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Found 107 results

  1. I tried with some codes but not working local Player = getSpecificPlayer(0); local Item = Player:getPrimaryHandItem(); if (instanceof(Item, "Food") and Item:getType() == "Bass") then if Item ~= nil and Item:IsRotten() then luautils.okModal("YES", true); else luautils.okModal("NO", true); end end --SOLVED!!!!
  2. I've tried to figure out this last weeks on how the food system works in the game. I started with a simple food item, but when I wanted to make a step to step recipe, I noticed that is not as simple as it looks. I'm still complicated to change the display food icon, after testing many times the MinutesToBurn and DaysTotallyRotten parameter, when the item gets root or burned. I'm trying for example to make a cookie recipe Module MoreFood { Recipe Make Cookie Batter { Bowl, Flour=2, Butter;15, Sugar=1, Chocolate, Egg, Yeast, Milk, Result:CookieBatter, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give10CookingXP, } Imports { Base, } Item CookieBatter { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Cookie Batter, Icon = MF_CookieBatter, } So after get the ingredients I have this new item ( Cookie Batter) , the next thing is making a Cookie dough Recipe Make Cookie Dough { CookieBatter, Keep RollingPin, Result:CookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give5CookingXP, } item CookieDough { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_CookieDough, } The problem here is that I can't get the bowl back when I write "Result: CookieDough;Bowl" , next thing is placing the dough in a baking pan recipe Make Baking Tray With Cookie Dough { BakingTray, CookieDough, Result:BakingTrayCookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give2CookingXP, } item BakingTrayCookieDough { Type = Food, DisplayName = Baking Tray With Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_BakingTrayCookieDough, ReplaceOnCooked = MF.BakingTrayCookieDone, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToCook = 20, MinutesToBurn = 40, } Here is where happen the most of the problem, when I put this on an oven after reach the cooking time the item disapears and it says "ItemContainer.Additem: can't find MF.BakingTrayCookie" but the " BakingTrayCookie" is in the item script. My head is almost to blow up hahaha Now what happens when you decide to use a metal cookie mold to place the dough in the baking tray? without burning them recipe Make Baking Tray With Cookie Dough { Keep CookieMetalMold, Keep RollingPin, BakingTray, CookieDough, Result:BakingTrayCookieDough, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give10CookingXP, } item BakingTrayCookieDough { Type = Food, DisplayName = Baking Tray With Cookie Dough, Icon = MF_BakingTrayCookieDough, ReplaceOnCooked = MF.BakingTrayCookieDone, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToCook = 20, MinutesToBurn = 40, } Once it's done our cookies are ready ,but we need to take them back from the baking tray. I've try many ways to make a functional script without any success, it seems that the "Result: Base.BakingTray; MF.Cookies" can't be an action. recipe Take Cookies from Baking Tray { BakingTrayCookieDone, Result:BakingTray; MF.Cookies, Time:10.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give15CookingXP, } Would someone please give me a hand? I want release this mod before Christmass...
  3. Hey i just wanted to say that with the introduction of metal and metal working, would the Devs eventually put in canning your own food? It seems like a simple process... I even found a video about it xD There can be canning machines found, (rarely) through out the urban areas, they require electricity so with the addition of the generators and gas it would make a great addition to the game. You would have to start farming early on and then you can make your own food storage for late game. Also i'd also love to see a way to create a makeshift fishing rod from nothing but what you find in the wilderness. That brings up a new way of making string or rope, from vines or just from zombie's clothes. Anyway i'm sure these ideas have been posted before but i'm just bringing it back up.
  4. It'd be nice if in one of the more urban areas you could find a plant nursery with seedlings, saplings, cuttings, and all the other sources of rare fruit you could want. The catch? You'll need to get there before the power gets shut off, because the automatic watering system will only last so long, and allll those rare plants will die without water. You'll never taste a banana, orange, pineapple, lemon, or avocado again...unless you can get in, get the sprouts and seedlings, and load them into your car before the zed get there. It'd also have big stocks of seeds, shovels, trowels, watering cans, spray bottles, fertilizer, pre-made mildew and bug spray, and everything else you could want to stock your little backyard garden. Planting trees would take a year before you'd see any result, and you'd need to plant the tropical trees inside a two-storey greenhouse for them to survive, let alone thrive. But you could stay a happy gourmand, with the last banana palms in the Continental US.
