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Found 9 results

  1. Good afternoon. I attempted to search through the Vanilla rendition of PZ's files to find the script that represents the White Microwave, to no avail. Much to my chagrin, it does not exist in the SCRIPTS file and is only referenced in the Translation file. The Microwave sound effect is there, but for the likes of me, I can't see where the Microwave itself is located. The reason I want to know the answer to this is because the "Hydro Craft" Mod has several items that can spawn in cabinets that are exact, but non-functioning, duplicates of placable Furniture. For example,
  2. Hello all, i'm searching the players files in our multiplayer test server but i can not find it! I read this Butter Bot's istructions here but i can't find these map_p, i have not these files however players were in the server. so, what can i do? Thanks for help and sorry for my english!
  3. Okay so I followed all of the mapping tutorials and got right up to this point: And then as I tried to click on the files in the right, drag them, etc. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I've got my map sizes right, etc. Is there anything I need to do to the images? Thank you!
  4. Was going to play project zomboid with my friends today, found that all server files were gone, and my 3 backups. All that is left is the default "servertest" thing. I am the only one who uses this computer, and I don't remember deleted all of my save files for my server. Dunno what to do.
  5. Hi, a few friends and I are hosting our own little server. Now we have the issue that the host is not always on when some of them want to play. Which files and folder are to be copied to the new host to keep playing, just on a different PC? We have self made (e.g. edited) Server Settings, and are all running on -nosteam Thanks in advance FalloutBoy EDIT: IWBUMS 34.13 with a few mods
  6. I started looking into modding last night, and I am not looking back again. I have two clear ideas for two mods that are simple enough for me to do by myself. They involve new recipes and new items and how to repair the items that can be used as weapons. What I wonder now, is: Should, items, recipes and fixing all go into the same .txt file? Or should I split them up? I see other mods have several files for this. Are there more advanced reasons for this or simple reasons? And are there anything I should think about when it comes to making sure to keep the mods as compatible as possible?I wil
  7. We need an in game Map Editor as ONE program instead of files everywhere. We also need more maps. Add in game Custom Map importer. The game seems too messy with custom files and server files like Projectzomboidserver.bat I understand the game is in alpha but this would really make it easy to make our own home towns and not get sick of the same map and play with all of our friends online. Searching in files to run my server or make a map or import a map deters and turns me away from playing the game. Also maybe some sort of sizing chart for tiles compared to sidewalks in real life, a w
  8. Hi, I come to present this problem that me comes happening very of followed, when I try to connect to an Internet server, since to a server route hamachi, it connects me, the presentation of the game appears and then it jumps a cartel saying "your lua files are not the same as the server's. the game will now exit, sorry", I hope that they could help me, since I cannot get to any server, hope that they could understand me, since I am using a translator, thanks
  9. Hello everyone, First and foremost I'd like to say I love this game ( the small amount of time I have actually played). But the main reason I bought it was to play with a buddy of mine. We are mostly wanting to play alone which means, we aren't really up for joining a random server. With that said, I hosted my own for the two of us and finally we got it to work today using Hamachi (Sadly we couldn't ever connect without it). While playing we discovered that PvP was a problem and other things we may what to check. I have looked at many different posts and threads about servers, server options
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