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  1. Hello, I need your help. I am not able to access multiplayer servers, even when I am the host. I've tried everything, when I uninstall and reinstall the game I can connect once, but after leaving the server I have the same connection error again. I'm attaching the console but the line I believe is responsible for this is znet: Connection closed: reason = 2 port = 1 https://pastebin.com/8anC9iU6 Help me, Thank you in advance!
  2. I had to delete my lua files and uninstall my game to be able to get back to build 40, now it won"t let me join my friends private server and now I get this message. File does not exist on the client: media/scripts/Alchemy.txt What should I do?
  3. I've been playing project zomboid build 41 for a couple of hours, but after I play again, the error at the bottom right corner been popping up whenever I click "continue" or "load" on the menu I even tried to play a new game, restarted the game or reinstalling.
  4. Error trying to use <RIGHT>; from console.txt: function: render -- file: RichTextLayout.lua line # 407 ... LOG : General, 1593545810494> Object tried to call nil in render in RichTextLayout.lua: 404: if orient == "centre" then 405: ui:drawTextCentre(string.trim(v), x + self.width / 2 , y + self.marginTop + self.lineY[c], r, g, b,1, self.font) 406: elseif orient == "right" then 407: ui:drawTextLeft(string.trim(v), x + self.marginLeft + self.lineX[c], y + self.marginTop + self.lineY[c], r, g, b,1, self.font) 408: else 409: ui:drawText(string.tri
  5. Hi Folks, I looked through the bug tracker and haven't seen this one mentioned, so I hope it's not a dupe of something already reported. I've recently returned to Zomboid after a little hiatus and been playing with the latest build of 41.39 and was excited to hear that clothing can actually be repaired! However, when I attempt to repair clothing I see the progress dialog bar but nothing gets repaired and the resources are consumed. I also see little red error boxes in the lower right of UI after I inspect clothing and right-click Hole to get the Patch Hole c
  6. ...more precisely, the function works, but not correctly, because of which it seems that it does not work - the confirmation button is blocked and immediately becomes available again. an error in the function `ISTextBox:updateButtons()`, which is called every (frame update?) in `ISTextBox:prerender()` function ISTextBox:updateButtons() self.yes:setEnable(true); self.yes.tooltip = nil; local text = self.entry:getText() if self.validateFunc and self.validateText ~= text then self.validateText = text -- after that the next iteration doesn't check and self.yes.enab
  7. I've been playing on Build 41 for a while now and wanted to rollback to stable in order to play multiplayer, however the game won't display the menu UI after reinstalling. The red error pops up signalling that there is 1 error, but I'm not sure what it is or what to look for. It's happening to another friend of mine as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I'm not sure if this is a bug with LuaManager or if I'm doing something wrong, but calling addVehicle spits out an invocation error on 41.21. The vehicle seems to be spawned correctly, but it disappears when the player leaves the cell. On Build 40 neither the error nor the despawning occurs. Code to replicate the error: addVehicle("Base.SmallCar") -- spawns a Chevalier Dart The error:
  9. when I'm fighting zombies and I go left the character doesn't push and when I start a save one appears in the corner of the screen
  10. I've been enjoying the new Build 41 beta recently and while generally having a lot of fun, i found a rather annoying, albeit minor, issue. When i try painting a wall with a brush and a paint bucket, the game just pops out the good ol red box with a number and doesn't do anything. I tried different paints, manually assigning the brush and the paint bucket to their respective hands, reloading the game and nothing changed. The fact that drawing symbols works fine makes it even more annoying. I can provide the log messages if needed. Pls fix i need those walls blue
  11. I made my map in WorldEd+TIleZed, did everything according to the guide from the official forum. I set the spawn points. But, when I select my location and click "Next" I get this error in the console: 1568270470051 STACK TRACE 1568270470051 ----------------------------------------- 1568270470051 function: clickNext - file: MapSpawnSelect.lua line # 169 1568270470052 function: onOptionMouseDown - file: MapSpawnSelect.lua line # 143 1568270470053 function: onMouseUp - file: ISButton.lua line # 55 at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.tableget(KahluaThread.java:1654)
  12. I found an error when translating. error contents UI_OnConnectFailed_NonAsciiCharacters = "Username contains non-Ascii characters.", line 992: UI_ServerOption_AllowNonAsciiUsername = "Allow Non Ascii Username, java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String ind
