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Found 6 results

  1. Caminantes RP CaminantesRP Os presentamos CaminantesRP, un servidor de rol donde TÚ eres el protagonista! Ofrecemos una experiencia de rol única, con todo tipo de mods que mejoran la experiencia! Facciones lore, Sistema "Héroes", historia única.... 🧭 Misiones y eventos únicos. 💯 Todo tipo de vehículos, militares, deportivos, industriales... 🚗 Sistema de medico complejo y realista. 🩺 Sistema de facciones único. 🏘️ Sistema de rol que recompensa buscar y generar rol. 🥇 Lore-Masters con experiencia! 📚 Mecánicas de todo tipo... 🔧 Mapa custom añadiendo mapas muy interesantes! Barricaded Mall, Raven Creek, Over the river... 🗺️ Loot y configuraciones custom! ⛓️ Enfocado a que te pienses las cosas dos veces! 🧟‍♂️ Tenemos una comunidad sana y 0% toxica!! 💬 Contamos con una escuela de rol para enseñar los fundamentos del RP. 🧏 ¿Quieres ser el protagonista? ¿Quieres sentir que estas en una película? Sea cual sea tu historia atrévete a compartirla con nosotros, te esperamos!! https://discord.gg/RWgygjsWcQ
  2. So we all know that NPCs are coming...eventually. And what zombie apocalypse would be complete without a few ragtag groups of survivors that, more often than not, end up being a bigger threat than the zombies? The Walking Dead has groups like the Saviors and the Whisperers. Fallout has raiders, super mutants, and all sorts of colorful groups. What groups will rise from the ashes of society in Project Zomboid? Here a few ideas I had for possible NPC factions for late-game: The West Point Militia A group of ragtag civilians with guns and ammo pilfered from the trusty West Point gun store, led by the former mayor of the town. They are initially camped out by the north bridge connected West Point to Valley Station, but their goal is to "take back" West Point from the undead and establish a safe zone by walling off the downtown area. Inspired by Walking Dead's Woodbury. The Inmates Following a bloody riot, the surviving prisoners of Knox Penitentiary stormed the prison's armory and wiped out the guards, establishing control over the entire facility. Once under lock and key by the state of Kentucky, they are now a formidable gang of thugs, murderers, rapists, and all forms of criminals with heavy weaponry and an impressive base of operations. The few guards and corrections staff left alive are little more than slaves to the Inmates, forced to help maintain the facility and often the target of abuse by the prisoners. Surprisingly (and thankfully), despite no longer languishing behind bars, the Inmates rarely venture outside the fences of the penitentiary. However, the food stockpile in the prison's kitchen won't last forever... The Faithkeepers Controversial pastor Dan Firebaugh leads a small group of heavily-armed right-wing religious cultists from his fortified church in March Ridge. The group, known as the Faithkeepers, believes the End Times are upon them, and that God is raising the dead to punish the world for its sins. During the day, they keep to themselves, holed up in their church chanting prayers and listening to hate-filled, ranting sermons from Pastor Firebaugh. But at night, they roam the streets of March Ridge and beyond, preying on helpless survivors (or as they like to call them, "sinners and heathens") and murdering anyone they deem a threat to their twisted, bloody ideology. Inspired by...well, I'm pretty sure you can guess. National Guard Remnants Unbeknownst to the news media, the establishment of the Exclusion Zone was not the first attempt by the military to contain the Knox outbreak. On July 7, 1993, the 238th Regiment of the Kentucky National Guard was deployed to Knox County on a clandestine mission authorized by the President himself. The troops thought they were being deployed for disaster relief and riot control due to the unconfirmed reports of a viral outbreak throughout the county. Instead, they walked into a slaughterhouse. The operation was a disaster, and the thousand-man-strong 238th was reduced to a few dozen Guardsmen within three days of deployment, prompting the military and the federal government to withdraw and set up the Knox Exclusion Zone. Now cut off from their commanding officers and stranded in the middle of a war zone, the few remaining soldiers of the 238th must regroup and form a plan to make it to the Exclusion Zone border, or die trying. These are just a few of the ideas that crossed my mind. What kind of NPC factions would you like to see?
