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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone! I want to offer the production of ethanol as an analog fuel. Ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol, is obtained from grain, potatoes, corn, sugar beet, sugar molasses and other waste products of sugar production. Ethyl alcohol is used as a fuel and disinfectant.
  2. Hello, on my latest playthrough I discovered the brakes on a car I had acquired were quite bad. That remined me of the parking brake. Currently in PZ there is no ability to engage the parking brake or Emergency brake as it's more commonly known. The addition of the parking brake should in theory be relatively easy to add but have all of the benefits of allowing players to stop quicker in a fast paced situation. My second suggestion, With the recent news of gas stations no longer having infinite fuel adding a small fuel tanker (Like the one in the picture below) to transport medium amounts of fuel around the map and the ability to refill the gas stations if the player so desires would be very interesting. This could be a bit overpowered, however a player could just reproduce this currently with a truck and a bunch of gas cans. Not to mention the player would have to source the fuel in the first place. This would provide a much better alternative than putting a bunch of fuel cans in a car and making a gas run.
  3. Hello everyone! In the Project Zomboid It is possible to carry fuel ONLY in gasoline cans, which looks a little strange as it is possible to do it in bottles and similar containers (Beer bottles, bleach bottles, and so on) And also Transfer water in gasoline cans, which would also be very useful.
  4. Hi, This one might be a bit hard to reproduce, since I don't know how to... but I'll drop it off anyway. Sometimes a filled gas can shows the wrong weight. It does not influence gameplay, the actual weight is still 5.00 and the remaining gas seems to be normal: but the shown value is wrong. See the screenshot below: This only happens for specific cans. It may have something to do with filling them up when their initial gas remaining is not zero, but I'm not sure there. Most cans show normal values after filling them up: Not much of a game breaker or something, but a fix eventually would be nice. Thx in advance! Greetz, Tybs
  5. So started in March and the biggest issue is staying warm. Even with a down jacket I pretty much am freezing to death most times. A few times I was freezing even standing next to a lit BBQ grill inside a building. So I was wondering if for warmth rating that smaller rooms are easier to heat up to a very warm rating while trying to warm up say a warehouse would make it only a few spaces next to the heat source being any good. Lets say a room 8x8 can be warmed up at the outer reaches by a small amount while slowly going in warms up more. The room being larger the over all warmth would be low. In a room that is only 2x2 a heat source would/could be blazing hot so that even the coldest nights would not bother you. Also wondered about the ability to add more to a fire instead of one at a time. Logs and lumber is not to bad but trying to add coal it takes ten clicks to use a bag. It would be nice if we could just drop the fuel on a heat source and it uses all that was dropped into it. Maybe another option on the context menu when over a heat source you get the option of one half or all, similar to the grabbing of loose items.
  6. Since we can use Clothes and Ripped Sheets as fuel in campfire, it would make sense to be able to use Towel and Dishtowel as well. This is especially true of Dishtowel that can be used as fuses for Molotov (like Socks and Ripped Sheets that are both usable as fuel). While on that subject, Underwear should be usable as well, except that they might be OP compared to Clothes if we base the burning time on the number of Ripped Sheets they can produce.
  7. First of all, I feel like once gas stations run out of power then it's impossible to get fuel from them. So, my suggestion is this: Find a garden hose, a siphoning kit or a rubber tube (construction, gardening, sheds etc) with which you can safely siphon fuel from the gas tanks underneath. It's actually rather easy doing it, even if it's below your feet (don't ask why I did this). You can siphon fuel using your mouth (not recommended since you'll feel sick and maybe throw up (btw this might be used as a negative trait if siphoning fuel with your mouth)) or you can use a hand-held pump either from the kit you bought or a makeshift one which is rather easy to make (you can use a ball, duck-tape, scissors and so on. This would help a great deal with scavenging for fuel and making the gas stations one of the most important places to loot in PZ besides police stations, gun stores and supermarkets. Suggesting this since fuel from cars will run out and after 3-6 months the whole place will be deserted of fuel. So this would be an amazing alternative and if in MP it will give players something to fight for or fortify. Hopefully the community and the Dev's will like the idea and add more flavor to the game. Here's a WikiHow link with some stuff about this idea: https://www.wikihow.com/Siphon-Gas
  8. Dear developers. When will you add animals? Please add the ability to merge gas from gas station when you have already connected the generator (with fuel).
