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Found 18 results

  1. Welcome to OBLIVION DEDICATED SERVER AMD EPYC 74F3 24-Core 4.0GHz 128GB DDR4 RAM 3200Mhz 512GB NVMe SSD • Servers [PvPvE & HARDCORE PvP] • Skill Recovery Journal (Save character progress by writing in your journal) • Safehouses can be claimed anywhere! Stores, Warehouses, Military & more (Respawns Enabled) • Brita's Weapons & Armour with heavy balancing! • Integrated Build Tool (Create houses & more! For a price...) • Improved Crafting • Loot respawns every 3 in-game days • Endgame Cure Content • Map Expansions • Auto Updates • 10 Minute Autosaves • Events • Short Nights! Full Information, Events, Giveaways & More! [JOIN THE DISCORD] Full list of active mods: [ACTIVE MODS] We are looking for new & experienced players to join the community! Recruiting in-game & Discord staff to help with moderation, events and map design now! [CONNECT] [PvPvE] Server Name: OBLIVION | PvPvE | EU | 24/7 | SAFEHOUSES | NEW IP: Port: 16261 [HARDCORE PvP] Server Name: OBLIVION | HARDCORE PvP | EU | 24/7 | RAIDS | ORP | NEW IP: Port: 16327
  2. Hello, We welcome all to the Catulus server I'm fairly new to the forums, but Enjoy lots of long time on multiplayer zomboid. If you're like me and want a bit of a challenge come on down and try to survive. Reduced everything. Go out at night time, and you risk dyeing to runners. All sorts of cars to find and fix, none that you'll find in good condition due to it being far off into the pandemic. expanded Cloths, medical supplies, food, weapons, and more. Enjoy a life off in a farm, and find a tractor where you can become a farmer. Single hit is on, toxic gas plagues the world only a gas mask can protect or holing yourself indoors. Overall a challenging but fun server. Mod suggestions are welcome to the server. Overall enjoy your zomboid experience....oh and we have a bladder system.... realism oooh~
  3. Have you been looking for the ideal roleplay community on Project Zomboid? Well you might just have found it! Ghost Town Roleplay is a beginner and veteran friendly, serious text-based, story-driven roleplay server looking to grow our community. Don't be frightened at the word "serious", because our main goal is to provide a place where everyone can have fun and make friends whilst roleplaying! Why Ghost Town Roleplay? Fully customized Discord for everything you'll need. Customized loot settings to keep things challenging but fun and balanced. Member made factions. Anything from raiders, doctor services or people building safe communities for new comers. Non PVP public bar for all survivors to enjoy! Dedicated and hard-working staff team to host events and keep things running smoothly. Text-based, engaging roleplay. No mic required. Member-only polls for new mods and changes to the server. We value the communities opinion! We are looking for members from all walks of life. Whether you are in school or work a full time job, whether you can spend 2 or 20 hours a week on the server, as long as you are 14+ you are welcome in our community! If this community sounds like what you're looking for, then join us to create your character! See you there!