  5. GOGOblin


    We already have carb-protein-fat tables for food, how about adding vitamin C ? This will make foraging and farming more valuable even if cans, dried meat and chips are abundant. I've read the "longest survival" topic here and I think cooking section needs some survival additions. Lack of vitamin C leads to scurvy - a couple of months on chips and canned meat and you get this: wiki: Early symptoms are malaise and lethargy. Even earlier might be a pain in a section of the gums which interferes with digestion. After 1–3 months, patients develop shortness of breath and bone pain. Myalgias may occur because of reduced carnitineproduction. Other symptoms include skin changes with roughness, easy bruising and petechiae, gum disease, loosening of teeth, poor wound healing, and emotional changes (which may appear before any physical changes). Dry mouth and dry eyes similar to Sjögren's syndrome may occur. In the late stages, jaundice, generalized edema, oliguria, neuropathy, fever, convulsions, and eventual death are frequently seen.[7] According to russian wiki you need 1 month without vitamin C in you diet or about a half-year without enough C to get into trouble.
  6. This is inspired by the fact that my girlfriend and I have been making homemade sauerkraut recently. If you've never tried making your own sauerkraut, doing so is surprisingly easy. All you really need is a knife, a head of cabbage, a 1-1.5 tablespoons of salt, a bowl, a jar, and something that's heavy but also fits in the jar. (Suggested PZ ingredients: kitchen knife, cabbage, salt shaker, jar, bowl, stone) Chop the cabbage into little bits. Put the bits into the bowl. Put the salt in. Squeeze and mix the bits and cabbage until you get a fair amount of juice to come out (5-10 minutes). At this point, put all the cabbage into the jar. Pack it in as much as you can. Pour the cabbage juice into the jar over the cabbage, enough so that it's completely submerged. Put the weight into the jar to help keep the cabbage submerged in its juices (IRL, I use a smaller jar that fits into the larger jar--jarception--but in PZ, a rock would do the job). Put the jar in a room temperature place out of the way somewhere. Come back after 2-6 days and voila, homemade sauerkraut. Of note: any cabbage that's not submerged can grow mold on it, so be sure you've submerged as much of it as you can. If mold does grow, just discard the moldy bits; the rest should be fine. Don't completely seal the jar; if air can't escape, it doesn't ferment very well. That said, you may want to put a cloth or something over the jar opening to keep the area from getting too smelly while the fermentation magic happens. Sauerkraut doesn't go bad quickly once made (it's very acidic and salty, natural preservatives), so if the player is growing tons of cabbages and has spare salt, this can be a great way of preserving food. It's not hugely filling by itself however, so I would think it game it'd function more as a condiment (goes into salads, stews, sandwiches...) than a meal unless the player is desperate. By itself, it'd be like -10 hunger (varying according to cooking skill), +10 thirst. I'd guess most people in rural Kentucky wouldn't be making sauerkraut by themselves, so the player would probably be required to have read a recipe in order to make it. Also, the process scales up really easily, so you could probably make barrels for fermenting sauerkraut if you really like the idea.
  7. Ok, this will probably be a big tell on where I'm really from... but poutine would be nice and give a big happiness buff like burgers/ice cream. First, a new item is needed : Gravy. As ketchup and the like it could act as a spice ingredient if not only that. But there's more. Mixed with fries and cheese (ideally fresh cheese curd) it should give Poutine. That's a very satisfying yet fatty food up here, come over here and sample some... you'd be amazed how 3 simple ingredient mix into such a tasty treat. The cheese could be any cheese, but it's not as satisfactory as fresh cheese curds. Now I know this may be not Kentucky related... maybe a mod. But how glorious would it be on the first few days of survival to go to a burger joint and be able to craft a Poutine? It may even add some long lasting happiness to ward off insanity and some such. Just sayin' from a Poutine lover point of view. P.S. : at most there are about 6.something millions of us, maybe a few travelers in the lot and not all of them PZ playing... so not a priority by my standards. Edit : Fresh cheese curd go rank pretty fast left un-refrigerated. From some reply : Taking the idea further I've already seen a local delicacy from northen France (and it look delicious). Maybe there could be a "World's Cuisine Restaurant"? At this rare (and zombie infested location), you could have one last meal from various delicacies from around the world.
