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Found 2 results

  1. Seems that after you logout from your game, or restart PZ, if u had any cup of coffee in your inventory (with a fatigue debuff) after you log back into your game, the coffee isn't providing fatigue debuff anymore, so you're basically drinking coffee without its first benefit, which isn't really nice specially when you manage to get one good coffee cup worth 20/30 fatigue & boom, when you come back it's not here anymore :c
  2. Hello to all who may read this. I have a very lengthy wishlist for this game as it has recently become my favorite game and almost most played game. I will do a TL;DR at the end for those who don’t wish to read it all. Here goes! 1: More clothing options Altough there is already a wide array of clothes in the base game, I think it would add to the immersion if there was even more such as but not limited to: trench/great coats such as the ones that were used all over the world by various militaries that add a small bit of scratch/bite defense but moreso keep you warm in the fall and early winter seasons. I know there are coats in the game that look similar to the ones I’m talking about but for the sake of roleplayers it would add such a nice touch to an outfit. One thing I think would be a really cool addition to the game is first of all, add more military style uniforms and fatigues in general but also to be able to find them randomly in houses and such. The larger array of uniforms and fatigues maybe would have the same stats as the ones already found in game but I’m thinking of people who like to roleplay and those people who like to collect and decorate their mannequins with them. Another thing i would like to see along those lines is insulated military boots such as the types that the brand Corcoran makes. There are military boots already, yes. However, something tactical to keep your survivors feet warm in the winter would be a very welcomed addition in my opinion. Last but not least, I would like to see a more diverse range of hats to choose from. More types of winter hats, more colors of baseball caps, military hats, the list goes on! 2. Shops and locations This part here will sort of tie in with my last section. I think 1 or 2 surplus stores here and there would be a really nice addition to the game and the loot you find could be some of the varieties of new and vanilla military fatigues. I don’t have a very large image of one, but one about as big as the gun store or a convenience store with clothing and boot racks scattered throughout, and somewhere in these store(s) is a knife container/display case. I also think a very good idea is to add fishing stores as well especially in Riverside, Louisville, and West Point where there could be a small chance to find some canned corn and carrots but also find some fishing gear and different bait types which would make it easier and harder to catch certain types of fish. 3. Weapons There are way more weapons than I ever imagined in this game. And i love them all dearly, however, some of the ones I have in mind might spice things up a bit. For starters, a viking style axe would be a very cool addition to all of our armories. It has high damage, average durability, but it’s extremely rare to find. Another weapon I would really like to see isn’t one that you can carry, but one you can actually mount on a vehicle. The weapons I personally have in mind, is something like the M240 or a Browning .50 Cal. It could be mounted in truck beds, but would reduce the carrying weight by 40-50% but could give you and potential friends a good edge in fighting hordes on loot runs. TL;DR I would like to see more winter and fall clothing, military fatigues and variations of them, a surplus store, a fishing store, different fishing bait types, maybe a viking axe, and vehicle mounted weapons.
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