  4. The Last Rites Zomboid Role-play was built from the ground up with serious role-play and challenging yet rewarding game play in mind. We aim to create a challenging experience as time goes on with a strong reliance on player driven role-play that includes relying on others professions and skills to make it in this world. Food spawns are cranked way down and then turned down even further to supplement the need for farmers and hunters to feed the populous. Guns and ammo have also been toned down to create a larger zombie threat as now you must choose between using it on zombies or your fellow man. We have also included many other mods that add to the realism experience such as better lock picking, amputation, essential crafting scrap armor/weapons and many more that spice up game play. We offer custom content in the place of re-textured items and vehicles as well as allowing both text and voice role-play. We have a whitelist process that will be a no brainer for any seasoned role-play server veterans and takes only a short while. It is structured to cover the basics of role-play rules to also allow fresh faces to try their hand. We hope to see you all out in the world to come! https://discord.gg/UYDuu9yNmj Zhenka Jacket 2
  5. apocroleplay.com | DISCORD Apoc is an adults only, serious mixed text/VOIP Roleplaying server. We offer a fresh and serious, dark roleplaying experience. We do not police or restrict roleplay in any way. Apoc is host to unique content created by our in-house modding team and we welcome all levels of players on this journey of survival, triumph and despair. • Factions may request custom content such as flags, biker jackets and various cosmetics • Interesting events, and missions tailored to all skill levels and play styles • Easy whitelisting process • Custom spawn location (Player factions request their own) • Custom loot distributions • A rebalanced profession system to emphasize teamwork • Lengthy and dynamic seasons lasting more than 3 months. • No sprinters, varied zombies • Low generator consumption • Lightly modded for QOL and custom content. • Plenty of custom cosmetics, hairstyles and clothing available on creation • Custom global radio chat to easily find RP • Modlist
  6. SERVER OPEN AND PUBLIC - "Pssst... psst... hey you, survivor! Come here, I need help.... I need to heal. Take this please, I found it near Louisville." - *He pulls out a knife and quickly stabs the survivor*. “Knox Country is a tough place to live, survivors struggle for one more day of life trying to find self-sufficient stability between a certain death and the infection.” Welcome to World of Zomboid! - Less skills grind, XP bonus x5 - - Journal recovery skills 50% - - Safehouse claim 2 days - - Vanilla map plus immersive modded towns such as expansion of already existing towns. - - Custom percentage Zeds spawn and random Zeds traits - - Infection by saliva only - - Low loot - - Hard foraging, farming and fishing. - - PvPvE - - RP suggested but not mandatory - - Shops/Money system - - Enhanced Vanilla graphics - - Multi-language support: En/It/Es/De - The best enhanced vanilla settings ever! IP: worldofzomboid.servegame.com Port: 16261 Discord: https://discord.gg/ycE8Zef8 Stay safe! SERVER OPEN AND PUBLIC
  7. Hi all, We opened up a new dedicated server (Intel Xeon, SSDs, 64gb ram) to support our Project Zomboid setup. Currently one server but more will follow shortly, modded, PVP etc [SG] Survival Gamers | PVE | Dedicated Server EU | Vanilla IP: Vanilla (no mods) 50 slots 2xp Starting Kit Safe house protection Player Factions Fast Read Loot Respawn Server Two: PVE Modded - more details soon Server Three: PVP - more details soon Looking to build up a community around this, come help build the community: https://discord.gg/axBwzy2kp5
  8. Hello everyone, I am the owner of the Brutality server. We run a lot differently compared to other servers. When you spawn you will not spawn in a random place, instead you will spawn in the safe zone. Also called the Starter Base, SZ or starter zone, its the main social and trade hub of the server. As a server rule, all player safehouses are located in Lousville. This has allowed us to run events and scenarios very effectively where everyone gets to enjoy. We have many events like : Cold snap, Chopper search, Supply drop, Prison Escape, Whackamole, Helicopter Raid, Blood moon, Military convoy, Pit Challenge, Operations Let There Be Light, Operations Defend the Light, Solar Flare, Tornado, Military Operation In Lousville, New Moon, Santa Attack We have PvP OFF, and its only turned on for special events, duels or faction warfare and when its turned ON pvp is only allowed between consenting parties. Our events are as the name suggests, brutal. For instance, cold snap drops temperatures to -40 with 120km/hour winds for a few hours Or blood moon that turns all zombies into sprinters. These events and the fact that safehouses are only allowed in lousville has created a good community that is surviving against hordes of zombies that not only are spawned by the game, but also manually spawned by the admins. Safezone defense events also reward players for defending their community hub with clothes, skills, and weapons. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/zomboid/13794864 https://discord.gg/RRDttKqpcc Happy surviving ow and its Public - No whitelisting - No password .