  3. Started a private server located on the east coast with a white list so there is almost no chance of cheaters. So far we are about 7 strong. We are willing to let other like minded honest gamers with integrity to join us. Pm me or post and I can set up an interview to talk about some things. (preferably over teamspeak or steam voice chat) -I plan on no resets what so ever unless a major patch deems its a must (such as new animations/maps) Thus trading will become a must in the later years of the world (I like nails as a monetary currency) -Currently there are 24 player slots. (More can be added if needed) -PVP is on but strict rules for PVP are to be followed. Such as no RDMing for the sake of RDMing -Hardcore Death means once that character has been killed you are done with it, you may not remake the same character (how ever one priest we had before did make his recently deceased character's son, I was okay with this) -Make or break style of surviving, sometimes its best to team up with a faction while other times is best to rob them or kill them if they cause trouble. -Meta-gaming is frowned on but just don't over do it. -Strict building code, Do not go around building stairways to heaven or demoing public buildings unless you have claimed it and created traps for looters -Cheating is NOT allowed, if caught you will be publicly shamed and banned for life. -If creating a faction you will either be friendly traders, bandits, community centers. -There are two NO PVP trading hubs, one in each town (Mall and Tavern) Everything is pretty laid back just don't go to crazy and enjoy some zomboid how its meant to be played, privately and without cheaters. Keep in mind with the new traits, communities will be a must so you can have jobs dedicated to those with the skills best suited.
  4. Disclaimer for the devs -- Indie Stone devs, your game is excellent. Please feel free to take these ideas on board as if they were your own for inspiration sake, These ideas are donated as fan service and compensation isn't necessary or expected. If you think this works for your game, take and keep any and/or all ideas to implement into the game. Thanks in advance for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!! Table of Contents------ 1A. Introduction 1B. Your involvement in this thread 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Faction list - Different Factions/types of NPC survivors 2B. NPC Trust - An Important Mechanic 2C. Faction Ranks - Roles/Jobs [And what they do] 2D. Faction Inventions - New items you can make! 3. NPC Event(s)/Behaviours - Kidnappings, Raids, Zombie Herding, Faction interaction. 3A. Events NOT Involving YOU 3B. Events Involving YOU - 1A. Introduction: This is a community post brainstorm which means you can contribute ideas toward it (and you will be credited in this original post). This post is open to subject to change course and modification. In this post, it explains varying ideas that could help create interesting gameplay and basic objectives with NPC survivors which don't divert you from how you play, and may possibly offer new ways to play the game as well. You could (if you wanted to) interact with NPCs through trade or neutrality (3), or systematically wipe them out one by one, the choice would be up to you. If developers find this thread feasible, I'd like to hope that our ideas could be implemented so that interaction could lead to rewards (2D) in some way which could help benefit confirmed future content updates. 1B. Your involvement in this thread: First things first - Please don't expect or feel entitled to compensation in any form if the developers take inspiration from this thread and use these ideas even if they're identical upon implementation, I'd like to make that very clear. How you view this threads idea comes down to personal interpretation, so that means if your interpretation of this sort of idea and/or opinion on it is different to anyone elses e.g it being good enough to implement in the game or not is appreciated and respected if you choose to have your say (Even if you hate the idea so much it makes you miserable) it's still fair enough to have your say, however it'd be nice to see some constructive criticism toward this sort of thing instead of abuse! Please feel free to join in the discussion and add your own thoughts and ideas! Thank you very much. - 2. NPC Content - [+Add your own, and you'll be credited in this post] 2A. Faction list - Different Factions/types of NPC survivors Note: Faction/types of NPC survivors may/may not exist at all during a game or certain map, and may spawn at different times during a game depending on player movements. Certain factions may or may not work together. Factions should be enabled/disabled by player choice in custom options prior to a game. For the most part, each faction won't trust you at all unless you prove to them you can be trusted, and some may carry default moods/agendas set by their Faction Leader toward anyone that isn't part of their faction - Could result in kidnappings, killing on