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Found 9 results

  1. Nide36


  2. Hey everyone! My names Rocksfaux and I'm just posting here to make everyone aware we are looking for more people to turn our co-op host session for our streams on twitch into a public server. Ideally more people who wish to help us secure a area to turn into a community or even other groups to commence trade within our discord at first and see if its viable commiting to a server. It will be a modded server to aid in QOL improvements and such. Our discord can be found here: https://discord.gg/Rwhx2VMQ Or add myself on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/nickyarocks Or even twitch if you just want to get a glimpse first before commiting: https://www.twitch.tv/rocksfaux Thanks for reading and hope to speak soon!
  3. ''Nueva Esperanza'' [RP ligero] [PVPVE] [ESP /ENG] NO WIPE -Amigable para nuevos jugadores , ideal para personas que buscan tener un desafío y divertirse. -Ping bajo, servidor en Alemania. -No hay retraso en absoluto en el servidor. -16 ranuras, pero se puede aumentar si es necesario. -Entrada gratuita ahora pero lista blanca en el futuro, ¡no pierdas la oportunidad! - Vainilla, con algunas modificaciones: Mejor clasificación, Texto de combate de, Acciones verdaderas, Todos los libros de, Fuera de habilidades de la ventana, Mejor apertura de cerraduras, Mostrar ganancia de XP de habilidad, Información del arma del cinturón de herramientas (La estrella ), Autos de usuario, Caja de ropa, ¡y más! -Configuraciones: Dificultad media (desafiante pero justa), sin fuego, sin KOS, multihit cuerpo a cuerpo activado, lectura más rápida, 1 h días, x2 XP, Safehouses, Loot reaparece cada 5 días en el juego. -Activo personal. ¿Como unirnos? steam://connect/ IP: Puerto: 21100 sin contraseña Discordia -> https://discord.gg/UTKeFudKau Si quieres hacer alguna pregunta, postea aquí.
  4. I am trying to launch any build of project zomboid and it just shows the game started in steam (green text), any window appearing, no logs, idk what to do, the game was working before. And after all that things - steam "game started" disappears.
  5. After almost 3 years now, Mind's World is back! I'd assume most of you have no idea what I'm talking about, some might still be around from back then. So maybe a little background info (just skip a couple paragraphs if you don't care) : Back in 2015 we ran a server called Mind's World PVE and had a pretty good run for a couple months. We were the #1 (in # of players) server for a couple of those months and most people seemed to enjoy it quite a lot (you can still find the original reddit thread on /r/pzservers). These were different times, though. We had no safehouse system back then, and griefing was a real issue. We couldn't ban steamids, only server accounts (characters) and IPs. I had custom scripts setup to backup certain areas of the world, and I would go around restoring people's bases, sometimes multiple times a day. I also had scripts that automatically monitored world destruction in certain areas and would ban dozens of people every day. Even then, it was almost a full-time job, but it kept people happy and the server running smooth. I also had quite a lot of fun doing it. Unfortunately, after some real-life stuff came up (new job in new city, had to move there in a rush) I wasn't able to invest as much time managing the server as I previously did. After being unable to find help with moderating the server (I did have a couple moderators I could count on, but after trying to show them how I was managing the server, their technical knowledge/linux knowledge/commitment proved insufficient) and griefers had destroyed most people's bases and towns in a matter of days (I'm telling you, it was crazy what we had to deal with back then) I decided to shut down the server with almost no prior warning. I didn't want "Mind's World" to become associated with "a dying server with no admins and a total mess" after the great run we had. So first, I'd like to apologize to anyone that used to play back then for the quick turn of events, it all happened so fast. Sorry for all that backstory, It felt like I owed an apology to anyone who had previously invested days, if not weeks of work into a server that shut down unexpectedly (if any of you are still around). I feel better now, thank you. Now ... I was a bit bored last weekend and after reading about all the new stuff in PZ (vehicles are awesome!) I decided to reinstall it and give it another go. It sucked me right back in, just like it did 3+ years ago. What an awesome game. I also heard they broke a new concurrent players record back in June with an amazing 130% increase in average players? Congrats! Great to hear that this game is still going strong after all those years. If I'm being honest, I was expecting to come back to an almost-dying game. So I logged back in, tried a couple different servers (more of an MP than SP player myself) and came to pretty much