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Found 1 result

  1. Build 39.64 and Build 38.30 Singleplayer When in "place mode" and having multiple placeable electronics (radios, walkie-talkies and TVs) in the main inventory, cycling placeable objects with the "R" key does not cycle through all of the placeable electronics and only cycles through the one. Example 1: Player has a radio and a walkie-talkie in their inventory. Entering "place mode" with the radio and pressing the "R" (cycle) key will do nothing, i.e. will not cycle between the radio and walkie-talkie. Example 2: Same as example 1, except player also has other furniture such as a chair and a table in their inventory. Entering "place mode" with the radio and pressing the "R" (cycle) key will only cycle between the radio, chair and table. The walkie-talkie will not be included in the rotation, unless the radio is dropped/placed. The same thing happens with all the electronics I tested. I've only managed to test it with the WalkieTalkie1, WalkieTalkie2, WalkieTalkie3, HamRadio1, RadioRed, RadioBlack and TvWideScreen. After noticing in build 39.64, I tested in build 38.30 where I still encountered the issue. Also noticed if I entered "place mode" through the walkie-talkie (or any electronic) contextual menu, it would switch to placing the radio instead (I think it was the WalkieTalkie3). However, having the TvWideScreen in the inventory as well, would always switch to placing that TV instead. Personal Thoughts To me, seemed as if all these electronics were recognised by the "place" mode as the same object, with a preference list with TV at the top going: TV > Radio > WalkieTalkie. Tried to see if this had already been reported, but I didn't see anything.
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