  8. Ok, this will probably be a big tell on where I'm really from... but poutine would be nice and give a big happiness buff like burgers/ice cream. First, a new item is needed : Gravy. As ketchup and the like it could act as a spice ingredient if not only that. But there's more. Mixed with fries and cheese (ideally fresh cheese curd) it should give Poutine. That's a very satisfying yet fatty food up here, come over here and sample some... you'd be amazed how 3 simple ingredient mix into such a tasty treat. The cheese could be any cheese, but it's not as satisfactory as fresh cheese curds. Now I know this may be not Kentucky related... maybe a mod. But how glorious would it be on the first few days of survival to go to a burger joint and be able to craft a Poutine? It may even add some long lasting happiness to ward off insanity and some such. Just sayin' from a Poutine lover point of view. P.S. : at most there are about 6.something millions of us, maybe a few travelers in the lot and not all of them PZ playing... so not a priority by my standards.
  9. It's irritating that I have to make a stir fry with eggs. Frying pan + egg = fried egg Pot/saucepan + water + egg = boiled egg
  10. Just got this idea ! Receipe magazine ?
  11. "If I see one more garden vegetable, I'm going to kill myself." Here's a way of updating the food system to add a little more depth - Food could have a gradually increasing happiness penalty whenever you eat the same thing too often over a period of time. Once you get a nice farm set up, it's fairly easy to live off of cabbage and potato soup indefinitely, but would you really want to? By the third bowl, you'd be tired of it, and after a couple days you'd kill for anything to make your meals a little more interesting. Food could be tracked by individual items as well as broad categories (meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, processed food, etc.) Cooking your food in different ways could help to reduce (but not eliminate) the penalty. There could be a pair of opposing traits dealing with this as well. A gourmet would become unhappy very quickly with repetitive meals. A simple eater would have no problem with a very plain diet. This could add depth and strategic choices to the game. Right now, if you catch something with fishing or trapping, it's just a little bit of extra food to add to your diet. But realistically, you'd also be ecstatic that you could try something new to break up the monotony of garden salads. This would add an incentive to invest in more food sources. I don't plant radishes, carrots, or strawberries because of the complications of overwatering/disease, but I might if there were some extra benefit to doing so. You'll also need to decide what to do with all of your canned food. Right now, you simply let it sit on the shelf unless you have an emergency where your fresh food runs out. But instead, you'll be tempted to use some of it occasionally. Do you sneak an occasional can of tuna and a brick of ramen noodles into your diet, or do you save them for the winter? The only issue I see with this is that since it depends a lot on unhappiness, it also depends on that mechanic eventually getting a bit more fleshed out. Right now depression isn't that much of a threat. This would at least go some of the way towards improving that system. Currently the only time that sadness really causes a problem is when you're staying inside for too long reading skill books or eating old food. But I can get huge bonuses to happiness just by tossing the same ingredients into a stir fry every day when realistically, that would be one of the more depressing things about the apocalypse (besides everyone being dead.)
  12. Hi, I think cooker with enough skill should see fresh food progression (from "fresh" to "rotten"). For example, on an item, they see "One day left fresh" or a progress bar like skilled farmer who see hydratation progression. Thanks
  13. I'd like to see more types of melons. Musk melons have many types, are smaller than watermelons and last for weeks uncut. They're also available year round, where as watermelons are usually a seasonal thing.
