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Found 2 results

  1. I feel like this should be a bug so I just wanted to report that during rainstorms I've noticed massive FPS drops, from 140-160 to 20-30FPS. I tweaked settings until I realized it was specifically Dynamic Puddles. I tried adjusting puddle quality, with pretty unnoticeable changes. I have a pretty high end system and this graphics setting in particular seems extremely unoptimized. CPU Ryzen 5800x3d GPU 6900XT 64GB DDR4 3200 RAM game on gen 4 PCI-E m.2 NVME SSD. Love the game fellas, just wanted to report this option although it looks good, its crazy how much this affects framerate.
  2. As a player with a low-end pc, I appreciate how hard everyone is working to continue to make this game functional on older/cheaper machines. But as a member of the community, and a passionate believer in the mission, please don't sacrifice a great game over my ten year old hardware. What you have is something special, and it deserves all the love and attention it can get, regardless of whether or not my old rig can run it. My suggestion, and my humble, heartfelt request is that if a choice must be made, please put your vision ahead of my frame-rate. I want it to be the best zombie not-survival game on the market.
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