  9. Is it possible to skip adding clothing that you are currently wearing to the "Add Fuel >" submenu? For example, if I have a vest on, and pickup another one from a dead zombie, there's 2 in my bag. If I choose "Add Fuel", then add a vest, it usually will add the one that I'm wearing first. If not, it's really easy to accidentally add both and then be mostly naked anyway. It would be nice to confirm the one you're wearing, or force you to un-wear it before adding it to the fire. Thanks!
  10. Gotta love all those sturdy sticks laying in my yard...
  11. Got the idea reading comments on a post that was slightly deviating from the subject so I won't link the original post. The detour the thread made was about vehicules and their ''fuel''. A valid complaint was how scarce fuel was (although it might be possible to siphon out vehicules for fuel once it is implemented, maybe even use the gas pump at service station). It got me thinking that some people use used vegetable oil as fuel. I won't go over the specifics of «if it should be converted to bio diesel first» or «if it would damage the motor more then regular use». Cooking oil could also be used as lubricant for door and windows to lessen the noise made by them if any (failling having some WD-40). Hot oil could be made into either a manual or self-pivoting cooking pot of oil to spill on zombies and NPC alikes from atop your walls. Edit : Could even be ''burning oil'', but it might require concrete or stone walls first. Anyway, this would probably be low priority, but could be considered at the same time as vehicule are implemented. This would give another great reason to go to Spiffo's.
  12. Awesome game, loving it! I think PZ could use a rare late game opportunity to prepare a hot meal without starting a fire by utilizing those mysterious electric grills.. Propane would be a logical way to fuel all those outdoor grills. I imagine that propane tanks would be a limited resource, rare as gas cans, and heavy (like 8-10 or more?). It'd never be found at grills, but'd have to be found elsewhere and hauled back. Recipe to light grill: Propane added as fuel, kindling/match/lighter required to light. Usage: maybe 12-16 game hrs/tank? That'd be enough for maybe 3 meals.. To add in game: There'd have to be new inventory images made for the propane bottle and the grill (to separate it from the kitchen stove image). All the grills would have to be located and disconnected from the electric grid. Mechanics of grills would have to be changed: add fuel and light like campfire, but only accept propane. I just thought it'd be fun to have a use for those outdoor grills. It'd be more realistic for them to be disconnected from electricity. And I'd relish the ability, even just once, to cook up that last chicken on the grill, just after the power goes out, or to put a pot of soup on, in a nauseous state without juggling the campfire kit together. Propane as a fuel has been mentioned before (head torches, propane gas, water purification thread by psykikk), but wasn't focused exclusively on this issue. And this does not seem to be included in the common suggestion thread.. Cheers!
  13. It's been a while since I played PZ, I think it was build 25 when I started. Now I tried the build 30. Until now, I am bedazzled why the Kitchen Stoves need electricity to run, unless they are electric stoves or microwave ovens. I got the logic of the oven range that uses electricity, but it is mainly used for baking and roasting. We have cooking pot and frying pan, which we always use for cooking on the gas range, not the oven. Gas stoves use gas which is connected to somewhere and literally does not need even a tiny bit of your house's electricity to function or ignite a flame. It's ignition uses some sort of thing also used in lighters. In reality, if gas supply is cut off, surely it can be fitted with other sources like the Propane Tank as fuel that will only be slowly consumed while the stove is turned ON. In other countries, they call them LPG tanks (LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas). Once your gas tank is all consumed, you can buy another and you'll just have to give them your empty gas tank. Then they'll refill it to be sold again. A full LPG tank can last for a month if you only cook twice a day. I wish I could use a Propane Tank to the Gas Stove when electricity is cut off. This saves a lot of trees =) I would like to make a mod out of this, unfortunately, I'm just beginning to learn a bit of programming. I tried learning LUA from RoboMat's tutorial but there are other things I have to know to make it work, like the source code i should use for functions and events for this kind of mod.
  14. I was wondering if they'd make it so that you can place down propane tanks or fuel canisters and shoot them to explode...? they would be pretty small but useful to take out a few in a dense crowd in or to set fire to your doorstep to stop them from coming in. Also propane tanks could maybe break down walls. Of course explosions would attract zombies from a VERY large radius.