the same conclusion I did 3 years ago : a lack of well-run public servers. Most servers I joined just looked dead and barren. All the cars were long gone, couldn't find one for myself. In some cases I couldn't even find basic loot to get started. Now there are a couple of exceptions and I don't mean any disrespect to anyone running a public server, believe me I know it's not easy. The Good Old Dayz servers still run pretty good, I remember them from back in 2014-2015 when I played. They're still some of the best servers around IMHO, props to them for keeping them running since 2014. Unfortunately they are in the EU and the lag has been quite bad for me on them (being in North America) and fighting hordes can be a real PITA. I also wish they had a couple more mods, to keep the game interesting for the veterans like me who have already seen the end-game multiple times. So I figured we could use another NA public server and I've decided to bring back Mind's World. I've dusted off my old custom respawn/restore/etc scripts, and to my amazement, they still work pretty good! I've been updating them this week to deal with the new stuff (vehicule respawns, etc.) Server name : PVE NA East | Mind's World 2 IP : Hostname : pz.mind.gg Lightly modded to keep the experience interesting, but nothing crazy. I did add ORGM and ORGM Silencers, because I think they really add to the gunplay, but have no intention of including Hydrocraft at the moment. It's just too much. I'm going for a more selective list of quality-of-life / small improvements mods, maybe some custom ones in there eventually. I'm still testing some mods that I might add in the next couple days, but I want to keep the experience somewhat close to vanilla, at least for now. Some ideas I'm strongly considering at the moment : Map extensions, More/Improved bags, Body Armor. More vehicles. We've got a few regulars already that show up every day (mostly evenings EST) and it seems we're off to a decent start. Now I'm not looking to repeat the mistakes I made years ago and so I'll obviously be needing some help soon with moderation, if all goes well and the population keeps increasing. The new safehouse system helps a lot, but still. Please don't join and ask about being a moderator/admin right away. Play with us for a bit, help the new players, and when you naturally become a trusted member of the community, I'll extend you an offer soon enough. At the moment, my mind is pretty set on running a Public (non-whitelisted) PVE-only dedicated server as I think this is where this game really shines. I'm open to launching other PVP/Whitelisted servers, eventually, if enough people would like that. But my understanding is that there are already some good whitelisted servers (havn't tried any myself, yet). The hardware can more than handle a couple more servers, so that's a possibility. This public PVE server is not going away anytime soon though (unless EVERYONE prefers PVP/Whitelisted and the server ends up empty). Server specs : Xeon E5-1270v6 64GB DDR4-2400MHz ECC Intel Enterprise NVMe Drives 1gbps link Join us on discord @ http://discord.mind.gg Good luck and have fun!
  6. In the middle of June, 1993, a mysterious viral outbreak began to infect the citizens of Kentucky. Before the end of the month, already 95% of the world's population was either killed, or infected with the virus. Survivors from across the nation struggled. The military did all that they could to keep the situation "Contained"... their mission was a Critical Failure. The president in Washington did all that he could to keep the nation calm. In the end, though, he was just another victim like the rest of us. Communications went dark. Somewhere within the Radio Tower, repeated messages from the days prior to the "End Times" would appear on the Televisions across the darkened streets, for the few who are lucky enough to hold a generator in their safehouses... a small, peaceful reminder of the days long gone. A few weeks have passed, now, and most, if not all that remains of humanity, now rests within the small town of Muldraugh, Kentucky... and a few handfuls of its surrounding areas. But food continues to grow scarce. In the end, the people are left to either ration out their supplies, or work for their own portions of food, water... even beds. The clock no longer ticks. Time has already run out for us all. Now, as you wake up from yet another nightmare, only one question remains. How long will you last, within ? The main goal of this server is to build a group of communities that, together, work as a whole to survive the end times. Loot will be Rare, and Everyone is "infected". However, PvP will only be used as either a way to "Put infected players out of their misery" (through THEIR consent, of course!) or to initiate "Faction VS Faction" battles, which are only to be done inside lootable buildings. Said buildings are to have at least ONE player from both factions camping its doors to avoid other players getting caught in