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  1. The game needs a functionality like this. Even if it is only in sandbox.
  2. It's annoying to have random keys that you don't know what are they from. So instead of "Chevalier Dart Key" it should say "Chevalier Dart Key 884-PAP". The cars themselves should have readable number plates and it should say on right click* "Vehicle Mechanics 884-PAP". A similar thing could be done for houses as well: "House Key West Point 45" or something and the matching number/address on the mailbox and the house. * You shouldn't be forced to wait for your character going through a car's hood to see its number plate, same with a house number, I'm thinking more at a glance type of system, maybe even show the number on car/mailbox/house plate hover-over. It's good both for immersion and navigation/UI.
  3. Hi So my suggestion is about better in game voice chat. Basically make the enviroment around you change the way you are being heard, if you are in an open space, then of course you should be heard clearly, but if you are in a seperate room, behind a wall, inside a car, your voice should be muffled a bit.
  4. I was thinking there should be an occurrence in Protect Zomboid that canonically make the game reach at least 7 years all the way into the 21st century! Like challenge maps, settings in sandbox (occupation availability, when to start, etc.), characters keeping track of the date with NPCs, etc.. I mean theoretically it can get to the 21st century in a way just by player playthrough time but that doesn't feel real/legitimate/canon. I'm thinking you'd see a ton of decay and erosion as well as dwindling supplies like fresh food big time. You may come across a lot of events where past battles happened with corpses, supplies guns and ammo for you to loot! Also the gas is probably all bad so forget about using a gas station even with a generator. Syphoning cars would also be out of the question so you'd probably have to rely on bicycles and other human powered stuff to get around. It'd be really cool to move into the 21st century rather than being stuck in 1993.
  5. Some irridated locations where we need a gasmask and insulated clothing to explore safely that would have some pretty rare loot and face high number zeds maybe, that would both give us a reason to explore uncharted places of the map and use the masks in the game. Where we can find military or industrial supplies in the late game when all the cities are emptied. some secret labs, exclusion zones or military outposts? Maybe some random generated places of the cities that bombed to hell that would require this to pass through safely Upvote or get out of here stalker.
  6. It would be nice to have ability to pour rainwater from pots/kettles/etc. into sinks/baths so you can use those as makeshift rain barrels or to refill them so you are able to wash yourself/clothes after water plumbing cuts off
  7. A unified always on you full map, that your character fills in automatically by finding regional maps - like a puzzle, also copies notes from 'annotated' regional maps, so it's all in one place. You should be able to, of course, add own notes/erase added notes.
  8. For example bombs shouldn't be profession-locked. I think all abilities should be unlockable, books/journals give you knowledge of a (recipe for example), skill level actually lets you do it. Essentially I'd rather play it like fallout 2 with building/survival elements/cars/saving, than a linear rogue-like.
  9. Let player playing sandbox set individual population multiplier for City/rural/forest/road/etc areas.
  10. I think so far there was one problem is that the view from driving are still too short for players, I can't keep my speed up to 60, because I can't stop getting crash into on something, I think mabye if we can change our view from the driving to look even further ahead will be good, I mean we already able to do that by aim our weapon, so why not make this one too? just use our mouse to contorl our view, that will be good, right?
