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Found 15 results

  1. I noticed if you put a bandage on your character you can no longer see the name of the injury they have. The area will just say bandaged as opposed to bitten, scratched, lacerated, etc.. I don't like having to take the bandage off to see what wound I've gotten. You might be like, "Well, check what the wound is before bandaging it silly!". The thing is when you get a serious wound, you gotta patch that shizz up real fast especially if it's severe bleeding from the neck! So you're not going to have a lot of time to really look at what you're bandaging. In other words, bandage first, ask questions later. Also you may forget what exactly you've bandaged up anyways. Like was it a bite? A scratch? A laceration? WHAT WAS IT?! Everything is happening so fast that I forgot! So instead of saying "bandaged" what the status should say is something like "bandaged bite, bandaged scratch, bandaged laceration, etc.". That way you don't have to take your bandages off to see what the heck you've been trying to heal.
  2. This could be a simple and practical change to the way wounds and first aid looks. Currently, first aid remains useless outside of rank 4 for broken bones. Also, an infected wound only increases pain. These changes could make first aid more useful, while not making the game too easy or too much harder. The first change is the first aid skill could reduce the time for a wound to heal by 2% per skill level. First aid xp comes from removing a bandage from a fully healed wound. This stops the standing on broken glass technique for grinding first aid. A first aid skill can also reduce the chance of an infection by 2% per skill level. I don’t know if my math is right but putting a sterilized bandage on a scratch or laceration with a first aid of 10 should have an enormously low chance of an infection. A rank of 2 (or higher) in first aid could allow players to look at wound status without removing a bandage. Also, an infected wound should heal 3x slower and for each day an infection is untreated the character would become more sick. With no modifiers, 25% additively for each day with an untreated infection with the appropriate health declination. This would force players to change bandages, because currently the consequence of minor pain is too easy to deal with and many players will leave on the first bandage they use. All these changes would make first aid more realistic and more useful. The most important change in how the game is played, is players will need to change a bandage when it becomes dirty. This is likely what is intended. Here is a link to another thread with some similar ideas that I also think would be a good system or parts could be used for the system for infections.
  3. I know that most people dont even care about first aid. And over half of the community doesnt know about Poultices. While im pretty much sure no one uses them, they were a great addition to my Super-sprinters run, where most of the time goes towards foraging. My idea is that just like how First aid decreases heal time with a splint, it could increase the effectivenes of poultices. Maybe that way more people will actually use them.
  4. Hello there! My suggestion: Reduce the chance of zombification from a wound that has been treated by a skilled doctor. It could go as far as making scratches/laceration completely safe and bites a 50/50 chance of infection, or only contribute as little as 1 or 2% per skill level. Bites could also stay lethal at all times, as they are far harder to acquire and often times through grave mistakes, and the skill would only safeguard against scratches/lacerations. It shouldn't be a completely safe way to guard against an infection, but it should be efficient enough to make the skill viable to grind. Another way would also be to make non-zombie wounds more frequent, and thus making the first aid skill more relevant. Or make wounds have longer healing time, where a doctor would shine by making quick work of wounds. For the realistic side, I'd suggest that there would be more tools at hand for a skilled doctor. For example, a blood transfusion? Knotting a rag around the upper arm, so the infection in the blood can't travel to the main body, so the arm can be properly cleaned? You could also add a cure recipe with zombie blood and such, which has a higher chance of working the more levels you got (and if youre level 0, you might as well just infect a totally healthy person with the virus), but since there shouldn't be any cures, this is probably a no. Background of that suggestion: I very much enjoy the game and am intrigued by the health system, where you have to apply bandages, sterilize bandages and stitch deep wounds. That led me to investigate about the First Aid skill, and it's rather disappointing. First Aid helps you perform medical actions faster, increase the bandage health and reduce the time fractured wounds need to completely heal. But god have mercy, if you're bitten or getting unlucky with a scratch or laceration, it's over. You could be a level 10 Doctor and still be powerless, so your friend has to die. Although, you absolutely eradicated any signs of the wounds, so your friend can die without any health problems - well, besides the knox infection. But chances are, you're even getting to level 10 (through normal means, aka not stepping on glas 1000 times). Before you reach that, the wounds you've gained and need for leveling up the skill, you're definitely already dead, succumbed to the knox infection. Since the devs have given us a hard no on the topic cure, I don't really know how to buff first aid in any meaningful way. I really like the trait, but it's just utterly useless in most cases. If the patient is infected, then weeks of training that skill are just thrown out the window.
