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Found 23 results

  1. I know that most people dont even care about first aid. And over half of the community doesnt know about Poultices. While im pretty much sure no one uses them, they were a great addition to my Super-sprinters run, where most of the time goes towards foraging. My idea is that just like how First aid decreases heal time with a splint, it could increase the effectivenes of poultices. Maybe that way more people will actually use them.
  2. Can't tell the exact time when this issue appeared but foraging system is causing error sign at the right bottom part of the screen on multiple characters and game modes. Game with no mods also causes this error After activating foraging you sometimes stop quitting from it when running or fighting zombies. Also, you just don't find anything. Sometimes just standing in one spot causes multiple error messages. Debug log has this message multiple times: function: getRefillBonus -- file: forageSystem.lua line # 1036 | Vanilla function: fillZone -- file: forageSystem.lua line # 330 | Vanilla function: createZoneData -- file: forageSystem.lua line # 297 | Vanilla function: getAndActivateZoneAtXY -- file: ISSearchManager.lua line # 985 | Vanilla function: checkSquares -- file: ISSearchManager.lua line # 662 | Vanilla function: doUpdateEvents -- file: ISSearchManager.lua line # 1219 | Vanilla function: update -- file: ISSearchManager.lua line # 1239 | Vanilla. [12-11-22 00:16:03.860] LOG : General , 1668204963860> [forageSystem][getZoneData] zoneData will be initialised for ForageZone. [12-11-22 00:16:03.860] LOG : General , 1668204963860> ----------------------------------------- STACK TRACE ----------------------------------------- function: getRefillBonus -- file: forageSystem.lua line # 1036 | Vanilla function: fillZone -- file: forageSystem.lua line # 330 | Vanilla function: createZoneData -- file: forageSystem.lua line # 297 | Vanilla function: getAndActivateZoneAtXY -- file: ISSearchManager.lua line # 985 | Vanilla function: updateCurrentZone -- file: ISSearchManager.lua line # 995 | Vanilla function: doUpdateEvents -- file: ISSearchManager.lua line # 1219 | Vanilla function: update -- file: ISSearchManager.lua line # 1239 | Vanilla. [12-11-22 00:16:03.860] ERROR: General , 1668204963860> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.RuntimeException: __div not defined for operands in getRefillBonus at KahluaUtil.fail line:82.. [12-11-22 00:16:03.860] ERROR: General , 1668204963860> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace:. [12-11-22 00:16:03.861] LOG : General , 1668204963861> ----------------------------------------- STACK TRACE ----------------------------------------- Please find logs attached. logs.zip
  3. 我讓我的物品可以在覓食中找到,而且效果很好。唯一讓我感到困惑的是,當我拿起我的物品時,它只是顯示圖標所在的路徑,而不是正常顯示,如下所示: 我查看了其他人的模組,他們也有同樣的問題。這是靈魂菲爾徹的覓食時間: 我想問有沒有辦法解決?
  4. • Version? 41.65 and 41.66 • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? Multi • Host or dedicated? Host • Mods? Oh so many • Reproduction steps: 1) Make a Safehouse with player 1 2) Place items or bags on the floor 3) Bring a second player that is not invited to the safehouse 4) Enable search mode for foraging 5) Click the stuff you wanna steal 6) Profit
  5. 1.While walking with the search mode on the game kept tricking me with the eye icon that just pops in and out of existance above you that tells you there is something near you when there isn't, sometimes I have to circle around that same area and item that was detected for a split second may or may not appear in the area that I've already circled. 2.I don't know what's up with the search mode radius, but it doesn't seem to be working in singleplayer as well as it is in the MP, it's just waiting for something, by the time I menage to find something while dealing with the first bug, the item appears next to my legs or just a tiny little bit further out. (note that there was no fog nor clouds at the time) 3.Foraging xp multiplier from books isn't working, I've read the foraging book for intermediates since I was able to get the first 2 levels WITH the TV and the beginners book, but now the multiplier just doesn't seem to work, with 5x multiplier you'd think that picking up mushrooms would give you more the 16.--xp, but it doesn't and that's the best I've got, besides an empty bottle that gave as much, twigs and branches barely go over 10xp when you combine discovering and discarding/pickuing up. These three what I assume are the bugs become pure pain when combined, you can't properly look for an item and when you think that you've found something you have to circle around untill the search mode radius is finished with his coffee break so he could potentially show you something or nothing in the same place you've circled around from the start. I'm on the 3rd level of foraging and getting to the 4th level seems kinda impossible let alone the levels above.