  11. One thing I felt was very unrealistic is how a person has to go through the GUI to equip different items. If I have a flashlight in my pocket, I am going to know its on my pocket. I am not going to root through different items in alphabetical order to reach it. Introducing the Holster System + Gear Wheel. The Holster System The Holster System consists of 4 variations 2 - 1 handed slots 1 - 2 handed slot 2 - 2 handed slots 4 - 1 handed slots The speed and amount equipable of holster and equipment switching is based on what you are wearing. Different Types of Holsters 1. Basic - Pant Pockets + backpack This is the slowest and has a chance of fumbling if you are in a panic state. Fumbling has a small chance of you to drop the item on the ground when switching It takes 3s to switch between the 2 handed, and 2 1 handed items 2. Gun Holster \ Knife Holster While it is a gun \ knife holster - it can be used for anything one-handed ( for sake of gameplay balance ) This speeds transition from 1 handed to 2 handed to 2s. but not 2 handed to one-handed. 3. Back Sling Used to hold 2 handed weapons Increases transition speed from 2 handed to 1 handed, drops it to 2s. 4. Back Sling + Gun Holster Transition speed between 2 handed and 1 handed and vice versa both reduced to 2s. 5. Back Sling + Utility Belt \ Back Sling + Hunting Jacket \ Back Sling + Flak Jacket Reduces both transition speed to 1.5s Other Mechanics 1. If you hold down Quick Switch instead of tapping it, it drops your current item on the floor and immediately equips the other transition speed 1s. In panic state - may slow down transition speed to 1.5s 2. You can equip 2 - 2 handed items but only back sling modifies transition speed will be 2s. But you will not be able to equip 1 handed items in quick slot. 3. Flak Jacket \ Hunting Jacket \ Utility belt also increases reload speed by 25% 4. You can equip Jacket + Weapon belt to hold 4 one handed items, but won't be able to equip a 2 handed item in quick slot. 5. You can manually equip items in normal way by going through inventory but when you switch to quick equip item by pressing equip switch - transition time is 4s for 2 handed nonquick slotted item, and 2s for 1 handed item. Gear Wheel \ Equipping Quick Slots The way it works is the player must access a new GUI menu to equip items accordingly. Gear Slots Allows the player to make Macro quick changes to their gear. of Both Weapons + Certain worn items Once the items are set up in the GUI the gear equips are handeled through a Gear Wheel ( Similar to Car ) Player can pick one "Gear set" and player will change to that set. The time it takes to change to the new gear depends on number of items that need to change between the 2 sets. Calculation is +1s for each 1 handed item +2s for a 2 handed item +1.5s for each gear item If a player removes a certain item from their backpack linked to the Gear GUI - it simply removes that item also from the Quick Equip options associated to it. Does not force player to redo everything. Gear Equips requires player to be standing still. Quick Slots Quick Slots is between the 2 groups of blue boxes. It is handled by a "Quick Switch" key. The speed of switching between the 2 sets is dependent on the Holster Mechanic described earlier. Quick slot equips can be done while the player is jogging but not running. PROs The advantage of the system is players no longer need to keep opening their GUI just to keep equipping a different set of items for different situations. They can quickly at the tap of a button switch between the two. Also have gear sets ready for different situations without having again to fumble through the inventory to equip each item individually. Much more fluid gameplay CONs Based on the amount of gear - gear switching it might even be slower - but the advantage is more convenience. Right now not enough special-purpose gear Short-range melee weapons have become almost useless with an upcoming update and need rebalancing. ( Knives used to be a great weapon, now it's near-suicidal unless sneaking from behind ) Guns have very little use in the game - thanks to the massive sound profile and zombies have better triangulation of Point of Origin than an NSA Spy satellite.
  12. Project Zomboid should have its own game-exclusive cursor because I have a custom cursor and it just doesn't fit too well. I'd hate to change my cursor just for the sake of not having it distract me during game but I feel as if it would be really easy to just add a cursor in-game so that I don't have my multicolored out of place cursor distracting me in game. Also it could be made so that it could be turned off so that people could use their own cursors from their desktop. But please make a cursor that's just for the game.
  13. If it is possible, I would like to see a "last action" feature. So when you eat a berry(or any other action that has a repetitive process) instead of going through the right click> eat>all motion, maybe it could be possible if "E" or even another key could be a "last action" option. So if you do the right click>eat>all right after instead of repeating mouse method, you just press "E" and your character will just eat another berry. Would make eating berries, foraged edibles and other things a little quicker to do. There are so many things this could be used for as well. -Foraging you could set your list to forage so say you right click>foraging and uncheck a couple of boxes, you can then just push "E" to continue foraging for the list you have set. If you wanted to forage for a new set list just have to right click and check/uncheck the boxes you want to forage for. -Cooking- as long as all the items needed are present once making a bowl of salad instead of using mouse method you can just press "E" to continue making the same dish(only if needed items are present). -Cutting down trees- after cutting down one tree with mouse method, all that would be needed for next would be to simply walk over to next tree and press "E". -Filling water bottles- as long as you have empty bottles in inventory, fill a bottle with mouse method and then every empty bottle after could be filled by pressing "E" as long as the water source is present and empty bottles are available. -Filling gas cans-right click>fill gas can and then there after as long as gas is available and have empty gas cans in inventory press "E" to continue the action. These are just some of the actions I could think of at the moment.