  5. The First Aid skill has always seemed somewhat lackluster in my opinion, the ability to heal from certain wounds faster is great and rewarding but I feel like First Aid lacks a really good incentive for people to focus on levelling it up so I thought of the idea of having a Blood Bag system. The System would be pretty simple Blood Bags and Transfusion kits would exist in the game. Spawning at Civilian and Military Medical Facilities only, their rarity would be similar to that of Antibiotics. Characters who have trained their First Aid to Level 2 and beyond would be allowed to perform transfusions on themselves and on other characters, allowing for a fast but steady return of health which would depend on the Administrating Characters First Aid level. Ex. First Aid Level 2 would provide a basis of a 20% health return per Blood Bag With each level of First Aid giving a 5% Bonus; allowing a character with First Aid level 10 to return 60% health per Blood Bag. To perform these Blood bag actions, the character administrating must have a Transfusion Kit on them otherwise they will not be allowed to perform said action. The action would also take a bit of time to perform, after the action is done, the Blood Bag transfer completion will kick in increasing the recipients health rapidly. How will this impact traits and professions? Not much actually, however, I feel like Hemophobic characters would not be allowed to do a self Blood Bag -- while others may do Blood Bag transfusions on them. (Hemophobic characters would gain a moderate - large amount of Panic during this) How would it impact gameplay? It would allow for a fast return of health after getting severe injuries in combat (Ex. PVP), not requiring the user to consume large amounts of Food (Thereby increasing their weight). This System would essentially reward people who level up First Aid. It could be balanced to a very fine line, such as Characters who have received a Blood Bag transfer will need to wait some time before they can receive another one and so on. What about Blood Groups? I feel like that would be way too complicated, so I'm just proposing this Lite version which I think has a lot of potential.
  6. in my current run ive taken a few lacerations to the chest and torso. weirdly though when i bandage them with ripped sheets they still show as a wound on the health screen even though they are listed as bandaged. i had a neck scratch as well and this showed correctly.
  7. PART ONE : FIRST AID SKILL As everyone know, First aid skill are mostly useless. The only benefit from them is healing broken bones ( much faster,so much! ) So, i want to suggest some balancing,to make that skill must have for players. 1. Increase the healing time with 0 level of First aid. For example - with 5 level we apply bandage with 3 seconds. So,with 0 level we will do that in..10 second?Maybe even 15 or 20? Panic will increase that time a lot. 2. Without any knowledge, a person can apply only poorly bandage. About scratches / bites / burns First aid level 0 : you can apply poorly bandage. Healing time is very long,even for scratches. High risk of getting blood poisoning ( If this is scratch - only with maximum level of injury ) First aid level 1/2 : You can apply good bandages! Healing time depends on skill level. First aid level 3/ more : You can apply good bandages! Healing time depends on skill level. You can know grade of the injury About deep wounds : First Aid level 0 : you can't sew your deep wound,only apply bandage and disinfect it. First Aid level 1 / 2 : You can poorly stitch your deep wound ( only stops bleeding - need better stitch. Otherwise, after a while you may die from blood poisoning ) First Aid level 3 / more : You can sew deep wound good! Time depends on skill. You can know grade of the injury About broken limbs : First aid level 0 : You can apply a splint, but it's bad. There is a danger that the bone will recovery сrookedly ( Arm - less damage, foot - less speed ). Also,you can try to broke your bone again to avoid it,but that will cause lot of hurt,especially without first aid skill. First aid level 1 : Same,but faster healing time First aid level 2 / more : You can apply good splints! Time of healing depends on skill. You can know grade of the injury P.S "Knowing injury grade" already in the game and i know it,just can't don't mention that. PART TWO : Bandages I know that PZ has special parameter for bandages,called "Bandage power". 1.Adhesive bandages Make they only applicable to scratches,but increase healing rate more than other bandages,so adhesive bandages stop being useless. UPD : I just watch the wiki again and it says,that bandages has more "bandage power" that rags. I was wrong.. Bandage - bandage power 4 Rag - bandage power 2 Adhesive bandage - 1.5