sight, or warning shots/calls. Type 1 - Civilian: Exist in urban areas. These are the last remaining shred of civilisation, and are mostly helpless and not used to being thrown out of their standard way of life. Civilians are usually armed with light firearms and various melee weapons, depending on rank. How well armed they are depends on rank, as their rank dictates what they usually do. May work alongside Military. Type 2 - Survivalists/Hillbillies: Can exist in both outer-urban and wilderness. How well armed they are depends on rank, raider rank is heaviest armed, utilizing long ranged weapons and heavy melee weapons. Usually works on own, without need of Civilians or Military. Type 3 - Military: Can exist anywhere, but mostly in large contained facilities such as prisons, and fenced guarded areas. Some may patrol in organized groups in the map on their own accord. Moderately to heavily armed depending on rank. May work alongside Civilians. Type 4 - ?? Type 5 - ?? - 2B. NPC Trust - An Important Mechanic Depending on what you do, you can impact factions depending on what action you make toward them. Trust is gained over time, and word can spread around to different ranks within factions about you. If you help defend individuals against zombie hordes, make trades with them, don't kill them on sight - Then you can gain trust with them. On the other hand, if you do all you can to let them die, raid them, steal their stuff, the opposite occurs and can carry consequences toward how they interact with you. That will result in increased hostility and nasty tactics toward you and your base (3). ---Factions may even choose to not trust you at all regardless of what you do, this comes into equation based on the Faction Leaders agenda--- - 2C. Faction Ranks - Roles/Jobs [And what they do] Civilian and Survivalists/Hillbillies NPC survivors can share some same 'ranks' and behaviours depending on trust toward you, or their purposeful demeanour. Traits listed are as a guide to explain their purposes. Traits listed in each rank are varying possibilities and may/may not all occur. The following ranks shared between Civilians, Survivalists/Hillbillies/Military which should usually stay within their base are: Faction Leader - Have a purposeful goal/agenda set for their faction. This can vary depending on how you interact with each faction. Some leaders may choose to enforce friendly or hostile actions toward you and other active faction(s) at the start of the session, and they can also enforce what types of ranks spawn depending on where they are located. Their demeanour in their agenda also applies to what faction they are in. Killing a leader can topple the entire faction which can be a useful game mechanic/purpose. <Don't expect that to be easy though!> | Traits- Lucky, Strong, Brave, Hearty Eater, Resilient, Athletic Workers - Produce food, build, create/combine items, repair items (vehicles in future), treat heavy/major injuries etc. | Traits- Handy, Feeble, Cowardly, Light Eater, Clumsy, Agoraphobic The following ranks shared between Civilians and Survivalists/Hillbillies are: Scouts - Usually spots and locates and reports back to their factions. You can kill them if you don't want to be seen&known at all providing you witness them near you/your base-. Scouts can offer remote bag trades (bag containing notes of Trade for Trade items), orienteering, locating, can mark environment with messages/diagrams, treats their own basic/light injuries. | Traits- Athletic, Eagle Eyed, Graceful, Feeble, Night Owl, Outdoorsman, Patient Raiders - Dispatched usually if scouts/workers don't sustain to loot surrounding areas to replenish faction supplies, can kidnap you, can also raid houses you don't own, can mark environment with messages/diagrams, treats their own minor/light injuries. | Traits- Stout, Axe Man, Short Tempered, Brave, Hearty Appetite, Thick Skinned Loners - For the most part they're just like you. They can be anti-social. May not be part of a faction, may be aggressive, may be highly threatening if surviving mid-late game. If part of a faction, they're usually a Sniper/Self sustaining Hunter type, and some may resort to Cannibalism. They like to hoard so if you locate their base/stashes you're in for a good time. | Traits- Eagle Eyed, Athletic, Cowardly, Marksman, Outdoorsman, Patient, Light Eater, Resilient Ranks which only occur in the military are: Soldier - Protects their base at all costs, only grant access to players that have gained trust, conduct rescue missions for their faction and in some rare cases based on trust -you-. Can treat light/minor injuries. | Traits- Athletic, Marksman, Light Drinker, Stout, Brave, Keen Hearing, Night Owl, Eagle Eyed. Field Medic - When Soldiers leave their base on a rescue mission, a Field Medic can accompany them to treat major wounds. | Traits- Athletic, Graceful, Hard of Hearing, Handy, Short Tempered, Stout, Light Drinker Elite Soldier - Protects Military Leader, heavily armed, calls in Helicopter reinforcements if possible (This includes emergency supplies, or