  14. This mod lets structures come crashing down when their support structures are removed. All structures must have a wall in a 5x5 area below or get destroyed. Also prevents players from building floors more than 3 tiles away from any wall. Be aware that any player (and zombie) that is below a crashing structure will get hurt, maybe even killed... Mod preview image by Onkeen. Thanks! I'm still working on the details and effects of this, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to reply! This is what happens when you remove enough supporting structures: This is the new maximum distance to build floors: And this is what happens when you stand below a single floortile crashing down on you: And finally, download the mod here: From the workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=836161359 From github: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcGravity/releases Requires bcUtils: https://github.com/blind-coder/pz-bcUtils/releases Changelog: Enjoy!
  15. RegularX


    This is a pure gameplay mod, no new items or weapons or the like. The gameplay goes like this: You don't sleep. You don't even get tired.You start with a hiking bag, a flashlight, some batteries, a hammer and some nails.During the day, zombies are blinded. You can walk right past them. They will react to sound.When night falls, not only do zombies go from being blind to eagle eyed - most of them will probably know where you are. Hopefully you spent the day wisely. The intention is for fairly high difficulty at night. Fortify yourself well, or be prepared to stay on the run for the entire night. Stable build up on pz-mods: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/Insomnia/ Most recent test build will be here: http://insomniamod.herokuapp.com/Insomnia.zip These are currently the same. Watch this thread/OP for updates. UPDATES: March 23rd, 2015: I have put Insomnia in the proper directory structure and tested it successfully against build 31.9. Installation: For the Desura version of Zomboid, you'll need to unzip, go into the Insomnia folder and copy the media/lua/Insomnia.lua file into your source directory. For the Steam beta build supporting modloader, you can add the Insomnia folder to your mods directory and then enable the mod from the mod menu.
  16. Hello to anyone who's reading this. I'm working with Neutz on the Union City map. We'll release a part of it once the Suburban Area is done. What I need from each one of you is an idea for buildings, it can be a shop, a gas station, (no more house ideas, please, unless you made some and want to share them, my brain is mush as this moment from making 200+ houses already) warehouses, small clinics, pet shops, you name it. I just need building ideas. If you want to give some buildings for the upcoming map you're more than welcome to do so. If you want to give ideas, give a small description or a list of the buildings, if you can, provide a picture if you want something custom which I could try and make. Thanks to anyone who'll be writing below, be sure to check the Union City thread, we'll keep you posted weekly (if we don't forget from time to time ._.) on the upcoming map progress.
  17. So in this thread I don't want to discuss the inevitability that cars are coming to PZ. We know cars are coming and you can test them right now. This thread isn't for that. This thread is for people to discuss the future use, mechanics and ideas surrounding cars. As the discussion evolves I'll be adding things to this list. Cars and the like have an incredibly high value in this game, especially with customization and fleshing out the fun parts of using vehicles. They should be balanced, but also they shouldn't end up like guns. Remember that cars are meant for transportation, and that if they don't fulfill that purpose because they are too risky to use, then people won't use them. Categories include (subject to change) Types of Vehicles Car Modifications Maintenance of Cars When the Gas Runs Out / Usage of Wrecked Cars Please note that "Mods" in this topic revolve around modifications to the cars, not installed or Workshop mods that change PZ. TYPES OF VEHICLES More than cars and vans, there should be other vehicles that we can choose from as well. Motorcycles Dirtbikes Bicycles ATVs (4x4) Snowmobiles (Winter) Massive trucks (10+ Wheeler) Pickup Trucks Moving Vans RVs / Campers Buses Car type allows for easier sleep depending on the car. Cars provide less sleep quality than RVs Can't sleep in ATVs Sleep in Buses Different performance based on the ground type Cars and motorcycles perform better than other vehicles on pavement "Capacity" vehicles like Moving Vans and Trucks only perform okay on pavement, and terrible offroad. Their strength is massive storage space. Offroad vehicles such as Dirtbikes and ATVs perform well... off road. They are great for country-based bases. They perform well on road too but not as well as cars. Snowmobiles for the winter. They perform extremely well on snow, terrible on everything else. Buses extremely slow CAR MODIFICATIONS Depending on how high your skills are, there should be ways to modify your car. Reinforcing the dash, bumpers etc with steel/iron in order to take more damage Mods influence weight of the vehicle Lowering weight such as removing the back seats of cars and vans increase storage capacity and increase fuel efficiency, but are