  8. I have been playing a bit on MP and SB, and have noticed a few things about first aid and I have thought of a few improvements that would benefit game play in SP and MP, especially after animals and NPC's are added. Though these will still have immediate benefits. First: Wider array of injuries and diseases. Animal bites, ragged wounds, piercing injuries, Deep wounds, and more diseases. Some of these are planned, but I'm mentioning them for this idea. Ragged wounds would have a higher chance of infection and take longer to heal. Second: Diagnosis and (Importantly) Misdiagnosis The higher your first aid skill, the easier it is to diagnose injuries and illness. As well diagnosing through bandages (Auto success on self) on others with higher level. Now onto the part which will add SO much fun and depth to the importance of the first aid skill: Misdiagnosis: Is it a dog bite, or a zombie bite? Were they stabbed with a screwdriver, or shot? That wound is really ragged, I'm not sure if it came from a window or a dog, or could it be a zombie bite? Right now, any player can 'check for wounds' and in a few seconds immediately know everything that has happened to a person. I'm no doctor, but I think a person with little to no experience with medicine (Especially extreme and bloody wounds seen in the apocalypse that are not often seen pre-apoc) is going to have a hard time discerning one wound from another, especially a very rough and ragged one. Remember, even trained Doctors can make a misdiagnosis, and they have training and access to the internet for references. It takes years of experience to get good at it, and even then mistakes are made. You might think an animal bite and z bite would look different, you can look up human bites and see the teeth. However the difference is typically a human bite is to cause pain and they won't try to rip flesh off, a zombie will bite and rip and tear into the flesh much like an animal trying to eat. An amateur diagnos-ee could be easily confused and/or make a mistake. And diagnosing a sickness? Without a medical history, a reference system, or blood work? The person has all the symptoms of a flu, but the infection is the same in early stages. And the fun part: Imagine in MP or SP a person or NPC is wearing a ski-mask or something to hide his/her ID while they rob safehouses, a victim shoots them and they flee. You got stabbed by a screw driver or a spike or maybe even tripped over a branch in the woods, and have a peircing wound (A small, round hole.) The players hold you at gunpoint and diagnose you, the PC in question has a low First Aid Skill and misdiagnosis the wound as a gunshot. You find an NPC/PC with the electrician job who can run generators, but they have a rough wound (Which is just a mess, harder to diagnose and heal) you try to diagnose and your PC thinks it's a bite. What do you do? Waste Medicine on someone who could just die anyways, or use medicine on someone who could be a huge help later? What if you are wrong? And as well higher levels make it easier to diagnose a bandaged wound. Being covered would make it harder to diagnose. And finally, very important: The ability to diagnose yourself. There have been a number of times I take off a bandage thinking I'm healed (Status: OK, no pain, bandage is still clean) only to find out I'm still bleeding and rushing to grab a new clean bandage. So what does everyone think about this? Leave a message if you like it, I hope somebody on staff see's and likes! Edit: Maybe when you remove something from a wound, you keep the bloody -thing- as proof? Also from Asparagus, diagnosing the dead to figure out how someone died. Murder or accident? Be especially neat if an NPC diagnosed a dead friend and mis-diagnosed them.