  14. In a game when you not only can drink bleach (that will kill you), but also eat (uncooked) unbutchered dead animals, raw worms and insects, plus things like salt, pepper, butter, mayonnaise, remoulade, ketchup, raw noodles and recently uncooked rice, pasta and mac and cheese you can't eat sugar, flour, yeast and vinegar, coffee or tea bags, even if you are starving to death. The same applies to CakeBatter and PieDough items (currently having Item flag), but you will rarely have a reason to eat them raw (as they have to be make from other unperishable items), though it would be nice to have the ability to do so. Also, when it comes to coffee, tea bag and sugar, the items would have to be made food to be used in evolved recipe from what I understand anyway: It would also automatically make coffee "drainable". I think these items should be marked as food and have hunger (and recently nutritional) values added to them, along with proper boredom/unhappiness maluses, Nor of these food are toxic to eat - may be unhealthy, but not any more than some of the current items I mentioned. I would love seeing a proper mechanic other than boredom and unhappiness to make eating whole bottle of mayonnaise or drinking a bottle of vinegar unbearable in the future, but for the time being I'd like them to be eatable. What I think may be preventing these from being added as food is the fact that they are drainable. However, when it comes to food items, I noticed that the decreasing hunger value serves the same purpose - it's decreased when you eat 1/4 or 1/2 of the food, but also when you use it in evolved recipe. It is also represented with in-game bar image, so they would only require minor adjustment. I'm just not sure if spawning items with less than max hunger is currently possible, but it's one of the features I'd love to see (some partially eaten food or half-full mayonnaise bottles or butters). Also, it would be nice to have the changes now, as the food items are generally being tweaked upon now, which I loosely mentioned here:
  15. Loosely suggested by me in Nutrition Test thread: Hot Cuppa could be moved being evolved recipe - it fits as one, as the current recipe is common for both tea and coffee, and it would allow to maintain use of a whole tea bag while adding drainable coffee idea: The evolved recipe would also make idea of making sugar optional possible, by making sugar one of the (optional) ingredient while allowing use of additional recipe ingredients, such as milk (or in future/mods maybe other kind of sweeteners and spices) One possible problem would be mixing coffee and tea in one dish (I don't mind using two doses of coffee or two tea bags - it seems natural if you want a stronger drink), but hey it's survival, so do what you want if you're short of water and desperate for a drink :P. Another possible problem is that I don't know how evolved recipes can handle stress reduction (they already get unhapiness and boredom reduction already anyway)
  16. It would be nice that if stale items (the ones with reduced hunger and unhapiness & bordem maluses) would be marked as so in their name, in the similar fashion to Fresh and Rotten food. That would be helpful in distinguishing why the food have the maluses, especially for newer players that don't know all the food in-game yet and especially since the icon does not indicate it in any way. Would be nice to include that in Build 34, which is mostly Food focused build
  17. With the advent of the new Nutrition System on Build 34, I was thinking that maybe we should gather our suggestions for this build here rather than on the Food Tracker thread. Feel free to add your own. (Disclaimer, only suggest things RELATED TO THE FOOD SYSTEM, not just some thing you'd rather see added in this build) So, with that said, here come mine: -New Dishes and Recipes 1. Fruit Jams This is something that I'm sure has been suggested before; we should be able to make Jam out of some fruits and berries as a way to preserve the fruits other than the good ol' ''Jars of Pickled Fruit''. Jam wouldn't require Vinegar, but it would require much more sugar, as well as a Pot of Water, some heat source to boil the fruits and the usual Empty Jars and their Lids. Unlike normal fruit preserves, the Jams would be a bit less nutritive, but would also have a very useful Happiness Bonus, as well as the fact a skilled chef could make them using rotten fruit without any complications. Not to mention they could be used as ingredients for all kinds of sandwiches, including THE LEGENDARY