  6. Vanilla zomboid with no mods, IWBUMS Build 41.47 version as of December 2nd When driving, if you're in a forage area you can right click and get "Forage" context item. If you do that directly under your character's seat (have to get it perfect) you can start foraging and collecting items while in the vehicle, and you can drive away and continue to collect from the spot you started. This bug is repeatable and easy to recreate. I cannot provide a video but I will provide a screenshot that show the speedometer proving the car is moving, the context menu forage option, and the forage window progress bar and collected items. Second screenshot showing that no mods are being used and the date of the bug being recreated.
  7. Whether a tile is forageable is determined In the files Java/media/lua/client/TimedActions/ISScavengeAction.lua Java/media/lua/client/ISUI/ISWorldObjectContextMenu.lua by the line if getGametimeTimestamp() - zone:getLastActionTimestamp() > 50000 then Even on the lowest settings you're likely to only exhaust a handful of tiles before they begin to replenish, so you never have to journey far to find new materials. It would be cool if that static 50000 was instead influenced by the nature's bounty modifier.
  8. Playing with a PS4 controller. Whenever I open the new foraging UI, there is no way to navigate to a button that would close the foraging window. This worked correctly in the previous build. None of the other controls have the desired effect either, I'm stuck with the window until I close the game process by force. I suppose the keyboard might work as well, but I don't have one in my living room, so I couldn't check. Things like opening doors or fighting are also not possible when the window is open, so I guess I'm lucky I didn't get ambushed yet 😋
  9. Hi, trying to survive I found myself in a safe place south of Muldraugh and south-west of Westpoint, exactly in the field group, I noticed that all this area of the woods does not allow foraging, I tried far and wide but it seems that this bug expands to a very large area.
  10. So the highlighting of containers has helped IMMENSELY in my looting of stacked containers and bodies. I am so glad it was added! In this train of thought: I've also noticed that when you forage your character sometimes wanders around away from the spot you think you've selected to forage. This happens mostly near trees for me. I'm not sure if I'm selecting the spot the tree is planted in, or the ground right next to me. It would be nice to have a visual of the area you choose to forage. Right click Forage A highlighted area shows Left click to confirm My last death was actually cuz my guy decided to walk through a wooded path when I told him to forage right next to where he was... invisiwoodlandzombie ate me. >.<
  11. I read a while back that the devs were thinking about adding deer to hunt, not sure what the progress is on that. I was thinking, there's all these farms around Redwood with chicken coops and other animal enclosures, wouldn't these animals still be around? It would add so many levels of gameplay. - zombies could attack the animals initially, chasing them out of their enclosures and also causing more noise and disturbance. This could make for great early-game distractions for those who like more zombies but want a slightly easier start. - the animals would mostly die after a couple of in-game months for lack of food, and they'd get skinnier and provide fewer calories over time. Maybe some could find food and live longer - for example, some could find the corn field near Muldraugh. [This reminds me, why are there so few crop fields like this one? And why do they go rotten so quickly? But that's another suggestion for a Farming overhaul...] - taming should be an option, depending on Farming skill - cows will be easy targets for zombies and many won't survive, but those who make it can live off the land forever. They could be easiest to tame but harder to find, and you won't want to slaughter them unless it's an emergency, so they'll only be good for milk. You could "tame" them just by attaching a rope to them, but you'll them have to lead them all the way back to your base... - chickens could provide meat and eggs but attract zombies in the morning. Breeding would be easier (but eggs are already pretty plentiful). Cereal or popcorn to tame, leave a trail into a wire cage. There'd be fewer chickens in the world initially, but they can't be caught by zombies, just chased away. However they won't last long in the wild (maybe natural predation?) - pigs would be hardest to find, hardest to tame (you'd need fresh apples or something) and would take longer to breed and then rear, but could potentially have a big litter of piglets. - to hunt these and wild animals, you'd have to be either great at sneaking and use a spear, or use a bow and arrow (please add!), but this wouldn't kill them outright. You'd have to track their blood trail, which along with the noise would attract zombies. - also, future potential for using animal skins to make warm clothes. EDIT: oh, also - horses?
