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Found 9 results

  1. Noticed that when its raining and i'm zoomed out, my FPS drops pretty bad and every action has at least half a second delay. (Zooming in all the way alleviated the issue, but that caused me to lose my full range of vision) Steps to reproduce: 1) Zoom in all the way 2) Wait for rain/heavy rain to begin 3) Progressively zoom out 4) While zooming out, attempt to perform actions like strafing, moving around, or even performing actions like attacking. Expected Result: Player should not expect to see any drop in FPS or delay in actions being performed while rain is occurring. Actual Result: Player sees significant drop in FPS and delay in actions due to rain. Workarounds: Player can zoom in during rain to reduce the FPS drop. (But comes at a cost of vision) Other notes: Fog didn't seem to be a problem at all, including thick fog and darkness. I suspect it might have to do with rendering the rain puddles at such a large view distance, but my focus last night was on just playing, and not actually trying to debug.
  2. Another patch, another bug report. FPS can reach 120+FPS at 200% zoom for several seconds, if not minutes or hours if left alone. After walking around, perhaps loading in entities causes frame rate to drop to 20-40 FPS and stay there until zooming in and then zooming out. Frame rate then reaches 120+ FPS when zoomed in, and maintains 120+ FPS while zoomed out until it loads entities in again. Attached is video with FPS in lower left corner of the game screen, time on left side of screen. There was only one instance where zooming in/zooming out could not fix the frame rate issue and moving away from the area and then retrying zooming in/zooming out fixed it. 27-01-20_23-37-04_ZombieSpawn.txt27-01-20_23-36-59_client chat Bob.txt27-01-20_23-34-00_DebugLog.txt
  3. So i was doing some carpentry and disassabling furniture in my house, after the first one my fps rate dropped to ground, it was fine earlyer but suddenly i can't even move. Characters traits are : High Thirst, Prone to illness, smoker, hemophomic, axe man, speed demon, wakefull, lucky, brawler, thick skinned, fit, strong and somehow overweight?
  4. Hello. My name is Vladislav Castillo. I'm looking for support for my project Tomato Way. Аbout game: This is a cruel, bloody and psychedelic game (slasher\horror) about Tomato Malo. PC ( Languages: Ukrainian, English, Spanish, Japanese) Demo \first level https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2qVaKS2a_5hMm1la0czNndpNmc&usp=sharing Video Indiegogo (you can buy full game for 1 dollar) https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tomato-way/x/13336999#/
  5. Title: ONE DAY for Ched Version: 1.0.4 Genre: FPS Engine: Unreal Development Kit (UDK) License: Free Platform: PC Release Date: August 8th 2013 Developers: Bs1 & BSL Team (Ukraine) Screenshots: Description: ONE DAY for Ched is a free hardcore corridor shooter from indie developers BSL Team. The game has nice graphics, interesting story, quest elements and very hardcore gameplay. Features of the game: · Hardcore gameplay · Beautiful stile · Cool graphics · Low system requirements · Many kinds of monsters and weapons · Quest elements · High complexity · Interesting story System requirements: - Windows XP SP2+, Windows Vista, Win 7, Windows 8. - 1.8 GHz core - 1+ Gb RAM; 2gb for Vista, 7, 8. - 128 mb video Additional materials: Download the game: Download from Desura Download from IndieCity Download from ModDB Download from IndieDB Download from Game Jolt Download from Dropbox Download from Yandex Disk Help our game get to Steam. Vote for ONE DAY for Ched on Steam Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=218934247]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=218934247
  6. Falcoware


    ONE DAY - very mystical, beautiful and dramatic first-person shooter. The game is very fascinating and mysterious. It has excellent graphics in black and white style and author's paintings. Also, it is a very interesting story and gameplay. Download
  7. Welcome, reader of this article. My name is Professor Lemur, and I am here to advertise a game, and to stick around for any questions you may have. I hope that you will have a look at this ad, and give our game a try. The game is called DroneSpecies. It is a Sci-Fi FPS, and it is available on Android devices. It's in its alpha stage, but I will talk about that later on in this post. In this game, there are a numerous amount of hostile drones, present in a day and age that does not require them as much. As such, it is your goal to turn them to smokin' scrap heaps. The coding, and the artwork, have been created by the talented Serma3D, with our own brilliant Sam McAlpine composing the music for DroneSpecies. Now, I mentioned before that DroneSpecies is in alpha. As you know, this means that it is still missing a lot of features. However, if you are to buy the game, in the low price of roughly 70-80 cents, not only do you buy a licence for the game, but you get free updates for the game, not only for its alpha and beta stages, but even through to the commercial release. Plus, if you have any ideas for our game which can make it more awesome (such as a drone with chainsaws, for example), then you can participate in design contests. If you win, you not only get royalties, but you also can get a place in our DroneSpecies team! I will now post some links - there are three in total here. If you are interested, then please take a look at them. This first link is the main updates page: http://www.indiedb.com/games/dronespecies This link is the SlideDB page - you can find pictures here of the gameplay, and the development: http://www.slidedb.com/games/dronespecies Finally, the last link is to the Play Google Link; you can buy DroneSpecies here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...especies&hl=en Thank you very much for reading through this. If you are interested in DroneSpecies,then please give it a gander, and if you have any questions, then you can go ahead and ask me; I'll be glad to help you out! Hiramaky
  8. The Devs of "Zombie Panic Source" and "No more Room in Hell" , two mods for Half Life 2 , which where quite a lot of fun ( you should test them ! ) are going to make a new game , called Contagion. Kickstarter Site: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monochromellc/contagion Its a First Person Koop/pvp Zombie Shooter and I hope they get all the strechgoals to 150k ( we dont need console adaption ). ZPS and NMRIN had the right feeling combining FPS-Shooter and George a Romero Zombies ( Left4Dead is a great game , but i just dont like sprinters ). What do you think ?
  9. Hey.. It could be me, but I'm running the game. (Tried both 64 Bit and 64 Bit Compatibility.) And I'm getting some frame-rate issues, and lag. I use ZSpawn and it seems to lag even worse when I pull that menu up. Methinks it may be the graphics? Could it? I dunno.. If you need my specs, ask. Running Windows 7, 64 Bit.
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