PB&J sandwich! Which would give us about two days of immunity to the infection just because of how cool it is! (jk'n) 2. Fruit Juices and Shakes This would be much simpler than the Jams. We'd only need the fruit, some water and the Blender (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils), and maybe give you the option to add Sugar or not. The Shakes would be the same plus the addition of Milk. The biggest advantage of the Juices and Shakes would be that you could fill a bottle with them and use them instead of water (for a few days before they go bad). They would have a lower thirst removal, but would instead have a few advantages, such as a healthy intake of vitamins and such. After all, what's healthiest that the good ol' Carrot and Tomato Juice? 3. The Potatoes: Mashes, French Fries and Chips Seriously, I can't believe this hasn't been added yet; the potatoes is one of the tastiest and most versatile tubers Mother Nature has ever blessed us with, and yet they're only used in soups and stews. That's downright criminal! The first thing to come to mind is the Potato Mash; you just boil some potatoes in a pot of water until they're soft and crush them with a Potato Masher (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and VOILA! You have a tasty mash you can add all sorts of extra ingredients like Bacon, Butter and Cheese for extra tastyness. It'd be quite calorie-heavy, so it'd probably help a lot to gain some weight. Then come the French Fries & Chips. Just grab a Kitchen knife and either slice 'em or dice 'em, and some salt and fry them on a Pan. Still, given how greasy these two are, they wouldn't be as healthy as the as the Mash, but they'd be of help to someone who needed to gain some extra weight. 4. Mincemeat: Patties, Hash and Meatballs Mincemeat isn't only versatile in what you can make with it, but also a skilled chef can cut the best bits of a piece of rotten meat and use them for mincemeat without much of a risk of intoxication. Just imagine if you could make something useful out of all that rotten meat you end up with sooner or later? To make the mincemeat, we would just need the Meat Grinder (see the suggestion on Tools & Utensils) and some effort. Then the result can be modeled into either tasty meatballs for your Spaghetti, Patties for your Hambugers, or eaten just as it is in the shape of Hashed Meat. Or if you're feeling really creative, you could add it to the Potato Mash and make some ''Tambor de Papas''; you don't know how tasty it is until you try it, hehehe... This could help to add the good protein of meat to many dishes. 5. Beans I don't understand why we can only have canned beans and no fresh ones. Beans contain a rather high amount of carbohydrates, making them quite nutritive. And since the uncooked beans often have a very long shelf life, they could be just as useful as their canned variants when it came to hoarding non-perishable food. Plus, you could make bean salads, bean broth, PLATOS DE FRIJOLES, and many other things... -Tools and Utensils 1. The Toaster Well, truth to be told, this one's ALREADY IN GAME, but there's only ONE and it works just like a normal Oven. It'd be great if we could make more use of it (and that were MORE of it), not only to toast our bread slices, but also to to make Cheese Toasts and other similar snacks. 2. The Blender As seen above, it'd be great to make all sorts of juices and shakes. As well as yet another good reason to get a Generator running once the power fails. 3. The Potato Masher Just a simple tool for the aforementioned task, it'd found in kitchens and the like. It should be pretty common as I don't think it can be used for anything other than making Potato Mash. (I just can't imagine being able to kill a Zed with that...) 4. The Meat Grinder It'd be used to grind all of that meat into mincemeat. And maybe once we're capable of cultivating peanuts (see the suggestion on New Crops), we could go use the ol' 19th Century method to make Peanut Butter... -New Crops 1. Peanut Plants Since peanuts already exist in their non-butter shape within the game (Mostly found on the Sunstar Motel, I think), I believe we should be able to grow peanut plants as well. The Peanut plants aren't only hard enough for you to grow them on garden pots, but they also improve the fertility of the soil so maybe they could help to keep other nearby plants healthy. Plus, by having a steady supply of peanuts, we could keep making delicious Peanut Butter, even after the ones found in homes run out. 2. Watermelon Vines Melons come with lots of seeds, don't they? And I'm sure it would be more than possible to plant those seeds to get a good watermelon vine growing. They're a slow-growing plant, and often quite weak to the forces of nature, such as snow, bugs and hordes of stomping Zed, so they'd be rather hard to farm. Nonetheless, the fact that just one Watermelon is enough to make you Very Well Fed should justify this difficulty. 