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Found 6 results

  1. Here is a specific situation where my character get stuck endlessly in the sit-up or the push-up animation meaning that you cannot end it anymore (pressing WASD or ESC will not end the animation and the animation will not end when the defined time is over or due to low endurance). This happens for me when doing sit-ups or push-ups, having the "High exertion" moodle and while doing the exercise, using the "Walk to" command from the right-click menu. Exact steps to reproduce: 1. Get your character on high exertion. 2. Choose "Exercise" in the health screen and let your character do sit-ups or push-ups. 3. While exercising, right-click anywhere on the ground, select the "Walk To" option and choose a square to which your character should walk. Result: My characters won't stop the fitness animation and do not walk to the selected square. Instead, they will do the animation endlessly and there is no way to stop it anymore. Only way I can solve the problem is to quit the game and reload (pressing ESC to open the pause menu and quitting still works). Important for the reproduction of the problem is that the character is on high exertion. The problem does not occur without exertion or on moderate exertion. Moreover, the problem does not occur for me when the character does squats or burpees. Only sit-ups and push-ups are affected. Problem occurs for me on 41.78.16 in singleplayer without any mods.
  2. I've played zomboid for roughly 150 hours, I'm no veteran but I've raised this idea with other players and they've for the most part agreed with me, one of them recommending I post this for the devs and other players to see. From I have seen, the calorie burn is abnormally high for day to day activity, and that when you're as strong or fit as you physically can be that it really has no significant affect. If you have strength and fitness maxed out you're not much more effective than the average person, and burn the same amount of calories keeping your stats there. I am also fairly certain that many people here agree that you need to take in an abnormally high amount of food to gain weight when you're working hard through the day, or that once you start gaining its almost impossible to lose it for some reason. So for my suggestion, I'd say base calorie burn on level of strength as an upkeep cost and daily exercise amount, To keep your strength at a 6 or 7, you'll need to work out daily and eat more calories than someone at a 5. Strength 10 should be akin to a strongman in overall physical strength, but come with a higher requirement for nutrition. For example, at strength 5 you should need 2,200 calories daily to maintain strength and weight, and at strength 6 you need to have 2,800 calories a day to maintain the strength and keep your weight. This requirement for strength upkeep would increase further towards bodybuilder like strength at 7-ish, where you'd require almost 4,000 calories a day just to maintain it and not lose a lot of weight. For reference, if my memory serves me correctly bodybuilders usually eat 3,600 to 3,800 calories a day - and on their cut days, when they are trying to lose weight to make their muscles bulge they'd eat roughly 1,600 in an attempt to lose weight, while still working out extensively to keep the muscles. At 8, 9, and 10 it jumps to strongman levels of strength, and as such the obscene requirements for their food intake. I'd say out those at 8,000, 9,000, and 10,000 respectively. The bonuses for this different set of strengths would change significantly, strength 6 being more comparable to what is currently a 10. With each point after 6 being a further 20% (or 20 point) increase to block chance, melee damage, and knockdown modifier. Encumbrance goes up by 4 points a level, so from strength 5's 12 Encumbrance to strength 6 it goes up to 16, then 20, 24, etc. Perhaps as a counterbalance, on top of the higher nutrition requirements you also damage weapons more often. This suggested change would significantly shift the power balance in favor of the player but it also makes it more realistic according to real life eating and exercise routines. With this you can be a strongman who can down zombies with a single hit when his strength is at 10, but he'd need to eat such a significant amount of food that it'd be almost unsustainable in the long term without a lot of hard work and careful planning. The main drawback to being at this level of strength is the dietary requirement. Fitness, I think, should also be reworked so at a 5 you are average but at 10 you are akin to a cross country legend. Maybe reduce fatigue gain and endurance loss by an additional 10% for every level, and increase endurance recovery rate by 5% or 10% as well. The main issue with getting your fitness high is that having a high strength could get in the way due to the excessive food requirement. Overweight, Underweight, and Obese. These are not really accurate as they are currently in the game. A competition strongman is considered clinically obese, but is able to push a car alone with little trouble. Being heavy doesn't reduce your physical strength, but it does increase the amount of energy it takes to move - which is why the calorie requirement changes so significantly from 7 to 8. Maybe at 8 you get the overweight trait, but modified to make leveling fitness harder and without any penalty to strength. Whereas obese would cut your fitness experience gain in half, without any penalty to strength as well. Underweight is a different situation, it takes less energy to move and keep moving, so perhaps they get a bonus to their fitness gain but a penalty to their strength gain. Malnourished is a more extensive version as well, with a further bonus to fitness gain and further penalty to strength gain. These changes would give players more of a good reason to get to those extremes in strength and fitness while also real life physical limitations, instead of how currently a lot of players stop at 9 in strength because getting higher is just too much work for too little reward. This would let players decide their best playstyle, whether that be cardio, brute force, or a mix between the two. They'd all have good bonuses, and there'd be good reason to want to be at strength 7 instead of 8, 