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Found 3 results

  1. please explain the difference between the server and client folders?
  2. I started looking into modding last night, and I am not looking back again. I have two clear ideas for two mods that are simple enough for me to do by myself. They involve new recipes and new items and how to repair the items that can be used as weapons. What I wonder now, is: Should, items, recipes and fixing all go into the same .txt file? Or should I split them up? I see other mods have several files for this. Are there more advanced reasons for this or simple reasons? And are there anything I should think about when it comes to making sure to keep the mods as compatible as possible?I will post my mods in the WIP-section as soon as they have become a bit more substatial.
  3. Hello everyone, First and foremost I'd like to say I love this game ( the small amount of time I have actually played). But the main reason I bought it was to play with a buddy of mine. We are mostly wanting to play alone which means, we aren't really up for joining a random server. With that said, I hosted my own for the two of us and finally we got it to work today using Hamachi (Sadly we couldn't ever connect without it). While playing we discovered that PvP was a problem and other things we may what to check. I have looked at many different posts and threads about servers, server options, and changing everything. But most of these seem to be pre-update 26 or maybe my computer just displays things differently than others. First Question: Where exactly is my server folder everyone talks about? I have found the following in the media folder than the lua (see below). But after opening it there is no serverOptions.ini file or anything (see below). Am I missing something? Looking in the wrong area? Any help on this matter would be welcomed. Second Question: To "restart" the server. What do I need to delete? Is it found in the Sandbox File shown in the following picture? If so what file needs to be delete? Or does the whole folder need to be delete (See below for files found in the folder). Or is it somewhere else that I have missed? Thanks for any help that can be given. Like I said above I looked through countless post and threads searching for answers. I am new to this whole running servers and such. I just need a bit of help and guidance. -Prongs
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