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Found 9 results

  1. 90's nostalgia feeling: BOTTLECAP I suggest beer and soda bottles that need bottle openners, so you can have a KEYCHAIN, SWISS KNIFE, or either open it with a survivalist skill with a SCOUT POCKET KNIFE or HUNTING KNIFE (I know lever techniques to safely open bottles and canned food with a tiny but sturdy scout pen knife or a Hunting Knife. WATER TILES OVERHAUL-- different Water tiles have different data like DEPTH, FIRMAMENT TYPE, CURRENT, etc. The car wont crash on water tiles, but it will get slower, stuck and sink the morr water and mud it gets. So you could walk and drive on shallow waters, on knee water you could get dragged by current and the car could get slower or maybe sink in mud. Make it so the car could get a % slower/stuck on mud or sand if the water is up to one foot tall. FIRE TILES THRESHOLD- hier tier the stronger the fire and near center distribution. Some materials wont ignite in lower fires, and fire tier is distributed gradientily. More and different trees of PICKLING, CANNING, CHEESE, YOGURT, and JERKY: I sugest diferent approaches for canning, pickling, cheesing, brewing, drying beef, so: Recipe sugestion trees: ---CANNING: Main Ingredient, Acid mean adjust*, Temperature, Airtight cover and Pressure**. *Tomatoes and low acid foods require different adjusts with either lemon juice, vineagar or glacial acetic acid, other sour acidic foods requires no adjust. **Airtight prevents contamination. Airtight canning covers are disposable just like they are in the current game, I suggest makeshifting a jar cover with an old cover, an esterile cloth and a rubber band for airtight sealing with a % penalty of contamination. ***Pressure Canners devices are required for canning meats and other low acid foods. Canning preserves food through boiling in esterile mean and keeping it air sealed. Ingredients taste almost the same as plain BOILED ones. Examples: Canned corn, canned tomatoes, canned peas, canned carrots, canned potatoes. ---PICKLING: Main Ingredient, Acid mean adjust*, Jar Esterilization, Spices, Fermentation Time. Pickling Chenges ingredients through fermentation and spicery. Ingredients taste completely different from raw ones like a SPICY BREW. Examples: Picked Cucumbers pickles, Pickled Lettuce Sauerkraut, Shoyu sauce from fermented soy and corn. ---Cheese: Cream, Salt and Spices, Yeast, Cure Time. Different cheese can be made from different yeast and different cream (different process of separating serum from proteins can achieve different creams. High protein cream comes from a good separation process though creaming machines and low protein could be hand maded) Yogurt: Milk, fruits and sugar, yeast. Beef Jerky: Meat, Cutting, Salting, Dryer type. I suggest that large sacks of SALT are added for survivalist reasons. SALT BANKS could be renewable and located near beaches. ---BEER, WINE, CIDER, SPIRIT--- Brewing: Beer- Different beer through different: Grains (Different proportions of Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn etc), yeast, lupulo/spice, fermentation process and temperature control, filtration. Wine Grapes, yeast, fermentation, Cider Berries/ Citric fruit /Lemongrass /Apple, yeast, enzymes, fermentation. Spirit, Cachaca, Vodka, Sugar canes/Potato/Beetroot/, fermentation, destilation. ---- Fermentation processes left ignored can have undesired results like making bad vineagar byproduct. Wine takes months to make, requires specific yeasts for breaking specific carbos, Beer is made in weeks maybe a month, can use a large array of yeast (I once heard about a IPA with no yeast just natural ferm) Cider are more yeast compatible, sometimes just natural fermentation. Fermentation take weeks, just like spirit or cachaca. (Just approaching, I can bring accurate time if necessary) Chemistry stuff could be added to purify alcohol for medicine.