9, or 10 in a way that fits with real life standards. From what I've seen in the competitive scene of the three sports, being marathon runners, bodybuilders, and strongmen is that Marathon runners cut any excess weight from themselves to aid in their longevity and with their endurance and determination they're able to run for hours without slowing or faltering. Bodybuilders through a lot of Willpower, and determination are able to sculpt their bodies to statuesque proportions to literally flex on the rest of us with their sheer glory. It is mostly for show, but that doesn't lessen that they're still quite strong and put a lot of effort into their bodies. And Strongmen are driven with the goal of being the strongest they possibly can be, being some of the most driven and steadfast people who will break every physical limit they can to become the strongest. They have been shown to lift several thousand pounds during their competitions of raw physical might. I have immense respect for all of these athletes, as you can probably tell by this point. I don't much expect these changes to occur, but I felt that I should at least try because for a realistic survival game it feels quite limiting during gameplay, to a degree that isn't seen in real life. Additionally, I am aware some people may be different, or that you may know someone who is different from what I have stated above but this is what I personally have seen, and I welcome any feedback on the matter. :)
  3. Improved Exercise! It's quite the quality of life change that I felt was much needed from the game. Simply put, because exercising doesn't do much unless you spend hours of playing, I have created this mod. It works by increasing your passive Fitness and Strength XP in two ways: 1. The individual exercises, themselves, gain a bonus from their own regularity, increasing the total amount of experience you gain after fully completing it. This is a pretty marginal amount. You get 3x the XP if you maximize regularity on Squats, Situps, and Pushups, and 2x the XP if you maximize regularity on all others. 2. The experience you gain passively increases by the total regularity of all exercises. This means if you max out on regularity on your squats and situps you will have a total modifier of 5 when gaining fitness XP randomly. The same goes for strength, but only applies to the passive XP when carrying over your maximum weight. The total modifier for Fitness is 6 if you maximize regularity on Squats (+200% XP), Situps (+200% XP), and Burpees (+100% XP). The total modifier for Strength is 8 if you maximize regularity on Pushups (+200% XP), Burpees (+100% XP), Barbell Curls (+100% XP), Dumbbell Press (+100% XP), and Biceps Curl (+100% XP). I feel like it's balanced enough to further incentivize doing exercise regularly, but it's not going to make you level up so fast that it becomes the number one priority in any playthrough. https://github.com/beemerwt/ImprovedExercise/releases/tag/v1.0.0 ImprovedExercise-1.0.zip
  4. I had a very nice start with a firefighter who had both traits to max out his fitness and strenght skills, but as expected combat bugs appeared (not the firsst time). First thing that happend was my attacking speed was faster then the zombies animation that heppens when you use "hands" as a weapon, basically the animation which zombies go through when you shove them, so the first time was successful but the other one went right true her just when she finished with the animation and she got a free scratch on me, then I killed her and went to read some skill books while it healed, and next time I engaged in a combat I killed 4 of them with a frying pan and then there were 2 left, a female and a male zombie, it took me a little bit longer to take them down because my panic level was off the charts, and when I did the first one to start falling was that female z and the moment I shoved the male zombie he started falling in one shot but she just teleported from a lying position to biting me and so did he while being airborn they did 2 lacerations and a bite on the neck. I bled to death like a stuck pig. It'd be nice if these bugs got looked into.
  5. Hello there! This is my first post, but I encountered a bug, looked it up and I don't think it's been talked about before. Please correct me if I'm wrong, tho. Long story short, I started doing fitness, minimized the game to open spotify, popped back into the game and got absolutely stuck on the ground with every moodle going up except exertion (Didn't go either down or up, as it was stuck on moderate). I got quite scared since I could not move at all and I started to die (I spammed every possible key) and solved the bug restarting the game. But I tought there was no harm on reporting it anyways. I got video footage explaining it with more detail, if it's neccesary. I could not make it fit into the 4MB file max here, so i uploaded it as a hidden video to youtube. Cheers guys! PS: As noted in the video, this is vanilla. No mods whatsoever.
  6. Hello PZ community, I am about to dive back into the game and enjoy it once more and live another story about how I died. I have been doing some research to try and catch up to the changes since I last played in build 29.3. I can't seem to find any solid answers on the questions I'm about to ask, so any information about them would be greatly appreciated. 1) Strength skill. I noticed you have this in character creation screen, but in-game under the Skills tab, there is no such skill and I cannot seem to locate the value anywhere else in the game.. but yet I see that it is possible to add Experience points to it in lua files. Q) What specifically does Strength affect in gameplay, and is it possible to increase your Strength level after character creation? If it is, how do you increase it? 2) Fitness skill. Same as #1. Q) What specifically does Fitness affect in gameplay, and is it possible to increase your Fitness level after character creation? If it is, how do you increase it? 3) Blade/Blunt Accuracy. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? 4) Blade/Blunt Guard. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? 5) Blade/Blunt Maintenance. Q) What specifically does this affect in gameplay? Thank you for your time, everyone. ^^;
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