  12. I was thinking, if the devs work out what is making the berry bushes invisible, maybe they could tie that code into the Foraging skill system, so that at different levels of Foraging, different plants become visible, like berry bushes at low level and herb plants at high level. This way, the player might just "bump into" a bush they can't yet find on their own (just as you might find some berries while out hiking despite not being Bear Gryls). This way, Foraging could become an active skill rather than the current clunky menu and progress bar affair. There are already plant textures in the game that could be re-used for the various herbs and berries, you could just add a bit more colour to them to make them more easily distinguished from the other flora. For worms, you could add a small mud patch, and for frogs maybe a stone that makes a "ribbit" sound as you get close (using the same text system for sounds as the radio and TV). As for the bugs, maybe a patch of grass with little dots jumping about for grasshoppers, a small pile of twigs or logs for cockroaches, and a patch of grass making a loud chirping sound for crickets.
  13. Please stop this madness. Instantly becoming exhausted after foraging once is just insane. At most, foraging after a couple times being exhausted would be fine. There is no reason why this should be a thing. I thought this whole time it was simply a bug until I heard otherwise. For the love of all that is gaming, remove the "instant exhaustion" in favor of something that makes sense and as more purely based on skill level. Simple really.... example numbers. baseEnergy 100 baseForagingCost 60 (makes it once without instant exhaustion at base level) energyLeft = currentEnergy - (foragingLevelMultiplier * baseForagingCost) Then assign an energy used reduction per level. Maybe at level 2 a reduction thats enough to get 2 shots without exhaustion but not enough energy for more. Then each level after would be a smaller energy reduction equaled out to achieve a goal of X amount of times total at a certain higher level. So say you want the max to ever be able to do is 10 times... take the energy needed for 8 times and apply reductions for skill levels 3-10 so that by skill level 10, they can accomplish the 8 times.
  14. So I've got this idea that I'd like to have seasonal item spawns in the world. Using Nolan's awesome Items Spawn of the Ground mod, I want to make a few items that will only appear during certain seasons. For example: In spring months, flowers spawn in meadows. Maybe insects are easier to find. In the deep woods, some seasonal herbs may be easier to find. Etc. In the fall you could have mushrooms to find in the woods, acorns, walnuts and other seasonal produce. And in winter you can't find anything. I think aesthetically it would be cool to see these things, and give more incentive to explore the woods and rural map. The issue is I think I know how to make seasonal item spawns using the code in the hunting mod, which does a season check. I'm trying to brainstorm some ideas, however, to make those items disappear once the season is over. Modders, any ideas?
  15. In the game NEO Scavenger, you can scavenge 'water sources' (Like rivers, lakes and...Puddles) well I'm not suggesting the rivers and lakes, but what about scavenging puddles of water when it rains (And for a few hours after it rains) to fill water bottles with (Or when really desperate, to drink directly from)? I remember reading on the forums a character who ended up dying of thirst in a rainstorm in the woods. Seems like it could be fixed.
  16. Animals stay away from urban areas because of the noise, people, and lack of habitat and food. As world erosion sets in, there is no longer any such thing as 'urban' and it should get easier to find birds, squirrels etc everywhere. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. In 2010 we had an earthquake that levelled big parts of the city. Within a few weeks of abandonment, properties were overgrown and plants were invading houses. Within months, abandoned suburbs were habitats for all sorts of birds, insects, and mammals. We could hear bird calls of tui, bellbirds, and other creatures that never enter the city. Did you know, there are more wild coyotes living in towns and cities than in 'the wild'?