countered by only allowing one or two people in the vehicle. Increasing the weight by adding grills, reinforcements, loading the vehicle up with supplies, and having multiple people inside should decrease fuel efficiency, making it more costly to bring that tricked out Mad Max vehicle across the map. Cosmetic ways to modify your car with paint would be a nice touch, and could make people recreate their favorite pop-culture cars without Indie Stone getting hit with copyright. MAINTENANCE OF CARS I suggest that the "Metalworking" skill should be changed /renamed to "Mechanic", "Engineer" or something similar. Metalworking is underused at the moment apart from making metal walls and such, or reinforcing windows. Cars in 1993 don't have the vast array of electronics that modern cars do. If someone can do mechanical work on a car, they can figure out how to weld sheet metal. This will make the "Engineering" skill as robust as the carpentry skill, which is well-developed into the "house building" skill that it is. This enhances normal gameplay since we aren't getting a new category, the skill tress will become more complex and will encourage players to decide what they should spend their time on with better rewards. Like the "Farming" skill, those who are well trained can start identifying parts of the car that are damaged or need replacing. Having more information allows for better repairs, and more effective repairs that last longer or replace more condition. Car parts should have condition, and much like Fallout weapons being jammed at a certain condition, car parts should backfire, fail or make more noise depending on the condition of the parts. Modifications are locked behind skills Easier mods such as taking out a seat could be skills for level 1-2 Harder mods such as attaching spiked bumpers (that reduce zombie collision damage) should be regulated to 6-10 Higher skills also allow for better extraction of parts from ruined or spare vehicles. Much like Metalworking and Carpentry allows for more parts to be harvested from objects the higher you skill is. La Cucaracha horn, the most powerful of horns WHEN THE GAS RUNS OUT / USE OF WRECKED CARS Cars should be able to be pushed if they have functioning tires. Pop into neutral and move from driver side. Cars should be able to be stripped for parts Car parts such as tires, engines, brakepads etc can be taken out and installed on other cars of the same category. Cars can be "broken down" and stripped for metal sheets, pipes, and basic electronics (radio). Based on skill. Car batteries can be used for small lights much like the flashlight on a pole, but last much longer. Unlockable levelled skill. Car tires should be able to be taken off. Unless reattached, they cannot be driven of course They become much harder to not only push, but to tip over as well This can provide "walls" in which wrecked cars block zombies Possibly have it so zombies are stopped and have to crawl over the car, or able to stand on top of them Larger cars such as 12 Wheeler Trucks or Ambulances with wheels removed cannot be climbed over or moved due to the weight unless there is a massive horde behind it. This makes Bicycles more useful for after the gas runs out. Junkyards have to be added to the map. Allows for spawning of "car circles" where you can find survivor camps in the fields with broken cars surrounding them. This encourages exploration outside of cities. Possible biofuel with high farming.
  18. Genesis Some of you may have seen my Perma Base design "artwork" on steam, video is pending on me moving my rain barrels because I've chosen to downsize my crop size (way too much before). Problem is I can't pick them up before I empty them of water. There were 16 "large collector". How it work now Right now you can only fill containers and pour them on the ground. Turns out I need 13 bucket to empty a single barrel (the 13th one is not full). Added time of filling them up add up quickly even if I speed time on each "fill bucket". As stated before, it can't be picked up while there are water in it because it's treated as inventory. You also need to wait for a moment where it's not raining (and on very rainy setting... that may take some time). Suggestion The simplest and best way to deal with this issue would be to have a "pour on the ground" option for rain barrels, like any other water container. It's not that far fetched that you can tip the barrel over (but then it's not logical to need hammer + carpentry to move them in the first place...). Another alternative is that when you try to move the barrel it automatically drop it's water content. This would not be my best way to go about it, because some may complain they lost valuable water by not knowing the risk beforehand. Thus forcing to drain it first remain a good idea in my book, but it should be quick so that you can easily redo a base layout without spending tens of minutes filling buckets and pouring them on the ground. Pretty please I know this may not be a priority compared to other features (yes, including THAT feature). But I think it's an easy enough function to add that won't clutter the UI too much and allow a much better use of the "movable furniture" feature for rain barrels. Compared to them, any other container have not this issue as you could just transfer the inventory to the ground below you (or bags, wichever) rather quickly.