3. Beanstalks Like I'm well sure that Jack knew before he planted them, all you need to grow a beanstalk is just a handful of beans and some patience. The beanstalks are also quite durable as a crop; being rather resilient to many bugs and diseases. However, they are also a summer crop, so it'd be impossible to properly farm them during winter. Also, they're perhaps the easiest to farm grain, unlike with Rice and Wheat, so they make a very good choice of crop for the apocalypse. 4. Grapevines We have grapes already in-game, so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to grow grapevines as well. Maybe we could even somehow make Raisins or even brew Wine using them. Or in case that fails, we could learn all sorts of interesting rumors from them That'd be all for now. I'll keep adding more ideas as I think of them. -New Traits 1. Sweet Tooth You just LOVE eating sweet things. ·Increased happiness earned from consuming sweets. ·Decreased Negative effects of SOME junk food (Chocolates, Mint Candies, Lolipops, Jam, anything sugary) ·Easier reduction of Fats when consuming sugary food (sugar makes it easier for the body to process fats)
  18. Long-term survival is a tricky proposition. Doubly so in that you can't preserve an enormous number and variety of foods-yet. Jars and Jar Lids are way rarer than they have any business to be. There's dozens of things that come in glass jars in even the most basic kitchen-pickles, salsa, premade pasta sauce, olives, applesauce, sauerkraut-and my mother's home canning business buys jars in bulk from K-Mart and the local hardware store. Furthermore, despite being in a farming state, nobody appears to can their own fruit-no jam, no jellies, no preserves, no marmalade. On top of that, there's no jerky-makers among the hunters; no sides of venison sitting in smokers; no freezers containing mountains of chops, roasts, ribs, steaks, and sausage; despite being in Kentucky, Fort Knox and Muldraugh are apparently one big pile of generic suburbia. This post addresses meat preservation better than I could, and leads into the preservation options I'd like for fruit...but he's left out the obvious! Jam! Combine multiple wild berries to make Wild Berry Jam, and turn all those little +1, +2, and +3 Hunger berries into a nice big crock of Happiness-boosting sweetness. Strawberry Jam for a little pot of joy. Peach Jam to brighten your day. And, of course, with all of the above...the purest comfort food, a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich becomes possible. On top of these are Preserves-not merely "jam but thicker", but fruit in syrup; preserved peaches, spiced pears, Watermelon Rind Pickle, quince (impossible to eat until preserved or cooked), conserved berries, marmalades, the list goes on... And, of course, if it comes out of the ground and you can eat it, you can pickle it. Cucumbers for pickles would be nice, of course. Zucchini are crap pickled, but there is really no reason for them to not be implemented. Pickled cabbage is better known as...sauerkraut! Yes, you can pickle corn. Furthermore, if it comes off an animal, you can turn it into jerky. I've been to enough state fairs to know. And now, the recipes: CANNING The canning process requires multiple pots-one pot to cook your fruit in, and another to seal the jars. (Fruit) jam/marmalade: 30-hunger fruit (2 Apple/Peach/Lemon/Orange/Grapes; 1 1/2 Bananas, 10 Cherries, 15 Blackberries/Blueberries, or 6 Strawberries), 1 Sugar, 1 mug Water. (Fruit) Preserves: 30-hunger fruit, 2 Sugar, (spices). Crafting these only provides the uncooked base, needing to be added to a pot to make a Pot of Uncooked Jam. You can put up to ten of the same Uncooked Jam into a Cooking Pot, then cook it for two hours to get a Pot of Jam. You then make Unsealed Jars of Jam the same way you make Bowls of Soup or Bowls of Stew from a Pot of Soup or Stew, and cook those another ten minutes in a Pot of Water to get Sealed Jars of Jam. Unsealed Jars of Jam provide the same bonus but go off in a much shorter period of time, and are the result of opening a Sealed Jar of Jam but not using all of it as well as not