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Found 6 results

  1. I am trying to launch any build of project zomboid and it just shows the game started in steam (green text), any window appearing, no logs, idk what to do, the game was working before. And after all that things - steam "game started" disappears.
  2. After almost 3 years now, Mind's World is back! I'd assume most of you have no idea what I'm talking about, some might still be around from back then. So maybe a little background info (just skip a couple paragraphs if you don't care) : Back in 2015 we ran a server called Mind's World PVE and had a pretty good run for a couple months. We were the #1 (in # of players) server for a couple of those months and most people seemed to enjoy it quite a lot (you can still find the original reddit thread on /r/pzservers). These were different times, though. We had no safehouse sy
  3. In the middle of June, 1993, a mysterious viral outbreak began to infect the citizens of Kentucky. Before the end of the month, already 95% of the world's population was either killed, or infected with the virus. Survivors from across the nation struggled. The military did all that they could to keep the situation "Contained"... their mission was a Critical Failure. The president in Washington did all that he could to keep the nation calm. In the end, though, he was just another victim like the rest of us. Communications went dark. Somewhere within the R
  4. | :: ProjectZomboid@RedditGaming.us :: | Friendly, PvP, Custom towns with no mods!!Come check out our server! or come check out our steam group. Click Here We have mumble you can for any game as well! | :: ProjectZomboid@RedditGaming.us :: | -- @ Port 16261 -- PvP, 4 Hour Loot spawn, 8 hour zombie spawn, 1x zombie spawn multiplier, Friendly, NoWipe -- Two Custom Towns Dreadwood and Bedfront with no mods! -- We can regen any area to its previous state. If you lose your house or find a burnt building, -- just find the coordinates at PZ Map. -- No Burning Buildings, No obscene
  5. Hey there! We just launched a public Project Zomboid Server and are looking for people to play with. Sadly I can not offer you to play with us directly, because we only speak german in our squad, but feel free to join the server and play on. If you got any questions post them here or contact me on steam. Server is hosted by chernarus.de , which hosts an ARMA2 DayZ Overpoch, an ARMA2 DayZ Epoch and a 7 Days To Die Server aswell. Feel free to join there too. Server settings are listed further below in detail, if you wanna know exactly I guess you can figure them out. But I will list impo
  6. Hey all! My friends and I have been super hyped about the release of MP for PZ. I was wondering if anybody was planning on hosting an PZ server that is based in Australia, preferably Eastern Standard Time. I would host a server myself but cannot due to network issues and whatnot. If you are planning on hosting or know of and Australian PZ Server please PM me. Many thanks, Whittos
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