  9. PANDEMIA.NETWORK Polish dedicated server for Zomboid. Full Vanilla. A little easier zombies and XP x 2.0 7 days to claim house IP Address: Servers version: 41.65 ----------------- Polski serwer ZOMBOID XP x2.0 ZOMBIE SŁABSZE AKTYWNI GRACZE I FAJNE POMOCNE COMMUNITY https://discord.gg/RC4fkPuHMZ
  10. Hi all, I am going to be starting a new server soon called "M700N's Survival Night". There is a brief description below but for the full details of how it works and how to join, you will have to join our Discord server by following this invite link; https://discord.gg/pUXV9pp How Survival Night works; These are 1 night events and will be announced in the #sn-announcements channel on our Discord server. Survival Night is basically a PvE Horde/Battle Royal type game mode. You will all be spawned into the same location (inside a ready built fort) and all spawn in with the same equipment. You will then have 10 minutes to get set up before the hordes of zeds start attacking the fort. As it is PvE only the Zeds can kill you. It is your decision if you go at it lone wolf or decide to work as a team (I fancy the latter option myself) and try to survive for as long as possible. If you are a member on my PvE Server "M700N's UK PvE Server" then the position you come in the Survival Night match will earn you gifted awards to use within our PvE server. Like I mentioned above all details of this are on our Discord Server. M700N
  11. Hello! Brief advertisement for a 4-slot multiplayer server me and a friend are playing on. It's the stable 39.67.5 Steam build, vanilla, about five days in. Electricity shut down, water still works, we've a small base going if you don't want to set one of your own up. The server is up 24/7 save the occasional server reboot to clear RAM. I'll be trying to keep it to a minimum. The idea is just PvE, and we're looking for either adults or mature players to have in the server, to avoid griefing and the like. The server is rented for a month, but I'll be prolonging if there's enough interest. Message me on Discord at Nick#5501 or reply here, though my response with the server info might be delayed if you do. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.
  12. [EU][PUBLIC] - [No RESET] - [PvP] - [HARDCORE] IP: Port: 16261 Location: EU Slot: 50 "In a world dominated by the undead, where only the most experts and tenacious can survive, the writing "Alive Inside" is the last witness of the human’s presence. But Alive Inside isn’t only the last sign of humanity written on a roof or on a wall in a world dominated by a zombies, is also the essence of a true survivor. Alive Inside is for they who know that these are the end times and nothing will ever be the same again, for they know that there is no hope of surviving. Alive Inside is for who wrestle every day against extinction, for they know that despite the efforts it remains always and only the story of how you died." Alive Inside just a Project Zomboid’s server. VANILLA Nutrizionism: ON Sleep: ON PVP: ON Infection: ON Hard Experience X3 4 Hours for Day Loot respawn every 10 days in game No Cheat – No Backup – No Sky Base
  13. Hello , i host a COOP server with some friends , and i am wondering if anybody wants to join ? Here is a link to my profile , add me if you wish to join (i will probably ask you who are you , just say you are from pz forums :3) http://steamcommunity.com/id/Cringey_Lizard_Profile/
  14. Hi all, Yet another new server just gone live today. Server name; M700N PvE Server UK (Created 16/Aug/16) IMPORTANT INFO; To keep your saves. I have not got a static IP but I have set up Dynamic DNS. When you select the server change the IP to m700n.ddns.net and save it to favourites. This is so when the IP changes on the server it does not affect your save. When saved to favourites it will say that it is offline but you will still be able to connect. Server settings; nightlengthmodifier=1.0 PVP=false PauseEmpty=true GlobalChat=true Open=true ServerWelcomeMessage= <RGB:255,106,255> Welcome to