sealing one in the first place. Pickling vegetables works the same as it does now, save for using a Salt Shaker instead of an entire bag of sugar. Speaking of Vinegar... BOOZE AND VINEGAR If you've got booze and rags, you've got vinegar in the offing. Just pour some into an open jar, tie a clean rag on top, and wait awhile, checking every so often. But what if you've run out the tasty red, lovely chardonnay, and sharp whiskey? You make your own, of course. There's all that corn to the north, and you can certainly make barrels by Carpentry 6, as demonstrated by the Rain Barrel. Enable the creation of a new Barrel, and you can make Corn Beer from corn. ...with considerable further difficulty, requiring the addition of a couple extra items that thankfully have their own separate uses. Dried Corn and Cornbread! I'd assume you can dry corn in an oven or kiln-until a kiln is added, perhaps for ceramics, it'll be oven or fire only. Use a Knife on Corn, get Corn Kernels, dry in oven to get Dried Corn. According to this post, it's quite possible to just throw cornbread into the mash to make wort and be done with it. Making that mash, however, is another thing entirely. This guide says you need a pound of grain per quart of water, and this article says you don't need hops. Assuming the Cooking Pot holds three gallons, that's six pounds of grain. Cook that for an hour, and you've got a Mash-suitable for eating, feeding to pigs, or washing in a Bucket. Washing the Mash produces Wort, which can be consumed for a mild Happiness, Hunger and Thirst bonus or taken to the next stage. Cook the wort for another hour, then pour it into your barrel. Wait a couple weeks, and either get Failed Beer or Corn Beer. Open the barrel and cover it with Clean Rags to get an enormous amount of Vinegar, or pull individual bottles and let them sit for smaller amounts. Bam, you can now make all the vinegar you need. SUGAR CREATION Sugar Beets are grown only occasionally in Kentucky. Sugar cane was grown historically, and might still be found growing feral. What IS grown in quantity is Sweet Sorghum, and that you could grow relatively easily without planting it near a river, pond or swamp. Since it doesn't matter particularly to the player whether they use white or brown sugar for preserving or baked goods, refinement isn't necessary. Just cook the Sugarcane/Sorghum/Sugar Beets into Blackstrap Molasses, strain that through a Clean Rag to get Molasses, and cook that down into Brown Sugar. SALT ACQUISITION Salt's harder. According to this map, there's a salt deposit along a creek 40 miles from Muldraugh, which would require cars and special dispensation on the map. That said...salt is sold in boxes for a reason. There's no reason to not put boxes of salt around the map; this would make preserving a more viable option, but still ultimately a temporary one. Unless you add traveling traders. With the addition of driveable vehicles and NPCs, the gameworld gets a lot larger. Three years in, there's gonna be a lot less zed, and people will start rebuilding. Rebuilders will need stuff they can't get locally-the traditional goods of wood, iron, and salt; and various precious commodities no longer available elsewhere. Trade will become a thing again, and the Survivor and their enclave will have a means to access salt, new stocks of scrap metal and raw iron...but perhaps I overreach the aim of this post. Anyway. Three pound boxes of salt in various houses. How 'bout it. TL;DR New items: Box of Salt More Food In Jars Large Jar of Olives (-Hunger, +Happiness, +Thirst) Large Jar of Pickles (contains four Pickles) Pasta Sauce (Prego, Progresso, Ragu, what have you) Jar of Salsa (-Hunger, -Happiness like Ketchup et al unless applied to Burger or Casserole) Jar of Sauerkraut (-Hunger, +Thirst, keeps one month after opened even without refrigeration) Jar of Applesauce (-Hunger, -Thirst, +Happiness) Box of Jars (Jars+Jar Lids x12) Jams & Preserves Applesauce Pineapple Jam/Preserves Grape Jelly Peach Jam/Preserves Marmalade (Lemons or oranges result in the same thing to save assets) Cherry Jam Blackberry Jam Blueberry Jam Strawberry Jam/Preserves Confits, Sausages and Hams as addressed above Barrel (Carpentry 6, four Planks, four Nails, possibly two Scrap Metal) Corn Beer Corn Vinegar Dried Corn Corn Mash Wort Sorghum OR Sugarcane OR Sugar Beets Blackstrap Molasses Molasses Brown Sugar Corn Kernels Modifications to existing mechanics: Jars now spawn in Large Crates and Hardware Stores. Various jams+jellies spawn in cabinets and sheds. Thoughts?