  9. Hey guys, So I've been playing this for a while, although I had to make a new account to post this because I have no idea what my old info was, or if I even had a forum account Anyways, after playing recently and being absolutely thrilled with what they've done with the game. Occasionally an idea will come to me, and I tried to write down the ones I remembered but I'll edit it later. Most of them are pretty small things, some without even any real gameplay impact. Hopefully I didnt repost anything, I skimmed the forums to see whats been posted and saw a couple I thought of, so I'll leave those out [Colored Ripped Sheets]: Thought it would kind of neat if when you ripped up an article of clothing for bandages, the bandages retained the item's color. ["Functional" Clothing]: The color customization of clothing is nice, but it would be neat if they added some actual useful clothing, for example: -A rainslicker to prevent or reduce the effect of rain -Thicker winter coat to fight against the cold -Variations on shoes: Sneakers that say, increase sprint duration/XP gain, or steel toe boots that make zombie stomping more effective. -Combat Webbing: Wearable in the chest slot, this would function both as clothing and a bag slot (along with keys, backpack etc) with fairly minimal capacity and weight reduction, with the intention of storing ammunition/pistol/knife/smokes/etc [spray Paint]: The ability to tag buildings or areas with some variety of predesigned symbols with looted spray cans would be neat. They could serve as warnings to other players, or locations of stashes and safehouses/directions. To prevent spamming maybe they could be cleanable using the same process as blood spatters. [Misc. Item Overhaul]: I'm a huge fan of flavor, and I love the atmosphere that a lot of the misc. items provide like finding wallets on zombies and toys in crates. But a lot of the items seem like they verge on the border of useful; why not actually make some of the misc items do something? If not beneficial, at the very least cosmetic. -Yo-yos. Why shouldnt this provide amusement, maybe with a durability bar to boot. Or if thats too useful, give the character a yo-yoing animation when used. -Rings should be wearable, even if just for cosmetics sake -Playing cards relieve stress and boredom, but require another player to use. -Dice should be rollable -Sunglasses, wearable. -Wallet should be usable as a very small bag, equipable in its own slot like the keyring -Umbrella and map... self explanatory [Repair Overhaul]: I feel like weapon repairing is kind of counter-intuitive. When playing with relatively scarce resources, in the time it takes me to find the materials to repair a spiked bat I've already found and make 10 more. Sometimes the materials seem a little weird too. Either change/reduce the materials required, or give them "durability" like water and disinfectant. There's probably more, but I'm pretty tired Anyway, most of them are pretty little things, but I'm all about the atmosphere and flavor in a game and Project Zomboid has tons of it! Good work devs!
  10. I want to address the time it takes to heal and the rate at which cloth strips become dirty. It is seriously off in the game as it stands. I rock climb IRL and I do it freehand and through brush and thorns (I'm a bit crazy like that) The amount of scratches I've got (ones that actually break the skin and bleed) is into the 100s if not the 1000s. 1) A scratch that doesn't draw blood requires no first aid and you'd have to be crazy unlucky for it to get infected. 2) A scratch that does draw blood can be staunched by wrapping it in cloth and it will stop bleeding after about an hour, the body is awesome like that. After the bleeding stops you have about a day or max 2 till it is at no risk of reopening. You'll use either one or two bandages for that. One will probably negate all risk of infection (also note that infections are usually minor and just cause swelling and a tiny bit of strain on the immune system). From a resonably superficial scratch 1-~3 mm you'll be left with a scratch mark for about a week but it is totally safe from infection or reopening 3) Deeper wounds (ones that completlety open the dermis i.e. 1cm in) are more tricky. Bleeding will probably take a day to fully staunch and you'll have about 3 days with risk of infection and have to change bandages once or twice daily. The wound will probably take a week to be completley free of risk of opening These can leave scars. (this approximates a zombie bite) 4) Much larger wounds: ones that rip into arteries or organs can obviously kill you. These would take professional medical attention. For the sake of argument (and gameplay) unnatended you could surivive these but good luck without surgery and anesthetic. Maybe if you're blessed with a superhuman immune system you'll mange (I've heard many stories). Stitches, microsutures, sealing with a flaming metal rod... pretty much a nessesity. Start praying your organs are intact. 5) and this one is fun: As you get infected via the blood and suffer through it, your risk of infection goes down. You pick up all the vanilla ones first and the first cuts you get in your life will swell and hurt intesley. Subsequent injuries of this nature will eventually not swell or even hurt. Your body has just leaned to fight small quantities of the common infectious organismns out there. To be honest I wouldn't even dress a superfical cut now. I just wrap whatever napkin or whatever I have in my backpack round it for a little while till the bleeding stops and cary on, making sure to keep whatever digit or bodypart it is away from contact with the rock. However I still wouldn't dip it in a can of 1 mounth old rotten food. Though likley if I did that I wouldn't die. Anyway, this is real data from firsthand observation and I know how much shorter healing times are in real life to how they are in the game at the moment. It kind of spoils it for me to see the body being depicted crapper than it really is. In conclusion : More zombies: yes! lower healing times: A must. If you guys agree (or just believe me) please like the post and bump it
  11. You are cutting trees deep in the forest and a sudden roar fills the air. Next thing you see is a bear closing on you. You are foraging in a glade and a hissing sound alerts you to a nearby snake, ready to inject poison into your veins. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you fellow players think about dangerous animals idea? Since animals are already confirmed I think it would make a nice addition to actually have few dangerous species (bears, snakes, wolves, etc.). Those would attack a player only if he is not careful, or if he disturbs their nest. Dangerous animals could injure the player (light to serious injuries) - and that would add some opportunites to use medical skills without worrying about zombie infection.
