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Found 2 results

  1. For example bombs shouldn't be profession-locked. I think all abilities should be unlockable, books/journals give you knowledge of a (recipe for example), skill level actually lets you do it. Essentially I'd rather play it like fallout 2 with building/survival elements/cars/saving, than a linear rogue-like.
  2. So I had some ideas that I wanted to put out there, they are all multi player focused and mainly Dealing with PVE. 1) Safe houses: it would be cool if you could mark your safe house and what I mean by that is kinda two fold. One I mean it would be nice to be able to craft signs that you can mark your safe house clearly for others to see, renamed bags kinda work but real ones would be better. Two, a way to mark it for the meta game, meaning a kind of way point that you could have a general sense of how to get back home, also zombies could be attracted to it so you end up having to defend it. I guess because I'm noticed when I build a base far out in the woods I never end up having to deal with Zeds, with farming, fishing and soon trapping the out doors men type will end up playing a camping sim vs Apoc survival. My second idea ties into marking a safe house in the meta game, perhaps a way to set ownership on containers That flag people as raiders when the loot it, if you can only have one safe house marked at a time then people couldn't just set ownership on random stuff to prevent others looting stuff from place they wanna loot but don't have the means to at the time. I say this because if the server has pvp off there's no way to keep your stuff safe, people can just walk into your safe house while you are standing there and take your stuff and there is really nothing you can do. At least this way people could see at a glance who could be trusted and who can't.
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