  17. Not sure about you, but this is starting to freak me out: I won't burn this in ten years: Hence... Simple foraging filters Because I really suck at making GUI I raped the Crafting view to do some work for me. In the crafting window, there's now an additional tab called Foraging. Under this tab, all possible items are listed and you can toggle them on or off. Toggling is done by the star for favourites or by pressing F after selecting an item. I understand the GUI work I did sucks ass but frankly I think this mod will be soon replaced by built-in feature or maybe the foraging will be reworked. Therefore I was looking for fast ad-hoc solution. I did my job carefully on overriding built-ins so this mod shouldn't break anything. I will appreciate any testing on this. One flaw of modding is that you have less time to test the game and your own work. Where are the settings saved? Your preferences are saved in player modData table in foraging_filters sub-table. Note that items are not added until you change anything. Download Attached file, as usual. ForagingFilters.7z
  18. I've created a new foraging guide since my old post on here was archived. Here is a link to it on steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=556622628 It is current as of IWBUMS build 33, and includes the new herbs as well as the new poison mechanics. Enjoy
  19. Since I'm getting into PZ again, I thought I would make a suggestion. I have already seen all 3 of the things that I am about to suggest listed on this forum, I just thought I would back their ideas and show my support without resurrecting 3 separate threads. Keep in mind that I do not have knowledge of the entire change log, and since I have only recently started playing, I may be rambling on about things that may already be implemented into the game. Problem- I feel like the chef profession, along with the cooking skill in general are bad trade-offs in comparison to other skills such as carpentry. While it is nice to be able to maximize food potential, I don't feel the need to be a dedicated cook, since you can easily find foods in town, grow them in your garden, go fishing, or be a trapper. While being a chef isn't necessarily bad, I feel like there are many other professions which trample over the usefulness of being a dedicated cook. Solution- I would suggest giving a player with a high cooking skill the ability to create foods with certain perks or bonuses, with potency based on cooking skill. This would allow a dedicated chef to prepare his group with certain foods that would provide temporary buffs such as reduced panic, increased strength, better accuracy, and increased stamina. Problem- Foraging is a very nice, and welcomed addition to any survival game. I feel like foraging has its uses, but it could be so much more. I feel like alone, foraging isn't something that would make a man rich, however I feel like it should be a means of substitution for other professions to acquire certain products (Albeit diluted products) that are difficult to find otherwise. Solution- Foraging should be a skill that also benefits either the group, or another profession. Adding a few very basic herbs to the game (Such as Aloe, Chicory, ect.) would allow a high level first aid player to treat minor wounds, and make a diluted substitute for other medical items. This could also apply to other professions, such as cooking, fishing, and trapping. Let me know of your thoughts on this.
  20. It'd be cool if you could use the foraging skill near the water to catch crabs, mussels, frogs, snakes,turtles ect. I'm honestly not sure if you would find most of those in KY so if anyone could make a list of animals or edible things you could find near the water by foraging that'd be great. EDIT: Perhaps you could use one of these near the sand and have a higher chance of catching clams and stuff. http://media.point2.com/p2a/htmltext/927f/c441/af4d/00be554b814ee4aea7b1/original.jpg Also maybe one of those cages used to catch crustaceans could be thrown into the water. This could add a whole new job to the game called "Crabber" or something better sounding. Again i'm not from the US so I have no idea what you would be able to catch and in what areas. EDIT: After reading some replies I thought maybe you could get a foot infection from walking around in the wet all day in the same shoes? Wearing wellies could prevent foot infections, heat loss from the water and also stop crawling zombies from scratching your lower legs and feet.
  21. Just a thought. What about the ability to Forage inside buildings? Say for instance someone was inside a previously looted warehouse and he foraged. It would be nice to find some nails or shotgun shells that may have been missed... I wouldn't expect this to work if the building had been fortified tho.
  22. I might have overlooked the new builds information, but it doesn't work for my server. Is it because I made the world when it was on Build 28? So do I have to hard reset the world?
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