  12. Okay, I apologize if I'm doing something wrong, here, but... I recently picked Zomboid back up again after a few months hiatus. A lot has changed! I'm impressed with the updates, but a few things are bugging me a little, so I thought I'd talk about them here so that maybe someone could inform me as to if I'm simply not doing things right. To put it bluntly, the new bandages system is extremely frustrating and time consuming. I sterilize a bunch of bandages, no big deal. I get a "scratch", which, to me sounds like an 'oops' ordeal, not a 'oh no, I'm going to lose an arm' ordeal. Keeping this in mind, I slap a sterile bandage on it and go about my survivalist life. No more than 3-5 minutes later, the bandage is dirty. So I'm thinking, okay... maybe they took a realism approach and fighting zombies is getting it "dirty" so quickly. Instead, I opt for simply looting houses and organizing stuff, etc. Things that wouldn't get my hands dirty, so to speak. Same problem. It's barely been 5 minutes (I'm talking real time, since I've no idea how long that is game-time-- my days are set to be an hour long) and I need to change the bandages again. Repeat this ordeal about 3+ more times on an infected wound- significantly less for one not infected. I will also note that I do not have zombification activated- i.e.: playable character will not get sick / infected / turn until dead, presumably. My problem with this is, well... no matter the wound, be it bite, scratch, infected or not; this is extremely annoying to me and not so realistic. I love zomboid and almost ALL its features, but this is the very first time I've ever been generally distraught about things. Thick skin (since it's been moved to the trait choice list) seems significantly less effective than it used to be, so I'm getting injured more often now than before when first starting a game. I've tried seeing if choosing first aid traits helps with needing to replace bandages SO often, but it doesn't. Is this how it's intended to be? Or have I encountered some sort of bug? I really don't mind this new bandage feature, but the rate at which you need to replace the bandages really is frustrating and annoying; heaven forbid you've chosen the slow healer negative trait, which, don't even get me started. Biggest mistake ever, choosing that one with this new bandage system! Any help would be much obliged. Is there a way to slow bleeding to stop bandages from getting dirty so often...? I'm using sterilized bandages... the real ones, not sheets or anything else. Not adhesives. Actual bandages.
  13. Simply, right click the bandage/splint, to check the condition of fracture or wound to know if it is safe to remove bandage or splint.
  14. BinxB


    so the first thing right off the bat I feel there needs to be a Doctor career for the game when build 30 is official. maybe a boost to first aid skill or naturally better bandages tho I feel the simplest thing could be just spawning with a first aid kit if you choose to be a doctor/EMT. i mean I know alot of people are gonna say thats OP to jsut find one but thats the point of a career to start with something you wanna specilize in
  15. I'm sure this has been discussed before, so feel free to move/merge this if so. Right now, first aid involves slapping on a bandage and taking some pills. That's fine, but I'd like to see this tied to a First Aid skill. After all, we have skills for farming and cooking. At its most basic implementation, a first aid skill could influence how quickly an injury is healed and reduce the chances of "fake" sickness/infection. Obviously more advanced ideas could be added, but be happy with that for starters. High levels of the skill could even mean doing more damage to enemies, since you have a better understanding of anatomy and where to strike!
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