  2. Disclaimer: I will try not to cover topics done to death(wheat->flour, irrigation, animals but i would love to see chickens asap due them not needing a smart ai) I would like to see farming move to a more stardew valley style(crop growth length is about the same), and by that I mean a trellis that certain crops need to grow effectively requires farming lvl ?? and carpentry lvl ??, crops performing better in one season( i doubt they would kill our crops with change of season due to the otherwise limited nature of seeds and fresh winter food) Requested crops(i know many of these have been asked for already) corn, bell peppers, eggplant, leeks, onions, beans(requires trellis),peas(requires trellis), pineaple, hops (requires trellis), zucchini, water melon, grapes(requires trellis), sunflower(if possible they could follow the sun) coffee, tea ,pickles(now decay), beets and pumpkins(we'd better get these by Halloween, and be able to carve jack-o-lanterns). cotton or flax (for making thread/twine) n.b. you should be able to grow some non-ideal crops in the region but they should have a lower yield (no idea what less ideal crops would be as i don't live anywhere near Kentucky) and rarer seeds(I recommend some sort of gardening store/ plant nursery should show-up somewhere). some plants should be unplantable till you have a high enough farming skill(so newbies don;t get overwhelmed) Trees Apple, banana, avocado, cherry, apricot, lemon,peach, pomegranate, orange. trees would require years to bear fruit and would require maintenance for the first few years and would only bear fruit in the correct season, non would bear fruit in winter. why invest in such a long term solution??? long term multiplayer servers where you can only dream of fruit(besides strawberries) and would make mouse traps usable long after the power goes out(all of the bait is currently non-renewable). also require a decent farming lvl to plant ~4 Bees As no game is complete without them and the associated risks. would require careful acquisition and set up Preserving More foods should be jar'able, maybe with different recipes. eg strawberry jam, apricot jam, marmalade(lemon+orange), and peaches should be jar'able the regular way(i used to do this when i was a kid). banana's and apples could be dried out, and avocado smashed(to appease the millennial's). all of these can be made at home Refining Hops should be brew able into alcohol among other crops, potentially making different types(vodka from potatoes, mead from honey!), or just generic moonshine and vinegar, all alcohols should also now provide carbs as well. beets should be grind able into sugar. to allowed renewable preserving. eggs could be made into mayo(not sure if you can do this at home), milk into cheese or butter(both of which can be made at home, with the right equipment). lastly, if you think i missed wheat, try reading the top of the thread again. and if anyone could point out what would be non-ideal(will still grow) and unviable crops(won;t grow) I'll update the post accordingly
  3. I see no reason why we shouldn't be able too, i mean if you can add lemons to it I don't see why you can't add water melon(+slices/chunks)
  4. It'd be nice if in one of the more urban areas you could find a plant nursery with seedlings, saplings, cuttings, and all the other sources of rare fruit you could want. The catch? You'll need to get there before the power gets shut off, because the automatic watering system will only last so long, and allll those rare plants will die without water. You'll never taste a banana, orange, pineapple, lemon, or avocado again...unless you can get in, get the sprouts and seedlings, and load them into your car before the zed get there. It'd also have big stocks of seeds, shovels, trowels, watering cans, spray bottles, fertilizer, pre-made mildew and bug spray, and everything else you could want to stock your little backyard garden. Planting trees would take a year before you'd see any result, and you'd need to plant the tropical trees inside a two-storey greenhouse for them to survive, let alone thrive. But you could stay a happy gourmand, with the last banana palms in the Continental US.
