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Found 8 results

  1. So I was testing out the new test branch 41.40 and after fishing it seemed to crash. Not the first time, but my second time fishing. Console Log: Also included video though it doesn't show much. Steam PC Info Report: PzFishingCrash.mp4
  2. Hey guys, I found two big bugs with the fishing. 1. If you time-lapse while fishing with a fishing rod or spear, when the instrument breaks, you are stuck in an odd animation. You can break this animation if you repair the fishing rod by applying new fishing line or by quitting and reloading the game. Nothing else breaks the animation, the character is stuck in place. 2. You can fish in the swimming pool in the hotel in Riverside. This is moreso an exploit, but I think its a tad too goofy that I can make a good living off of fishing in a swimming pool. Attached are screenshots
  3. ** Tested on build 30.16, NOT backwards compatible with build 29 ** I play games like Project Zomboid because I like the semi-realistic scenario and challenges to survive. No other mod has given me the realism I've wanted when it comes to food preservation and most specifically, canning. Ultimately, for a game that strikes to immerse the player into the game world, canning food for prolonged preservation shouldn't be as easy as simply putting food in a jar and sealing it. So I decided to make this mod to enhance my own gameplay and that of those that seek more realism from food preservation.
  4. Spiel


    How am I getting bored while I am fishing? I think this should be considered entertainment as well as a source of food.
  5. Please change the recipe for the Fishing Net Trap from this: recipe Make Fishing Net { Twine=10, Wire=5, Result:FishingNet, Time:150.0, } to this: recipe Make Fishing Net { FishingLine=10, Wire=5, Result:FishingNet, Time:150.0, } with maybe even a "SkillRequired:Fishing=1" thrown in for good measure. OR, if you're a glutton for coding punishment, have both a twine fishing net [fishingNet.lua] and a fishing line net [fishingNetline.lua] but allow the fishing line net stay in the water for a lot longe
  6. Hello everybody! I`ve been playing this game for a couple weeks, and really loving it, so I hope I can help with some suggestions to it. I'm seeing that somewhat, the food gathering skills looks a little unbalanced, and now with the sea fishing maybe overpower towards others. Making other skills useless cause of the needs they have. Let`s see: -Farming -> Provides a good amount of food, but it needs a high amount of water, need something to protect from zombies, diseases and also takes much time to harvest. In the end the food will rotten really quick. -Trapping -> You have to
  7. As I played the game I found out there was a river . However when I tries to fill my water containers I couldn;t do a thing . The river was there only to watch it. So here are some ideas of how the player may interact with the river: 1) Water Supplies : The player may collect the water or drink it 2) Dig River routes near it : When using the trowel near the river there is another option to dig a water route. Doing this action will cause the water to come the way you have digged. 3)Build a power generator : On the smaller routes you have dig , you will be able to build small power genera
  8. My suggestion is that we add corn to the game. Oh wait! It is already in the game! It is located at the North Farm in Muldraugh. Now hold on... Then what am I suggesting? Well as of now we can pick and eat corn, but we can't grow it ourselves. So I suggest that we add it as a player-grown crop. I imagine it would be the easiest new plant to add with the sprite and stats already set for it. Wait! I heard fishing... Yes! If you are an avid fisherman like myself :cool: then you probably know that corn kernels are commonly used for fishing bait. They might just be more popular than worms! Proba
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