Soldiers). | Traits- Strong, Thick Skinned, Athletic, Marksman, Night Owl, Eagle Eyed, Keen Hearing. - 2D. Faction Inventions - Each faction has a small number of inventions that they use to their advantage in some way, which you could learn to craft if you gain enough trust. Here are some examples (along with items needed if not pre-made), if you can think extras or better then please add: Civilians: -Two Way Radio: Battery + Baby Monitor/Walkie Talkie -RC Racecar Noise Distractor: RC Racecar + Battery + Walkie Talkie + Use of 'Taunt' Button -Breakable Lockpick: Paperclips, Nail/Tent Peg, Tape [Makes 3] Survivalist/Hillbillies: -Bear Trap -Crossbow: Planks, PVC pipe, String/Wire, Nails -Basic Compass: Needle, Paper Clip, Fridge Magnet, Bowl of Water, Razor Blade Military: -Scope -Makeshift Protective Armour -Claymore 3. NPC Event(s)/Behaviours -writing in progress- Depending on what NPC factions are present, how they interact with one another and also your trust gained/lost with NPC factions, certain events/behaviours may trigger. 3A. Events NOT Involving YOU Factions would be able to have interactions between each other: -These include territorial disputes, trade altercations, and caravans. -Contributed by forum user 'Ryfar' -If a Faction member comes back to their base wounded by a Zombie which could make them turn, they may be ordered to be killed by their Faction so they don't turn on them. 3B. Events Involving YOU Any of the following may occur if YOU have no trust, or are hostile to a faction and i) Your base discovered by that faction: -You may have Scouts shepherd zombies/hordes to your base (Small chance it could backfire on Scout). -Raiders may ransack your base of valuables, and your base wrecked/disassembled. -You may have a chance of being kidnapped as a hostage when you sleep in an unfortified/unsecure base. This will mean your base looted and disassembled. Items removed from you and possibly distributed between faction members, or stored somewhere. -Military may surround your building, and order to imprison you if you commit crimes (Theft/Murder) against them. Or they may choose to just try and kill you. ii) You are located in a temporary location: -You may have a small chance of being kidnapped as a hostage when you sleep in an unsecure/unfortified location. Items removed from you and possibly distributed between faction members, or stored somewhere. Any of the following may occur depending on the level of good trust YOU have with a faction and the Faction Leaders agenda: -You may be offered the opportunity to capture or kill an opposing Faction Leader if they're causing issues for the faction you're supporting. -You are allowed sanctuary within a factions territory but you must perform duties/jobs to assist the faction in order to keep that benefit. -You are offered a job of your choosing within the faction, much like a worker. You get food in your belly and a roof over your head so long as you meet daily/weekly quotas for the job. I'm planning on updating this when I've got more time to over the next few days. Thanks for reading! Please leave your thoughts/feedback in comments section!!!
  5. After reading the future plans for NPCs I had an idea for a way to manage the players faction as a whole more easily without it breaking the immersion. A notice board that could be crafted or found then moved to the players safe house. Alone the board would contain a map (or maybe one could be added when found) and on that map the location of the players safe house.Not only that but the player could post orders for his faction on the board to manage the group as a whole more efficiently than talking to them one by one and when those NPC's return they could post notes on the map detailing anything they might have found on their excursion for example other faction safe houses or zombie hordes not only that but the player could use this to plan construction say the player has someone in their party who has a high carpentry skill they could in theory plan out an upgrade then leave the instructions for it on the noticeboard then designate an area of forest to be cleared or a building to be salvaged for wood how much should be collected and how many people should go to gather it. the board could be an excellent way of managing the meta game in a lore friendly and immersive way not only that but the player could also check the notice boards of other factions when raiding to gather information from them. The actual board itself when interacted with would appear in the middle of the skin and fill most of it and the player would left click posts on the board to read them and right click to bring up the usual drop down menu with possible interractions (for example posting orders) as a final addition to my little idea it could be made so that the players can equip themselves and their survivors with clipboards, paper and pens/pencils to gather more detailed information. if you read all this thank you for your time and I hope you like the idea
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