  19. Just what it sounds like. It's not usable in any of these, and why? Is it feed corn or something?
  20. I have made a brief search of the forum and I have not noticed a similar suggestion. Please advise if I'm mistaking. I got the idea while getting bored (in real life) while mass-eating some berries. The same would hold true for most low hunger food (-5 or less, maybe even -10 or less). The suggestion is simple, yet I have no idea if it's hard or not to incorporate in the code. Suggestion : Have the option to mass eat a stack of food, the same way you can mass rip sheet, mass saw log or unstack log . It would be even better if we could select a specific number, but that would be pushing it while it is possible to work around it by picking up only the size of the stack we intend to eat (same goes for rip sheet and log). It should be available only on the "eat all" option (thus excluding half and quarter eat). I'm not sure if the eat all is now set at -20 hunger, regardless of the food. In that case, the option should be limited to food of -20 or less hunger. Benefit : Less tedious to eat large quantity of low hunger food, usually for the Healing bonus.
  21. I created this thread to ask you what things would you change in PZ. But Im not asking about new features, just the existing ones. What numbers would you change to make PZ in your opinion, more fun to play. Here is my input: 1) Food / Hunger / Thirst change. Imo a basic food per day for survivor should be 100 +/- 30 depending of perks. So you need a bit more than 3 bags of chips each day to stay feed. Also bonus to – hunger for cooked stuff needs to be bigger like +50% and another +10 % for each lvl in cooking. Example: you want to make soup with potatoes and chicken. You have lvl 3 cooking. So basic uncooked soup will have -50 hunger + 30% for your cooking skills = 65 and *50% when you cook it = 97,5. This will make cooking worth it and a high lvl cook in your group a valuable asset. 2) Ammo rarity. I would increase chance to find an ammo for shotgun and 9mm. IMO its not only hard to lvl aim coz the guns are loud and you miss most of the time but also ammo is so rare and you need a tons of it to lvl up aim from lvl 1 or lower. Also is shotgun is the weapon of choice for beginners it’s weird that ammo for it is the most rare one! 3) Darker nights – this would make nights more dangerous and keeping a flashlight more important 4) Reduce player speed when exhausted and / or carrying heavy load. Right now it’s too easy to outrun zombies. 5) Lower fracture chance. 100% of my falls from 1st floor end up with fracture. Make it bit lower and perhaps connect it to nimble skill. 6) Fire bomb dmg is too low, I agree that fire dmg was too high before but now it makes firebombs not so useful. Perhaps add some initial dmg on impact. What would you change?
  22. So some (the packed one or all) food would have an inspiration date menu indicator. I think it can be done through formula: date of food creation + days which food is unperishable Edit: oops... suggested before sry
  23. I did a quick search through the forums, could not find a similar suggestion. I am also surprised it hasn't been suggested. the food found in the game should have different starting, randomized ages. That way all the meat won't be hitting the rotted stage at the same time. If this is already in the game I would feel stupid but I don't think it does EDIT: Add expiry dates as well!
  24. *** More than 140 new food items and dishes *** *** More than 120 Unique New Recipes *** *** The most comprehensive Food Mod thus far *** *** Merges the amazing work by Kinyoshi and Shivster with Community suggested and new items and recipes *** *** Simplified but believable recipes (No 5-step, 10 item recipes with exotic, single-use ingredients) *** *** All recipes organized into themed modules - You choose what you want to use [in final release]*** *** Disable or Enable any module without having to start a new save game [in final release]*** This Mod is currently in Open Beta and has been tested up to version 23.Recipes and items should all work by now, but there are still several balancing issues.If you are participating in the Beta, please provide feedback which item spawns needto be addressed or what new recipes an/or items you would like to see added.What's in CCCP?: New Recipes: BBQ: Bread and Sandwiches: Breakfast: Clean Dishes: Dried Food: Drinks: Jarred Fruit: Jelly: Jerky: Misc: Pasta and Pizza: Pickled Vegetables: Potato Flour: Rice and Soup: Sweets: Install: FAQ: Version History: Compatibility and Known Issues: Credits: Permission:
  25. My girlfriend suggest me this one: Plastic wrap. It will help conservate/preserve the food (sandwiches/soup/stew) a bit longer and can be used also to collect water/dew.
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