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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, theindiestone! Greetings from Whale Rock Games! It’s been a long time since we first decided to start a devlog. Finally this idea came to live and we’re so excited to share our concepts with you guys. Our first title We Are The Dwarves came out in 2016 and we were super excited to share our work with the community. However, we still had a lack of ways to communicate with players. So now we decided to become even closer and make a community-driven development. So… Introducing our newest project - Deployment! The game is a multiplayer online Top Down Shooter with unique Area Control Mechanics. Deployment is set in an abstract highly technological future, where powerful fractions fight for the only remaining resource - power. We’ve made a short video so you could understand better the whole concept: Click to watch video! You can see the game has quite a competitive focus. Although the core mechanic is dominating the areas by controlling remote level mechanics, which we call Systems. Player takes control over System by capturing the generator. We’ve made a small gif to show you how sweet this thing works: The next cool thing about the game is a Class System. The game has a variable Class System. Classes are designed with different play styles in mind. Player can expand class even more with the Upgrades System, Ability System and Weapon System, which were also designed with variety in mind. We won’t be telling much about Classes, because we plan to launch a special post about them later. But, just to get a picture By the way, here we made some screenshots of the game so you could take a closer look: Forgot to mention. Each level of the game is Procedurally Generated. So the battle experience would be quite unique every time which really cool. More of that, you can Save your favourite map, “Like” it or even make your own with Level Editor to play with friends. This all for now. But... FOLLOW THE GAME ON STEAM: http://store.steampowered.com/app/755980/Deployment/ ...And on social medias: VK FB Twitter Indie DB Mod DB Game Jolt Youtube Reddit Instagram So, TIME TO DEPLOY your comments, guys.
  2. Hey guys, This is a bit of a Work In Progress right now, but now there's a few posts up in the series, I'm open for critique. From the 5th post onwards, I'm trying a slightly different format based on feedback I received from the first 4 entries. There's more snippets of functioning code, complete working code at the end of it (also available to grab on GitHub), and a few more fully interactive demonstrations where applicable. Realmscape HTML5 Game Engines in JavaScript Blog Series Briefly: This is a blog series I've started on the components of a Game Engine, based around actually making an engine of your own in JavaScript. It was originally going to be written alongside a refactor of our near feature-complete engine, but has since taken a turn to cover things slowly and a little more thoroughly. The examples are in JavaScript, because it is reasonably close (complexity-wise) to pseudo-code, and will run on anything with a web browser. It's easy to learn, easy to translate from, and does not under-perform too badly on a range of devices. I'll update this post with new content, as I remember, and turn this into something a bit more legible when I get time. Current posts: (in order) Making an Engine, or making Games?The Basics: Development EnvironmentThe Basics: Game LoopBasic Math: InterpolationThe Very Beginning (Making a text-based interface)Human Interaction (Handling user input)Keyboard Bindings (Create reconfigurable key binds)Prototype, var, and Object oddities (WIP)Planned posts: (vaguely ordered) These will happen eventually, but after some feedback from JavaScript novices I'm taking it a bit slower than previously anticipated. The Basics: Handling User InputService LocatorThe Basics: Asset LoadingRendering: TextBasic Entities: StructurePrototype: The Engine So FarRendering: 2DRendering: 3DAI: Finite State MachinesAI: Behaviour TreesAI: PathfindingPhysics & Collisions
  3. Hey Peoples Me and some friends are trying to make a video game but we've hit a small problem that we could use your help with. we don't have a coder or someone who is competent with gamemaker or any other game making software. Since this is our first attempt at making a video game we have very little funding... actually we have no funding so we wouldn't be able to pay you for your work until the video game is complete and making sales in which you will receive the same share as everyone else (as long as you see the project though). The game idea. Plot: Angels vs Demons vs Humans with a twist (angels are the antagonists) (the player plays as a human which eventually becomes human/demon) Setting: undecided location in the UK or somewhere else in Europe in 2015 or 2018 Platform: PC and/or Mac (hopefully) Genre: Side Scrolling, action, adventure Combat style: Mainly swords, daggers, bows, crossbows (in this time the angels have destroyed all firearms.. well most of them) Art style: Pixel art This idea is still a work in progress so things are bound to change. (Oh yeah if you haven't noticed i like to use brackets) If this has peeked your interest enough to apply for this position then just email us at Greenhatchetgames@gmail.com with the following questions filled out: Name: Age:Nationality:Skype:Little bit about yourself:Sample of your previous work: We would also like to hear from any writers, musicians or artists who would like to help (we do have our own but we are fairly inexperienced still). As well as the project mentioned above we have 2 other projects in development (aka i'm writing the story+plot for them at the moment) if you would like to know more about them just send me a PM ok
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