M700N's PZ Server. IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SAVES. I have not got a static IP but I have set up Dynamic DNS. When you select the server change the IP to m700n.ddns.net and save it to favourites. This is so when the IP changes on the server it does not affect your save. You can claim safehouses after 1 successful day of survival (1 hour real time). ! to chat locally press "t", to global chat press "y" or add "/all" before chatting. <LINE> Press /help to have a list of server commands <LINE> <RGB:1,1,1> AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=true DisplayUserName=true SpawnPoint=0,0,0 SafetySystem=true ShowSafety=true SafetyToggleTimer=100 SafetyCooldownTimer=120 Mods=Hydrocraft Map=Muldraugh, KY DoLuaChecksum=true Public=true PublicName=M700N PvE Server UK (Created 16/Aug/16) PublicDescription=IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SAVES. I have not got a static IP but I have set up Dynamic DNS. When you select the server change the IP to m700n.ddns.net and save it to favourites. This is so when the IP changes on the server it does not affect your save. When saved to favourites it will say that it is offline but you will still be able to connect. You can claim safehouses after 1 successful day of survival (1 hour real time). The current mod version installed is; Hydrocraft 7.8 MaxPlayers=200 PingFrequency=10 PingLimit=400 HoursForLootRespawn=2 MaxItemsForLootRespawn=10 ConstructionPreventsLootRespawn=false DropOffWhiteListAfterDeath=false NoFireSpread=true NoFire=true AnnounceDeath=true MinutesPerPage=0.1 HoursForCorpseRemoval=4.0 SaveWorldEveryMinutes=10 PlayerSafehouse=true AdminSafehouse=false SafehouseAllowTrepass=true SafehouseAllowFire=false SafehouseAllowLoot=false SafehouseAllowRespawn=true SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=1 SafeHouseRemovalTime=60 AllowDestructionBySledgehammer=true KickFastPlayers=false SleepAllowed=false SleepNeeded=false Zombies = 4, Distribution = 1, DayLength = 3, StartYear = 1, StartMonth = 6, StartDay = 1, StartTime = 2, WaterShut = 2, ElecShut = 2, WaterShutModifier = 400, ElecShutModifier = 380, FoodLoot = 4, WeaponLoot = 2, OtherLoot = 3, Temperature = 3, Rain = 3, ErosionSpeed = 5, XpMultiplier = 9.0, Farming = 1, StatsDecrease = 4, NatureAbundance = 3, Alarm = 6, LockedHouses = 6, StarterKit = false, Nutrition = false, FoodRotSpeed = 5, FridgeFactor = 5, LootRespawn = 2, TimeSinceApo = 1, PlantResilience = 3, PlantAbundance = 3, EndRegen = 3, ZombieLore = Speed = 3, Strength = 3, Toughness = 3, Transmission = 1, Mortality = 6, Reanimate = 1, Cognition = 3, Memory = 2, Decomp = 1, Sight = 2, Hearing = 2, Smell = 2, ThumpNoChasing = true, ZombieConfig = PopulationMultiplier = 0.5, PopulationStartMultiplier = 1.0, PopulationPeakMultiplier = 1.5, PopulationPeakDay = 28, RespawnHours = 50.0, RespawnUnseenHours = 15.0, RespawnMultiplier = 0.1, RedistributeHours = 12.0, FollowSoundDistance = 200, RallyGroupSize = 20, RallyTravelDistance = 30, RallyGroupSeparation = 15, RallyGroupRadius = 3, Hope to see you all on there soon. Cheers, M700N
  15. WELCOME TO THE RELAUNCHED "EARTH 2" PZ Server (21:40 GMT+0 13th September) EARTH 2 Server SOFT WIPE is scheduled for 15:00 (GMT+0) on Saturday, the 20th of September. EARTH 2 Server UPGRADED to BUILD 29 at 11:00 (GMT+0) on Friday, the 25th of September. EARTH 2 Server DOWNGRADED to BUILD 28 at 00:30 (GMT+0) on Monday, the 29th of September. (Due to lag and players relog bug) EARTH 2 Server - upgraded to BUILD 29 IP: Port: 16361 (Not default 16261) Slots: 16 Server location: [EU] Version: [bUILD 29] PVP: enabled - restricted Softreset: at least once a week Settings: default (loot, zombies) Info: - There will be softresets, because this is a public server. Players tend to log in, loot out half of Westpoint, hide it and never come back. You still keep the chars progress and all you inventory. - Hidden loot. The only room players check in the Policestation is the weaponary. What if some policeman has a hunting rifle in his desk? - Have fun and COOP! If you play alone, isn`t it just like singleplayer? Rules: 1) [PVP] is allowed, but Kill on sight - [KOS] is forbidden. You must give the other player the possibility to trade his belongings for his life. Respect the time other players have invested in their character. 