  19. I've been attempting to get a basic server running for about 5 hours now. I've tried using the in game hosting option and inviting another player to join me (I've also had the player in question try to click on my username and join me that way). However, they are unable to do so even after I send an invitation. The server, among other things, kicked her out due to "files not matching the server's [settings/files/something]" So there's that faint glimmer of hope right before being kicked in the balls. So here's my question guys. Can you guys end my nightmare? Can you show me how to use the Project Zomboid game through the Host option to actually start a server where other players can join. The Host option in game, I would imagine, was put there to make things easier and not horribly frustrating. To add insult to injury, the player trying to join my server is connected to my Wi-Fi which should in theory make the process easier as we're on the exact same network. If I had hair to pull out, I would have been pulling it out the past 4 hours. No tutorials or guides have worked and most content I find is from 2014 or 2015 which does not help me in 2016 running version 34.28 I've tried making it public, removing passwords, everything. My firewall indicates that the 16261 port is in fact open. While my Xfinity account is actually preventing me from opening that port because... screw my life I guess. So can anyone, please, please, please, tell me how to simply Host a server using the Project Zomboid game's Host option. I imagine it was put there to make things easy but it's been nothing but four hour headache and a waste of money for the other player who purchased the game exclusively to play with me Co-Op/Server. Thank you so much in advance. I love this game and it kills me that I can't enjoy it with my friends. Warmest Regards Sean / Flaros
  20. Regicide (Competitive Zomboid) aka “Kill the King” I am part of a small gaming clan (HYPE Gaming) that really enjoys Zomboid, but feel it lacks a Competitive feel. We are working on a mod to make Zomboid PvP more structured for competitive play. The goal of this mod is to make Zomboid a “slightly” faster pace along with emphasis on team vs team gameplay. We have already began development but would like help from the community on ideas and some coding. Features We would like any kind of positive input along with more help with coding. Anyone willing to help or test please let me know. We fully understand that there are some loops holes that have to be tackled to make this experience work and be enjoyable.
  21. Firstly, I realise there has been work done on zombies grouping together and moving about. It is really good, but there is still a problem, and this is it... The first part of the game is intense and challenging and fun. It is also great fun collecting supplies, hardware, etc. and building yourself an well defended base and trying to settle down into a livable, self sufficient lifestyle. That is fun for a while just surviving. But then what? Times goes by and the game becomes boring and monotonous. Plant crops, go fishing, set traps, eat, sleep, repeat. There really is no challenge anymore. You have built a carefully planned, well defended fort but for what? The defenses you spent all that time and energy planning and building are never actually tested. The odd zombie or three turns up once in a blue moon banging his head on the wall and that is easily taken care of. So, my suggestion is that later in the game, zombie hoardes start migrating out of the urban areas. Slowly in small groups at first, and as time goes on, more and more frequently and in larger groups. It can easily be explained. They have simply run out of food (as in people or rodents or whatever) in the urban areas. Everyone is dead. So they instinctively and mindlessly start migrating outwards looking for food. Especially once the power goes out. There are no lights or sounds left in the cities to keep them attracted to those places. But on a pitch black night, even a campfire casting a feint glow on the horizon a long way away may bring unwanted attention. So it works as far as the "story" goes, but I think it would also dramatically improve the gameplay and fun factor later in the game as the fort you built will actually get tested. I am not suggesting that you are under constant attack ever. The farming and trapping and surviving in the wild part of the game is great already and I am not saying turn it into a constant hack fest. I just mean that every once in a while a large hoard of zombies might stumble across your fort meaning you have to take time out a deal with the situation. For example, maybe they start migrating out in small groups once the power goes off. So maybe once a week you get a group of five to ten zombies stumbling across your camp. And as more and more time goes on, the groups get larger and more frequent. I am also not suggesting your fort gets over run (maybe really late in the game, as a year or more later, forcing you to flee and complete restart). I am just suggesting that it actually gets tested. You get to appreciate all the hard work you did when it successfully keeps out a large hoard of zombies.
