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Found 7 results

  1. Hi I had some clothes on the floor. Accidentally I dropped the bag on top of them and they disappeared. How do I get them back? Thanks for the help
  2. Player should be able to place the crafted mattress on the floor to sleep on. As it is right now there is no reason to even craft a mattress, since all it is used for is building the bed, which can't be done until you reach Carpentry level 4 or 5.
  3. A new mod, remind me a idea : I saw empty bleach bottle and broken doors, but more items on ground seems more "apocalyptic". Useless items for ambiance, but usefull items (rare). Some Houses could be "tagged" devastated with many objects on the floor (rush move, Z's attack). some parts of neighborwoods could undergo the same destiny. This could be related with broken windows/doors, empty container place, barricaded houses, etc.. We could find : On streets: knife (close to broke), bag, cloth, paper, hygiene items. In woods : log, twig Houses : knife, cloth, paper, all house objects. Special building : with their related objects (usefull or not). And certainly many others, are you inspired ? What do you think about that ?
  4. Because all it takes for an unpenetrateable base is a house and a box of nails... Also, I guess it'd be cool for some houses to have a porch. But that idea is probably unachievable... How does that sound, anyway? Edit: or tleast zombies destroying crates, they seem to be undestructible as of now, but player manages to climb through a window with crates on both sides anyway... maybe should have posted the latter in bugs section
  5. So today I was building a second floor and I couldn't really tell where I built floor and where I hadn't built floor. There is a little shading difference between the tiles on the active floor, and the floor below. This is a suggestion to make the tiles on the floor below a little darker so you know where there are/aren't floor tiles. http://i.imgur.com/DJU4GIy.png This picture is a bad example because I have build over all the hard to tell tiles. I feel as though it is good enough to get my point across.
  6. Hi, is it possible to add gridlines as option under some button? it would be easier to pickup ie. things from floor (as it is not always appear) or build walls/creates etc (in real life you just hmm see what are you doing ) Also quick fix if you are unable to pickup something from the floor - pin inventory windows and try to place something small on the floor (ammo, nail) - when you`ve done that staff from the floor appear in inv window as well and you will be able to drag it or "Loot All". Its quicker and right clicking around.
  7. So ya.. I want to crawl to avoid detection, and I want to strafe to dodge attacks.
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