2) [Property] - it is forbidden to destroy or burn down buildings and other player bases and any permanent or player made crates, apart from crates, which block access to other crates or rooms. Respect the time other players have invested into their home. But it is allowed to loot other player’s safehouses, destroy walls or unbarricade windows to enter it etc. 3) [Property Claim] - you can claim any building (except from town centre west point, and the warehouse's in muldrough) by writing your claims into a journal or notepad and leaving it outside or inside the building at the entrance. Other players still can loot it, but they cannot live there without the claimant’s permission. Continuously breaking the rules will result a permanent ban Server admins : Hamu & Ezah Desaf (same nicks on steam) Feel free to contact us if u got any troubles. Hamu
  16. Hello fellow Zomboids, Status: ONLINE so i set up a server and people for some reason really seem to like it. They even asked me to make a thread in this forum, so here we go. The Details are the Following: IP for Direct Connect is: Found in "Public Server Browser" with the filter "krautfleet.net" Name : [PVP][EU][Vanilla] krautfleet.net Location : Nürnberg, Germany Branch : Stable (currently B27) Player slots : 24 Its currently set up with a PVP / Default / NoMods Setup. Currently (mostly due to no_respawn of loot/zombies) New Characters Spawn with: Chips/Crisps, Water, a Bag, a bunch of nails, some bullets. Random Facts: During our First day of uptime 79 People died in PVP on this Server. Currently up for discussion is a date/time for soft-resets. Feel free to visit us aswell on "https://forums.krautfleet.net"
  17. THIS SERVER IS RUNNING THE BUILD 25v3 updated at 26.03.14 - 19:45 CET See here the instructions : http://theindiestone...build-25-sp-mp/ Hey Yo Survivor, its me Jesse. What you didnt knew, i love Video Games. I thought i host a Server after my odyssey with Walter.... finally can chill out in Germany (alaska was way too cold) and play pZ all day long. mostly very friendly ppl playing on this server PS: still got some blue meth left muhahahaha! CONNECTION Hostname (IP) : Jp-Pz.No-Ip.Biz Port : 16261 (default) Username : YOURNAME (without spaces or special characters) You can choose a password if you want, so your username will be protected. SERVER SETTINGS Max. Players = 32 Zombie Population = normal Loot Rarity = normal PVP=truePauseEmpty=trueGlobalChat=trueOpen=trueLogLocalChat=true (so u wont miss what ur buddy wrote local)AutoCreateUserInWhiteList=trueDisplayUserName=trueSpawnPoint=0,0,0SafetySystem=trueShowSafety=trueSafetyToggleTimer=100SafetyCooldownTimer=120SpawnItems= Don't kill on sight! And definately don't kill fresh Spawns... It's desirable to do RP to make this the best experience possible. But you don't have to do RP, just dont play it like a damn Maniac! You can choose a password when you join so your username will be protected and nobody else can take it. RULES RULE 1 No cheating. RULE 2 No insults, racism, etc. RULE 3 Don't use unallowed Characters in ur Name, allowed Characters are A-Z, 0-9.... etc..... unallowed are especially those crypt symbols no one has on his keyboard....I dont want to see those Crypto Names anymore, Names like "Фант".... get an instant Ban RESET SOFT RESETS AREN'T WORKING VERY WELL, WE'LL CONTINUE WITH FULL RESETS ONLY. NEXT HARD RESET WILL BE perhaps ON 28/03/2014 16:30 CET + (gmt+1) Server has been hard resetted 24/03/2014 at 16:15 CET (gmt+1) SERVER STATUS Problems connecting? Check if u have Build 25v3 (Update from 25.03.14) installed then leave me please a Message Main Menu Bottom right corner shows Build 25
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