  22. So playing around and surviving for a little bit (2 months to be exact) got me to think a little bit about the area I was surviving in, that being West Point and after looting pretty much the whole city dry and seeing everything there is, I just thought of something that could be added, would fit in with the lore and make a survivor's life a bit easier, though it was a bit too obvious so I thought it must have been suggested before, but after skim-reading around a little bit I havent really tripped over it, but if its around I apologize for repeating it Hunting crossbows Yep, not very original I imagine, but hey I dont know why such weapon isnt really available already, the idea would be pretty simple, mid-range, silent firearm that would allow you to take care of those pesky deaders that are so inconviently in your way to loot and oddly close to a horde that you could just sneak past, if it werent for that one annoying strangler. As far as lore goes, West Point has a gun store specialized in hunting gear and in my personal experience these tend to have not just guns, but also hunting bows and crossbows if you are into that, so the loot spot would probably be only it or the shooting range a bit to the east or one of the few hunting cabins in the woods around if you wanted to make them really hard to get. Ammo-wise it would be pretty simple to craft together a stick and a sharpened rock (it would give use to those things aside some very basic tasks that you can use actual tools for anyway). And for the sake of balance it would be either a single shot weapon or you would have to rack each bolt after shooting with a relatively small capacity, lets say 4-6 bolts max. So efficient enough to take one or two guys out and be on your way, but nothing to be killing thousands with and it being silent it might just be your best friend once you find it. You could even be able to make a hunting bow after all, that would take just a few flexible branches and a bit of twine that could work the same way, but be just the poor man's choice instead.
  23. I've been playing for roughly 12 hours, and set up a terribly skimpy base for defense out in the woods, and I haven't been attacked by any hordes of zombies as of yet. Do zombies just not roam around in hordes? I see them do it on roads, but not in the forest. I would like to have 200 zombies come in from all sides and destroy my stuff, it would add to the atmosphere.
  24. Disclaimer for the devs -- Indie Stone devs, your game is excellent. Please feel free to take these ideas on board as if they were your own for inspiration sake, These ideas are donated as fan service and compensation isn't necessary or expected. If you think this works for your game, take and keep any and/or all ideas to implement into the game. Thanks in advance for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!! Table of Contents------ 1A. Introduction 1B. Your involvement in this thread 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Faction list - Different Factions/types of NPC survivors 2B. NPC Trust - An Important Mechanic 2C. Faction Ranks - Roles/Jobs [And what they do] 2D. Faction Inventions - New items you can make! 3. NPC Event(s)/Behaviours - Kidnappings, Raids, Zombie Herding, Faction interaction. 3A. Events NOT Involving YOU 3B. Events Involving YOU - 1A. Introduction: This is a community post brainstorm which means you can contribute ideas toward it (and you will be credited in this original post). This post is open to subject to change course and modification. In this post, it explains varying ideas that could help create interesting gameplay and basic objectives with NPC survivors which don't divert you from how you play, and may possibly offer new ways to play the game as well. You could (if you wanted to) interact with NPCs through trade or neutrality (3), or systematically wipe them out one by one, the choice would be up to you. If developers find this thread feasible, I'd like to hope that our ideas could be implemented so that interaction could lead to rewards (2D) in some way which could help benefit confirmed future content updates. 1B. Your involvement in this thread: First things first - Please don't expect or feel entitled to compensation in any form if the developers take inspiration from this thread and use these ideas even if they're identical upon implementation, I'd like to make that very clear. How you view this threads idea comes down to personal interpretation, so that means if your interpretation of this sort of idea and/or opinion on it is different to anyone elses e.g it being good enough to implement in the game or not is appreciated and respected if you choose to have your say (Even if you hate the idea so much it makes you miserable) it's still fair enough to have your say, however it'd be nice to see some constructive criticism toward this sort of thing instead of abuse! Please feel free to join in the discussion and add your own thoughts and ideas! Thank you very much. - 