  15. I have mentioned this in other topics before, but I figured it deserves its own topic, to discuss possible implications. Petrol & diesel are perishable goods. It is difficult to say how long they last (If you know the answer please share it with us), but according to my research, depending on how you store it, somewhere between 3-6 months. There doesn't seem to be a major difference in the shelf life of petrol or diesel, it's more or less the same. If you store it in a fuel canister it will certanly outlast fuel stored in fuel tanks of cars. This is due to impurities and air in fuel tanks. Why should we care about perishable fuels? For one, the devs want to make a realistic game and it is a fact that Petrol & Diesel don't last forever. Two, it is a survial game and I love how food is perishable in game, it means you have to worry about constantly restocking your supply. I feel the same should apply to our fuel supply. It simply adds to the struggle of staying alive and thus adds to the fun factor this game creates so amazingly well. Implications once cars and fuel are added to the game: Similar to water and electricity, there will be a time where all the fuel found on the map has become obsolete. The question is, how long should fuel last? That will depend on where you get your fuel from: Siphoned from Cars: 6 months. Fuel Canister: 9 months. Gas Station: 9 months. You will notice I have extended the shelf life a bit and that is because during my research many people suggested that their petrol lasted beyond the specified 3-6 months period. Also in terms of gameplay, it would be handy to have the fuel left around the map last a little longer. What happens after 9 months have past? Obviously we will need access to a fuel source once all the exsisting fuels have gone bad. We only really have 2 options: (if you know of more options share them) Bio Diesel: It is relatively easy to produce bio diesel but the emphasis is on relatively. The process isn't to difficult to learn but you will need access to raw materials which aren't gonna be easy to come by in a post appocalyptic world. For one method you will require: Organic Oil, Methanol, Potassium or Sodium Hydroxide. There are many other methods which use other ingredients, so if you know of a simple one that would work in a post appocalyptic world please share it with us. Vegetable Oil: Diesel engines can also run on vegetable oil, which unlike bio diesel will be easier to produce. But it shares the same issue with bio diesel; you have to heat it up to ensure the fluidity is sufficiently high enough to be used in a diesel engine. Which can be an issue since most modified diesel powered cars use a 2 tank system (1 for diesel, 1 for bio diesel), that uses conventional diesel to heat up the bio diesel to operating temperature. Once again if you know of another method of using bio diesel without the help of conventional diesel, let us know. Also to make vegetable oil, we will need a suitable crop to grow and turn into oil. Rapeseed or Sunflower oil seem like a good choice, but if you have a better one share it with us. Choice of engine: Not sure how much thought the devs have put into this, but if fuel was made perishable, petrol engine cars will become useless after the petrol had gone bad. This means we will need to have both petrol and diesel powered cars in game. It would be nice to have a few modified diesel engine cars dotted around the map as a rare find. As far as I know, most if not all power generators are diesel powered, so that shouldn't be an issue once they are introduced. Summary: I have raised a few questions in this post, to which we will need to find answers: Do we want fuel to be perishable? if yes: How long should it last before going off? Do we want Bio Diesel in the game?, If yes what kind? Do we want Vegetable Oil as a fuel source?, If yes what plants do we need? What type of engined cars / generators do we want in the game? Do we need a new skill like mechanic to modify engines? Is this post a waste of time? Lastly, I am no expert on this subject, so feel free to point out any mistakes or things I have missed. Thank you for taking the time to read this post & I am looking forward to your comments.
  16. Hey Guys, So this was originally a post in one of my topics in the general PZ discussion board but I decided I'd post it here as it's basically a suggestion. This is my personal view on how vehicles should work when they're implemented with the new 3D engine. I personally believe that vehicles should be a large part of the game when it comes to it, I think that vehicles should be a large focus of development once the current big things are out the door (NPCs mainly). I just wonder about controls, and I'm thinking maybe there could be different control types for vehicles that could be switched in the options? Here's two different control types I've got in mind: Control Type 1: Hold W to accelerate Release W and car will slow and eventually stop Hold S to reverse/brake Release S and car will slow and eventually stop Hold D to turn right (need to be moving obviously) Hold A to turn left (need to be moving) Hold down space for handbrake Hold E to exit the vehicle (if it's not stopped then will take damage depending on speed, like falling damage) Hold Q for horn (if applicable, if riding a horse then just yell like usual) Control Type 2: Hold W to accelerate Release W and car will slow and eventually stop Hold S to reverse/brake Release S and car will slow and eventually stop Hold down space for handbrake Hold E to exit the vehicle (if it's not stopped then will take damage depending on speed, like falling damage) Hold Q for horn (if applicable, if riding a horse then just yell like usual) While holding CTRL or RMB, the car will turn towards the location of the mouse over time (depending on speed, if you suddenly move the mouse behind the vehicle while driving at a high speed then you should probably skid out and crash). I'm not sure which