the cross-fire! Should players wish to rob others, you are NOT to kill on sight! You are to approach them IC'ly, make your demands, and wait for them to respond. The maximum amount of items you can rob from them are 3 or less, and you can only rob the same player once every 3 in-game days (1 hour, 30 minutes IRL), regardless of their yields! If they don't have anything, then you are to let them leave, and only rob them again after the 3 day limit is up! If they choose to flee, give them five seconds to run, THEN tick your "PvP" to "On" and give chase! After thirty seconds (after the five seconds have passed), if you fail to kill the victim, then they have escaped, and are no longer a target! Therefore, you are to turn your "PvP" off! (That's the red box at the bottom-right corner that replaced the green box you ticked first!) If you are seen walking around with the red box in check, your character will be seen as "having ill intent", and/or "open to PvP", which makes YOU as much a potential victim as everyone else! Only activate it when ABSOLUTELY necessary! The main goal of "PvP" is essentially to allow "Mercy Killing" the infected players by their consent, however! If they've been bitten or scratched by a zombie, they can request that someone put them out of their misery. In the case of a "Mercy Killing", it is recommended that the infected player be the one to turn "PvP" on, should the executioner not wish to have your blood on their records. (The "Players Killed" thing.) However, this option is up to the players in question. Should a safehouse not be "Claimable", you are to build a wooden sign in front of the entrance, and ask that I, Justin Daniels, paint it for you! In the "Options" tab, there's a way to change your character's "Voice Color". The sign will have your voice's color on it as "Proof of Ownership". Claimed Safehouses are NOT to be looted, if they have a painted sign outside! Should you wish to claim multiple safehouses, you are to let ME know, first, so that your claims can receive a routinely "Checkup". If you need a roof built, let me know, and I'll build you one! OOC chat is either done via ( <-These-> ) or "Global" chat. IC "Radio" Chat is done via HAM Radios and Walkies, now! If you fail to find any, let me know, and I can spawn you one for your safehouse(s)! Though it isn't a 24/7 Server, I hope to keep it running for as long as I can! If your character dies from lag, bugs, or unfair situations, let me know, and I'll help you regain your stats you've lost! (Recently reset everything, and opened it up via "Dedicated Steam Server". Should now be possible to join at any given time! Server will pause when everyone's offline, though, so it isn't a guarantee that you'll wake up from a 3-month nap!) Should be a no-brainer that burning houses is grounds for a ban. Fires CAN be spread, so be sure you burn responsibly, and NOT near any safehouses! The server is currently unmodded, but adjustments are more than welcome to be made, by players' requests! Finally, have fun! And let me know if you have any questions on the server, its rules, its lore, etc. and I'll be happy to assist! Bottom line, though, just think realistically, use common sense, don't associate "REAL LIFE" from "VIRTUAL LIFE", and if all else fails, let others know! Odds are, even that "Bandit" that just robbed you is actually a good person outside the game! Interested in joining the (relatively small) community? Feel free to join us! Search for "The Deadlands" in the Server Browser, and/or visit our Discord by clicking on > THIS < link, and say "Hi" to the community! The rules are further expanded on in the Discord Channel, after all!
  7. | :: ProjectZomboid@RedditGaming.us :: | Friendly, PvP, Custom towns with no mods!!Come check out our server! or come check out our steam group. Click Here We have mumble you can for any game as well! | :: ProjectZomboid@RedditGaming.us :: | -- @ Port 16261 -- PvP, 4 Hour Loot spawn, 8 hour zombie spawn, 1x zombie spawn multiplier, Friendly, NoWipe -- Two Custom Towns Dreadwood and Bedfront with no mods! -- We can regen any area to its previous state. If you lose your house or find a burnt building, -- just find the coordinates at PZ Map. -- No Burning Buildings, No obscene trolling to other players