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Faction list - Different Factions/types of NPC survivors Note: Faction/types of NPC survivors may/may not exist at all during a game or certain map, and may spawn at different times during a game depending on player movements. Certain factions may or may not work together. Factions should be enabled/disabled by player choice in custom options prior to a game. For the most part, each faction won't trust you at all unless you prove to them you can be trusted, and some may carry default moods/agendas set by their Faction Leader toward anyone that isn't part of their faction - Could result in kidnappings, killing on sight, or warning shots/calls. Type 1 - Civilian: Exist in urban areas. These are the last remaining shred of civilisation, and are mostly helpless and not used to being thrown out of their standard way of life. Civilians are usually armed with light firearms and various melee weapons, depending on rank. How well armed they are depends on rank, as their rank dictates what they usually do. May work alongside Military. Type 2 - Survivalists/Hillbillies: Can exist in both outer-urban and wilderness. How well armed they are depends on rank, raider rank is heaviest armed, utilizing long ranged weapons and heavy melee weapons. Usually works on own, without need of Civilians or Military. Type 3 - Military: Can exist anywhere, but mostly in large contained facilities such as prisons, and fenced guarded areas. Some may patrol in organized groups in the map on their own accord. Moderately to heavily armed depending on rank. May work alongside Civilians. Type 4 - ?? Type 5 - ?? - 2B. NPC Trust - An Important Mechanic Depending on what you do, you can impact factions depending on what action you make toward them. Trust is gained over time, and word can spread around to different ranks within factions about you. If you help defend individuals against zombie hordes, make trades with them, don't kill them on sight - Then you can gain trust with them. On the other hand, if you do all you can to let them die, raid them, steal their stuff, the opposite occurs and can carry consequences toward how they interact with you. That will result in increased hostility and nasty tactics toward you and your base (3). ---Factions may even choose to not trust you at all regardless of what you do, this comes into equation based on the Faction Leaders agenda--- - 2C. Faction Ranks - Roles/Jobs [And what they do] Civilian and Survivalists/Hillbillies NPC survivors can share some same 'ranks' and behaviours depending on trust toward you, or their purposeful demeanour. Traits listed are as a guide to explain their purposes. Traits listed in each rank are varying possibilities and may/may not all occur. The following ranks shared between Civilians, Survivalists/Hillbillies/Military which should usually stay within their base are: Faction Leader - Have a purposeful goal/agenda set for their faction. This can vary depending on how you interact with each faction. Some leaders may choose to enforce friendly or hostile actions toward you and other active faction(s) at the start of the session, and they can also enforce what types of ranks spawn depending on where they are located. Their demeanour in their agenda also applies to what faction they are in. Killing a leader can topple the entire faction which can be a useful game mechanic/purpose. <Don't expect that to be easy though!> | Traits- Lucky, Strong, Brave, Hearty Eater, Resilient, Athletic Workers - Produce food, build, create/combine items, repair items (vehicles in future), treat heavy/major injuries etc. | Traits- Handy, Feeble, Cowardly, Light Eater, Clumsy, Agoraphobic The following ranks shared between Civilians and Survivalists/Hillbillies are: Scouts - Usually spots and locates and reports back to their factions. You can kill them if you don't want to be seen&known at all providing you witness them near you/your base-. Scouts can offer remote bag trades (bag containing notes of Trade for Trade items), orienteering, locating, can mark environment with messages/diagrams, treats their own basic/light injuries. | Traits- Athletic, Eagle Eyed, Graceful, Feeble, Night Owl, Outdoorsman, Patient Raiders - Dispatched usually if scouts/workers don't sustain to loot surrounding areas to replenish faction supplies, can kidnap you, can also raid houses you don't own, can mark environment with messages/diagrams, treats their own minor/light injuries. | Traits- Stout, Axe Man, Short Tempered, Brave, Hearty Appetite, Thick Skinned Loners - For the most part they're just like you. They can be anti-social. May not be part of a faction, may be aggressive, may be highly threatening if surviving mid-late game. If part of a faction, they're usually a Sniper/Self sustaining Hunter type, and some may resort to Cannibalism. They like to hoard so if you locate their base/stashes you're in for a good time. | Traits- Eagle Eyed, Athletic, Cowardly, Marksman, Outdoorsman, Patient, Light