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Found 4 results

  1. First of all, thanks for updating the forum! It's always best to keep on latest version and I bet it fixed some of the old issues and some of the theming issues I noticed were solved already, but it seems that there's still one issue to solve. Currently, at least under Chromium (Version 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) Arch Linux (64-bit)) running 1920x1080 – but I think it could appears on different screens, browsers and systems, when I hover my mouse on the violet line. It causes the sub-menu of "Browse" appears for a split second, even if I however under Activity, Bug Reports or Discord and to appear all the time when I hover it on other part of it. It seems that this element should be moved outside the however area.
  2. Vas

    Forum Bugs

    Your CSS is rather off in some areas across the forums, making some pages unreadable. Here are some examples. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24509-new-chat-system/ Black text n dark background? Come on guys, you know thats a no no! https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5813-how-to-administrate-a-server/ This one also had some issues before I registered, I don't know if it displays different CSS for registered users or what. The collapsed boxes were filled with white, and white text. Perhaps it was another area of the site that had this, I dunno. Seems like some posts on the site are able to use text that can't be seen, as the rest of the site appears to use white text on dark background properly. Rather odd. That link for the chat system is kind of an important one though.
  3. The Deadlands Roleplay Server Features: We are a 24 slot 24/7 roleplay server with regular maintenance and admin supervision. Persistent community driven lore with no lore resets. We have a Community Forum where you can apply to our whitelisted server. We have a Discord Server where you can reach out to other players or ask questions. We allow players to create their own unique stories. We enforce our rules to keep things balanced and fair. Lore: It all went to hell so fast. There wasn't time for riots. There wasn't time for war. We just died that fast. Nevertheless, some of us survived. Now we struggle in a world with spotty electricity and water. Without the internet and cell service. Without food from air-conditioned grocers. Now we scavenge, the land and each other. Will we survive and rebuild civilization? Or… is this how we die? Mods: Hydrocraft ORGM TNT Natural CLock More Build Necroforge FR Used Cars FR Smaller Cars Player Descriptions Gluttony's Profession Mod No Luck Rules: Be nice and play nice outside of the game. Do not bring in-game grievances into the forums or Discord. Actively trying to exploit rules is not allowed. Characters must have a realistic name or a nickname (ex: xXx420blazeitxXx is not permitted). Characters must not steal from other forms of media (ex: playing as Rick Grimes is not permitted). Characters must be 16+ years old. Players may only have 2 active characters at a time. Do not mechanical game (ex: if your character is a scrawny teenager, they probably can't carry 200lbs worth of supplies). Do not force actions upon another player without giving them a chance to react (ex: powergaming, having a character put another character into a choke hold without any sort of played out combat). Do not use real world knowledge about in game events in your roleplay (ex: metagaming, knowing a characters name by reading their name tag in game rather than learning it in character). No excessively offensive characters (ex: playing a one dimensional racist character who's only real character trait is running around calling people racist terms). No erotic roleplay. You must use the in game safehouse system to claim a single house. Each faction member can claim a house. Limit 1 per character. Construction projects must obey the laws of physics (ex: no sky bases). PvP is permitted but must follow all PvP rules listed in our forums. Notice: These rules are subject to change. For our complete and most up to date rule set can be found here on our forums. If you have any questions about our server, Discord, forums, rules or admins then please feel free to ask them here!
  4. This is a little game I saw on another forum. I'll go first. You know you play too much PZ when you meet a guy and he asks where you live but you're reluctant to tell him for fear he'll come steal all your sweet lootz and then you realize it's real life and not PZ....
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