of these two control types I would prefer, but I believe that it should be an option between mouse and keyboard as I know a lot of people who play the game really do prefer mouse controls. I personally would have to try both to make up my mind. There should be a 'Maintenance' skill that you can learn which will allow you to fix up vehicles with new parts or repair old parts, and possibly tie in with some of the other upcoming features (electricity generators and PZ's 'redstone' type system) To go with the new skill, there would be a Mechanic profession which would give the traits: Pit Stop: All maintenance actions are 2x faster Conditioner: Vehicles are less likely to break down All maintenance actions will require that the player has a Wrench in their inventory (will equip it like a hammer). Now, if I'm going to go a bit further with this, we could make vehicles even more of an integral part of the game by having vehicle customization. (Bear with me) Firstly, there would be a new GUI window named "Vehicle". This would be empty if you are not next to a vehicle (similar to containers), however if you are within range of a vehicle then you would see the following: Status Tab: The 'Status' tab in the window would be similar to the player's health window with status indicators for different areas of the body, the vehicle status window would show a top-down outline view of the vehicle with status indicators for various parts. Right clicking on one of these parts would give a dropdown list with: "Add Part.." - hover over to see a list of available parts that can be added. "Remove <PART NAME>" - would remove the part from the vehicle The 'parts' that I refer to would require a welding tool to attach to the vehicle (similar to how carpentry requires a saw). You would be able to find or make parts such as: Bars (Attach to windows to stop zombies from getting in) Plough (Would help to push zombies out of the way without damaging the front of the vehicle, useful only at low speed) Reinforcement (Depending on maintenance skill, adds reinforced plating on the section of the vehicle which will protect it from bullet damage and will give slightly better results when ramming through zombies) Tires (I don't know a lot about tires but I can see that this would be useful) There would be a lot more, being able to replace parts from the base vehicle (salvage extra tires from dead vehicles, remove seats to make storage space, etc) Fuel would be a valuable item in the world, could be siphoned from other cars or from petrol/gas stations, running out of fuel would mean abandoning that vehicle unless you can find fuel. Fuel would appear in the status tab as well. Storage Tab: The 'Storage' tab in the window would be similar to your inventory window, the vehicle would have storage 'containers' depending on what sort of vehicle it is. The boot or trunk of a car would be accessible from the outside but the rest of the storage would only be accessible if in the car. Passengers: The 'Passengers' tab would simply give a list of players and NPC's that are in the vehicle. So with regards to the vehicle's ability to ram zombies, I think that a couple factors would play into how the action would turn out: Vehicle Speed Number of Zombies Slowly pushing a few zombies out of the way would basically be harmless to your vehicle if you just slowly accelerated into them and knocked them down. The faster you're going though, the more damage your car would take, not to mention bits of flesh getting stuck in the vehicle. However, even slowly accelerating will be the end of you if there are too many zombies, think of what happens when you currently run into a horde, you get a little bit into the group and slow right down and then die. This would be very similar for vehicles except that they could get slightly further and get past more zombies, however if it is a large mob then (depending on the vehicle) the weight of all these zombies would be too much for the vehicle to push through, and by now they'd be behind you as well. In this situation they would smash the windows and climb in and devour you, unless you have your windows fortified with bars, in which case you will be stuck to die of hunger. For this particular situation I think there should be a right click option which (if the car has a sunroof) would allow you to exit via the sunroof and assume the 'baldspot on top of car with baseball bat' stance. Either way, you're probably dead unless you have a friend drawing the zeds away from the car. Vehicles would be able to carry as many people as there are seats (so if there is a say 20 seat bus then you could bring 19 passengers along with you), I think that when inside a moving vehicle all characters would be seated while the vehicle is moving (don't know how messy it could get if you were able to walk around inside a moving bus. Perhaps if the vehicle is stopped then you can walk around inside of it. (If it was possible to move around inside a vehicle as a passenger while it's moving, that'd be so awesome) With passengers in a vehicle I think that maybe as a cosmetic thing, the roof of the vehicle would be invisible so that you could see the inside of the bus or car, however that view could be toggled on and off by a hotkey. SO THEN, thanks for reading this massively long post and hopefully it can give the developers some ideas, I've tried to make it 'fit' the PZ theme and at the same time keep realistic (no super upgrades like chainsaw wings and crap), I believe that if this is done properly it would be one of the huge parts of the game (especially as the map gets bigger). Vehicles would deteriorate over time so I think a skilled mechanic would be a very valuable group member to have. As a developer I can say that this is something that would be very exciting to put into a game like this, a huge area of the game with so many different possibilities. Let me know your thoughts on these ideas! -Ben
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