Competitive Zomboid) aka “Kill the King” I am part of a small gaming clan (HYPE Gaming) that really enjoys Zomboid, but feel it lacks a Competitive feel. We are working on a mod to make Zomboid PvP more structured for competitive play. The goal of this mod is to make Zomboid a “slightly” faster pace along with emphasis on team vs team gameplay. We have already began development but would like help from the community on ideas and some coding. Features We would like any kind of positive input along with more help with coding. Anyone willing to help or test please let me
  12. Firstly, I realise there has been work done on zombies grouping together and moving about. It is really good, but there is still a problem, and this is it... The first part of the game is intense and challenging and fun. It is also great fun collecting supplies, hardware, etc. and building yourself an well defended base and trying to settle down into a livable, self sufficient lifestyle. That is fun for a while just surviving. But then what? Times goes by and the game becomes boring and monotonous. Plant crops, go fishing, set traps, eat, sleep, repeat. There really is no challenge anymore
  13. So playing around and surviving for a little bit (2 months to be exact) got me to think a little bit about the area I was surviving in, that being West Point and after looting pretty much the whole city dry and seeing everything there is, I just thought of something that could be added, would fit in with the lore and make a survivor's life a bit easier, though it was a bit too obvious so I thought it must have been suggested before, but after skim-reading around a little bit I havent really tripped over it, but if its around I apologize for repeating it Hunting crossbows Yep, not very origin
  14. I've been playing for roughly 12 hours, and set up a terribly skimpy base for defense out in the woods, and I haven't been attacked by any hordes of zombies as of yet. Do zombies just not roam around in hordes? I see them do it on roads, but not in the forest. I would like to have 200 zombies come in from all sides and destroy my stuff, it would add to the atmosphere.
  15. Disclaimer for the devs -- Indie Stone devs, your game is excellent. Please feel free to take these ideas on board as if they were your own for inspiration sake, These ideas are donated as fan service and compensation isn't necessary or expected. If you think this works for your game, take and keep any and/or all ideas to implement into the game. Thanks in advance for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!! Table of Contents------ 1A. Introduction 1B. Your involvement in this thread 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Factio
  16. The dynamic viewpoint I'm suggesting is a simple change to how your view is in the game. No this is not about changing the isometric viewpoint in anyway just how the camera/view acts depending on what may be happening. For example if your character is panicked drastically or anxious/on edge the camera can shake or react slightly. If you're overwhelmed with fear while running through a horde it can react in such a way to give you a better idea of panic during that situation. This also points toward the bonus of having the brave trait so you won't have this experience in some drastic events.The
  17. ( I Copy+pasted this from my post on the steam forums because i'm lazy) ( EDIT: I guess much of this is already suggested, there are some things on here that go into more detail about a suggestion and how it could work. I kinda just wanted to throw this out there. ) Hi, I've been following PZ's development for awhile and i just want to list some things that would be cool to have in the game, whether or not they'll work is what you can discuss. 1: Welding -Welders, Welding sticks, Sheet metal, steel Poles - basically to be able to weld metal objects together and form items/defenses like
  18. First- I am unsure if this has been discussed or not, as I can not locate the 'search' feature for the forums . Second- Whether it will be re-added or not, I am unsure, but I figured I would post it here anyway. I remember playing PZ when it first came out a while back and that you could select how you moved (IE: button on the bottom of the screen switches between keys moving you diagonally or vert/hor with single-key presses). I would personally like to see this feature brought back as I thought it made navigation a bit better. ~WolfenRayneGames
  19. So I used to mod a lot with the Unreal engine, back in the Unreal Tournament (through about UT2004 days) - but since got a job, made a living programming "serious" things, etc. Zomboid, however, seems a great chance to crack back into it. I'm working on SICmod ... or Stuff I'd Change AKA Beer and Duct Tape. Basically just minor gameplay tweaks. Since I just cracked open the Lua scripts, not entirely sure what's realistic yet. But I'll use this post as a status/TBD update. Kinda working: Beer - just what you would think. It's beer. Comes in a can, refreshes thirst.Duct Tape - Repairs
  20. Downloaded and installed Zomboid and Java this morning and I only get to see "this is how you died" (death by bashing face onto keyboard). The screen will either stay entirely black and sometimes it will show me the clock and time control even the clothing inventory but the rest of the screen is completely black. I am also including a screenshot of what happens when it cuts to black just in case it helps. How "good" a computer do you need to have to run the actual game? I have a run of the mill Toshiba from three years ago if that helps. I'm also running windows 7 if that is relevant. I di
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