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Found 5 results

  1. Panic is now something that doesn't do much. It has practically no effect on a character. Players don't care that characters are panicked etc. I suggest implement "fear" moodle/system to fix that. It could be something like this: Character is very panicked (max lvl of "panic" moodle) for long time because for example: horde of zombies are chasing him and then player would lose control over his character for some time and character would run away mindlessly from horde. It is realistic and it would force players to maintain panic level ( like we maintain other things like hunger, health etc.) or bad things gonna happen because character could run away in wrong direction. I know that many people don't like idea of losing control over their characters and i don't like it too but in this case it would be good thing. Now "average joe" has nerves of steel and he don't care if he fight with a spoon with 100 zombies for 5h in his first day in apocalypse. Normal people could be just in such strong shock that it would cause things like runnig away without thinking. Also resistance to be panicked/feared should be gained over time. After 3-6months character would be familiar with fighting zombies so he wouldn't panic so quickly. Also there was a topic with many great suggestions to panic system a year ago: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6663-positive-and-negative-effects-of-panic/
  2. Would the devs be interested in adding a trait that makes the player more prone to panic at night? This seems like somthing that a lot of real people have, and would fit well among the kinds of traits in the game so far.
  3. I just watched Last Level Press's "Passing Pineview Forest" video, and one of the things Mr. Black commented on was that the character seemed to be walking faster towards the end of the run, when he might reasonably be expected to be more scared. I realized, when I was commenting on the video, that that seems like a really Zomboidish thing: fear makes you breathe harder and makes your pulse race, but it also makes you step just a little (or, as the panic rises, maybe quite a bit) more lively when you're trying to walk or sneak about. Walking faster based on your Panic moodles would also have a lot of appropriate knock-on effects: you would get fatigued faster and recover from fatigue more slowly, you would be less stealthy sneaking or walking when you were scared, and you would probably be a little less likely to actually get caught by the zombies that are chasing you even without full-on running. Running I wouldn't have affected by fear (it's called 'sprinting' in the skill menu, after all), but walking I would make quicker.
  4. I feel like you shouldn't get completely panicked from simply going indoors. It should vary depending on the amount of room you actually have. For example, a living room or kitchen (etc.) could make you slightly panicked. Where as, a closet or a skinny hallway (etc.) could make you extremely panicked. If this is something you can eventually do, that would be awesome, if not, I love you all either way, peace.
  5. Phesired


    Hey there, so I was talking on General discussion and somebody told me that your player over time does not get less scared from the zombies, I believe over time in the zombie apocalypse your survivor should be less scared, still always nervous. There won't be a time where you're not scared to die but more confident after survived for a longer period of time. -Thanks
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