  5. ******* DOWNLOAD LINK ****** **** Download can be found HERE **** This mod allows you to take certain fruits and vegetables, some garden-grown and others fridge-found, and dry them out. Without all that moisture, I bet they'll keep on your shelf for a while... What this mod does: This mod lets you preserve most foods so they don't go spoiling on you... What this mod adds: Some custom recipes with sprites. Not a whole lot. Oh! And a drying rack. I guess you'll need that... How this mod works: It's pretty easy. Just put a certain amount of fruit/veg in your inventory, put the drying rack and a kitchen knife in your inventory... and you're good to go!! How much fruit/veg? I'm not telling. Play around! Most recipes are at least four, though. Planned features: Mod Loader compatibility!More dried items!Only allowed to dry items outside... (makes sense, right?)Any other ideas?How to install this mod for now: Drag and drop the main folder into media > lua and you're set!!Any bugs? Not that I'm aware of. It runs fine on my game after extensive testing. If there's a problem, let me know... ******* DOWNLOAD LINK ****** **** Download can be found HERE **** Code by Kerilynne Sprites and debugging by Bassair
  6. My suggestion/idea came up when I read the thread bout the new cooking related stuff. And then I thought of fish. Dried and smoked fish exactly. And that is the thing PZ needs! A way of preserving food for a really long time. Dried beef (beef jerky) can last up to one and a half years! Kinda OP, but who cares. No more perishable foods going to waste in the first days of survival!
  7. Hello! After several hours of banging my head against the screen and general mod-writing stress, I bring you: The Juice Mod! No, it's not really that amazing. This was just a project for me to try and learn the basics of modding PZ. However, since it works I thought I would upload it so people can tell me what they think. You never know, you might even think it's useful! Or better than the other one! Anyway, here's the link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18741755/juicemod.zip Recipes etc are in the readme. One thing I'm not sure of is this line in the distribution file: JuiceMod = {}I have no idea what it does or why it is needed, but the file does not work without it. Anyone who knows,please tell me! I worked it out! One other thing, I was thinking of making a drying rack that you actually had to place and use rather like a campfire. I was going to poke around in the game files to try and find a way of doing it, but if anyone has any ideas of an easy way (or telling me it's incredibly difficult), it would be appreciated. Any feedback would be welcomed!
  8. I have had a few years of growing fruits and vegetables, so I really like that one can grow their own food in PZ too. But I feel that the farming element of PZ is rather unbalanced, compared to how gardening works in real life. Plainly put, some plants are much too easy to grow, the rest too hard. My main examples are carrots and radishes (C&R). In real life these are two of the easiest vegetables to grow; whereas in PZ, they’re the two hardest to grow! Practically impossible, I would say. I have never been to grow either of them to harvest in PZ in a ’survival mode’ game, only in a sandbox world set with a drier-than-normal climate (which means all other veggies suffer from lack of water as a result). In PZ, there is also no such thing as over-watering the other plants (broccoli, cabbage, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes), but this too also doesn’t reflect how things work in real life. Although under-watering is more often a problem, plants can be overwatered easily causing root rot, mildew or blight, and I think that PZ ought to work like this too. My suggestion would be to raise the total amount of water needed to grow ‘C&R’ closer to 70, and lower the water needs of ‘the other plants’ to 90, and also reduce the amount that falls in storms quite a bit. This would make it simultaneously easier to grow all crops, and harder to just bugger off for days at a time during hot weather and expect your plants to still be alive and thriving when you get back. It would also make ‘C&R’ actually usable in the game, because right now you can only find them in fridges or in seed form. The other suggestion I have is regarding diseases. IRL, plants are more susceptible to certain diseases. Potato gets blight, cabbage suffers from the larvae of cabbage white butterflies, carrots get carrot fly, and tomatoes get mildew, etc. The following is an idea I had of which plants should be hardest hit by which diseases (but they can also suffer from the other diseases to a lesser chance and severity): Susceptible to pest flies: Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots Susceptible to mildew:Tomatoes, Strawberries Susceptible to Devil’s Water Fungi: Potatoes, Radishes There you go. Any thoughts?
  9. slash

    Juices mod (v0.0.1)

    Hello forums, this is my first simple mod: "Juices" It lets you squeeze your own juices out of most fruits and some vegatables. With the help of sheets or a pillow as strainer, you can fill empty pop bottles with fruit juices. Current v 0.0.1 contains: Tomato JuiceCarrot JuiceApple JuiceOrange JuiceGrape JuiceMelon JuiceStrawberry JuiceLemon Juice Download and more infos here: https://github.com/voodoocode/juicesmod Your feedback is welcome, here as well as on github. Thanks!
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