  8. Hey there! We just launched a public Project Zomboid Server and are looking for people to play with. Sadly I can not offer you to play with us directly, because we only speak german in our squad, but feel free to join the server and play on. If you got any questions post them here or contact me on steam. Server is hosted by chernarus.de , which hosts an ARMA2 DayZ Overpoch, an ARMA2 DayZ Epoch and a 7 Days To Die Server aswell. Feel free to join there too. Server settings are listed further below in detail, if you wanna know exactly I guess you can figure them out. But I will list important stuff for you: - PvP is off, if you want to interact in PvP combat you have to turn your Safety off. - Loot- and zombie respawn is active, but keep in mind that none has to be around the area for some time to respawn the loot. - Food will only decay slowly. Lengh of day is 2 h realtime. If none is online server-time will stop to prevent spoilage. - the server will be reset every 4-5 weeks, depending on the damage on the environment. Next reset will be around early March. Please mind our server rules, otherwhise you might receive a ban. 1. No insults, no reasonless accusations and no racism. 2. Do not use any hacks, mods or bugs. 3. You are allowed to loot and ransack all buildings which are substantial on the map. Be aware that if you barricade a house it is allowed to be looted by any other player. 4. All buildings build on your own (like a shack in the woods) in the wilds are not allowed to be looted or burned down. 5. Setting fire on purpose to burn down houses or zombie hordes is forbidden. Rules may change or be extended if necessary. Server IP: We are lookin forward to play with you! The Burning Giraffe - German Part - Hey Wir haben die Tage einen öffentlichen Project Zomboid Server gestartet. Dieser ist derzeit noch nicht wirklich ausgelastet und wir würden uns freuen wenn ihr mal vorbeischaut. Der Server soll 50 Slots haben, aber bisher konnten wir das noch nicht voll austesten. Gehostet wird der Server von der chernarus.de Multigaming Community, welche auch einen DayZ Overpoch- und einen DayZ Epoch-Server und einen 7 Days To Die Server hostet. Wenn ihr Lust habt schaut auch da mal rein. Der Server wird ca. alle 4-5 Wochen resettet. Sprich der Strom ist wieder da, Wasser läuft, zerstörte Gebäude stehen wieder usw. Ihr könnt also aus eurem letzten Leben lernen und dann ein neues Projekt starten. Ggfs. bleiben mit dem Reset die Charaktere, ihre Fähigkeiten und was sie bei sich tragen erhalten. Der nächste Reset kommt Anfang März. Loot wird nachspawnen, kann allerdings nur dann passieren wenn ihr nicht in der Nähe seid. Haltet ihr euch also dauerhaft in der Nähe von Lootspots auf, wird dort nichts nachkommen. Falls ihr Leute zum Spielen sucht könnt ihr euch gerne bei mir via Steam melden, wir sind eine Gruppe von 8 Leuten von denen 3-4 aktiv Zomboid spielen, die anderen werden demnächst wieder zu uns stoßen, sobald ihre "Neuer-Minecraft-Server"-Phase vorbei ist. Hauptsächlich spielen wir Abends, 19-23 Uhr. Bitte beachtet die Serverregeln, sind auch nicht lang; 1. Keine Beleidigungen, Anschuldigungen oder rassistische Äußerungen. 2. Keine Nutzung von Hacks, Mods oder Spielfehlern. 3. Alle Mapseitigen Gebäude sind freiwild, d.h. es darf eingebrochen und geräubert werden - egal wer dort wohnt. 4. Alle selbst gebauten Behausungen sind tabu, d.h. es darf dort nicht eingebrochen, rumgezündelt oder geklaut werden. 5. Das Abfackeln von Häusern ist verboten. Wer meint er müsse eine Stadt in Brand setzen muss mit einem Ban rechnen. Regeln können sich bei Bedarf verändern und erweitert werden. Der Server läuft derzeit 24/7, aber die Zeit bleibt stehen, falls niemand mehr online ist. Das Essen vergammelt relativ langsam und es spawnt immer wieder neues Zeug nach, damit auch neue Spieler eine Chance haben. Settings sind derzeit so eingestellt, können sich aber noch ändern; Allgemeine Einstellungen: PVP: eingeschaltet Global Chat: eingeschaltet Bevölkerungseinstellungen: Zombies: Ausgewogen Zombieverteilung: Mehr in Städten Zeiteinstellungen: Tageslänge: 2 Stunden Welt Einstellungen: Wasserausfall: 0-2 Monate Stromausfall: 0-2 Monate Hausalarm: Manchmal Verriegelte Häuser: Häufig Lebensmittelverderblichkeit: Sehr langsam Kühlwirkung: Sehr hoch Beute/Loot Wiederkehr: Jeden Tag Zombie Wiederkehr: Jede Woche Vergangene Monate seit Beginn der Apokalypse: 0 Natur/Umwelt Einstellungen: Temperatur: Normal Regen: Normal Erosionsgeschwindigkeit: Normal Landwirtschaftswachstumsgeschwindigkeit: Langsam Pflanzen Belastbarkeit: Normal Landwirtschaftliche Ausbeute: Normal Natur Ausbeute: Normal Beute/Loot: Nahrungsmittel: Normal Waffen: Normal Andere: Normal Charakter: EP-Multiplikator: 2.0 Status Rückgang: Normal Ausdauer-Regeneration: Normal Zombie Eigenschaften: Geschwindigkeit: schnelle Schlurfer Stärke: Normal Härte: Normal Infektionsübertragung: Blut+Speichel Infektionssterblichkeit: 1-2 Wochen Reanimierungszeit: 0-1 Minute Kenntnisse: Navigieren Gedächtnis: Normal Zerfall: Verlangsamen + Schwächen Sicht: Normal Hören: Normal Geruch: Normal Server IP: Bei Fragen wendet euch einfach hier im Thread an mich, via Steam bei mir oder über das chernarus.de Forum an Lolly. Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch! The Burning Giraffe
  9. Hey all! My friends and I have been super hyped about the release of MP for PZ. I was wondering if anybody was planning on hosting an PZ server that is based in Australia, preferably Eastern Standard Time. I would host a server myself but cannot due to network issues and whatnot. If you are planning on hosting or know of and Australian PZ Server please PM me. Many thanks, Whittos
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