Eater, Resilient Ranks which only occur in the military are: Soldier - Protects their base at all costs, only grant access to players that have gained trust, conduct rescue missions for their faction and in some rare cases based on trust -you-. Can treat light/minor injuries. | Traits- Athletic, Marksman, Light Drinker, Stout, Brave, Keen Hearing, Night Owl, Eagle Eyed. Field Medic - When Soldiers leave their base on a rescue mission, a Field Medic can accompany them to treat major wounds. | Traits- Athletic, Graceful, Hard of Hearing, Handy, Short Tempered, Stout, Light Drinker Elite Soldier - Protects Military Leader, heavily armed, calls in Helicopter reinforcements if possible (This includes emergency supplies, or Soldiers). | Traits- Strong, Thick Skinned, Athletic, Marksman, Night Owl, Eagle Eyed, Keen Hearing. - 2D. Faction Inventions - Each faction has a small number of inventions that they use to their advantage in some way, which you could learn to craft if you gain enough trust. Here are some examples (along with items needed if not pre-made), if you can think extras or better then please add: Civilians: -Two Way Radio: Battery + Baby Monitor/Walkie Talkie -RC Racecar Noise Distractor: RC Racecar + Battery + Walkie Talkie + Use of 'Taunt' Button -Breakable Lockpick: Paperclips, Nail/Tent Peg, Tape [Makes 3] Survivalist/Hillbillies: -Bear Trap -Crossbow: Planks, PVC pipe, String/Wire, Nails -Basic Compass: Needle, Paper Clip, Fridge Magnet, Bowl of Water, Razor Blade Military: -Scope -Makeshift Protective Armour -Claymore 3. NPC Event(s)/Behaviours -writing in progress- Depending on what NPC factions are present, how they interact with one another and also your trust gained/lost with NPC factions, certain events/behaviours may trigger. 3A. Events NOT Involving YOU Factions would be able to have interactions between each other: -These include territorial disputes, trade altercations, and caravans. -Contributed by forum user 'Ryfar' -If a Faction member comes back to their base wounded by a Zombie which could make them turn, they may be ordered to be killed by their Faction so they don't turn on them. 3B. Events Involving YOU Any of the following may occur if YOU have no trust, or are hostile to a faction and i) Your base discovered by that faction: -You may have Scouts shepherd zombies/hordes to your base (Small chance it could backfire on Scout). -Raiders may ransack your base of valuables, and your base wrecked/disassembled. -You may have a chance of being kidnapped as a hostage when you sleep in an unfortified/unsecure base. This will mean your base looted and disassembled. Items removed from you and possibly distributed between faction members, or stored somewhere. -Military may surround your building, and order to imprison you if you commit crimes (Theft/Murder) against them. Or they may choose to just try and kill you. ii) You are located in a temporary location: -You may have a small chance of being kidnapped as a hostage when you sleep in an unsecure/unfortified location. Items removed from you and possibly distributed between faction members, or stored somewhere. Any of the following may occur depending on the level of good trust YOU have with a faction and the Faction Leaders agenda: -You may be offered the opportunity to capture or kill an opposing Faction Leader if they're causing issues for the faction you're supporting. -You are allowed sanctuary within a factions territory but you must perform duties/jobs to assist the faction in order to keep that benefit. -You are offered a job of your choosing within the faction, much like a worker. You get food in your belly and a roof over your head so long as you meet daily/weekly quotas for the job. I'm planning on updating this when I've got more time to over the next few days. Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!!
  25. The dynamic viewpoint I'm suggesting is a simple change to how your view is in the game. No this is not about changing the isometric viewpoint in anyway just how the camera/view acts depending on what may be happening. For example if your character is panicked drastically or anxious/on edge the camera can shake or react slightly. If you're overwhelmed with fear while running through a horde it can react in such a way to give you a better idea of panic during that situation. This also points toward the bonus of having the brave trait so you won't have this experience in some drastic events.The view can be involved with combat as well if you take damage or something. Not to mention this is just a suggestion and I know for a fact camera view is quite a sensitive topic. This is for long term if they ever decide to something like this. I'm only suggesting this since I thought it could play a nice role in PZ so please be easy on me for this. Let me know what you think and don't be too harsh just give some valid criticism on this idea and mainly share your thoughts upon this.
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