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help with installing zomboid mods on my NUC based linux server. I'm running an Intel NUC 6i5syh with 16gb ram, running Ubuntu Server 16.04 (just a command line, no gui). I've managed to run vanilla servers fine. I've used wget to download steamcmd, unzipped and run. After steamcmd has run, i've installed and run the zomboid server, port forwarded as necessary, and modified the servertest.ini file to get the basic game working the way I like. I've had a handful of friends playing this game no worries. Now though,
  14. Hey everyone and merry christmas to all of you! I enjoyed playing PZ with friends for a long time. Recently we had a longer break and wanted to start again since the stable build (in GOG) 38.30.3 is out. I updated my copy with the Galaxy client, my friend installed the updated version directly (he owns a copy but doesn't want to use a client) and we wanted to play, so I hosted a server but when he wanted to join, every single connection try resulted in a failure. The error message in his dos box said that a no steam client would not be able to connect to a steam client. As I mentio
  15. Hey guys I need some help with TileZed's BuildingEd. I just finished a cool building that I worked so hard on, saved it and everything, didn't click on anything out of the ordinary. When I went to WorldEd, I clicked on my building, didn't show a preview image. When I dragged it out onto my Cell, it didn't show a building, neither did it plop a building when I placed it on my map itself. Then I went to BuildingEd to see if I messed something up, and instead I got an error saying, "Error Reading Building - Invalid Object Coordinates (1, -3 Line 2209, Column 72". What does this mean and how can I
  16. Hi Spiffo's Community, I have a problem when I tried to open the server settings at the build 33 of Project zomboid, when I opened the pz server settings from the folder "PZServerSettings", I opened the .bat and this problem appeared "to could not load the class zombie.PZServerSettings.MainWindow" I want an aswer as early as possible Thanks for you interesting on this topic.
  17. So my friends and I are playing on a server hosted by another friend. Long story short I left the oven on and burned down our farmhouse and crops and killed 2 of my friends. Accidents. We decided to restart completely, change some settings and load up a new map. First we loaded up and the map didn't change so we deleted everything in C:\Users\*****\Zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer and the hoster deleted some things including the servertest.db in the C:\Users\*****\Zomboid\db When we try to join server we all got errors, even the host. I attached the console.txt where it said mo
  18. Hi all, Today i've a problem with my server and specially with the checksum verification, i've install Hydrocraft and no problem it works, client can acess to the server, etc... But I would had ORM Gun Mod, and they're error with checksum verification and I don't know why because we use the same version of the workshop... Someone can help me ?
  19. After having a break from the game I've started a new server, as I do upon new updates. It's not a public server, it's running on my home network and people will join locally on the same network. For some reason it won't let me connect to the server, as it's loading the map it errors and prompts me to quit. I've attached the file it asked me to look at. There was a bit that jumped out at me... I've recently bought a new gaming mouse as my last one broke, could this be what's causing the error? Specs: Windows 7 64-bit Intel i5-2500 3.3ghz Geforce GTX 780 Thank you. console.txt
  20. So, I bought project zomboid after I had played it at a friends house, but after I downloaded it, the game doesn't open. When I launch the game through either my desktop or library, a little command prompt window opens and closes after about half a second. I would really appreciate it if I got some help from you guys, I really want to play this game.
  21. Hey folks, I'm just throwing this up here as a sort of last ditch effort, I've all but given up on being able to play multiplayer with my friend on a server I'm hosting. I've tried several of the troubleshooting tips that you can find around the net, port forwarding, using Tunngle instead of Hamachi etc. Do any of you know if there's common slip-ups or mistakes when trying to get a friend to connect via LAN simulation? I feel like the ports are all forwarded, the Hamachi client is running, my server is running on my PC... we've tried a million permutations lol Feels like it should work, b
  22. I am trying to update my Fletchery mod to Build 27, but I am having sudden problems with the reload system. The code for it is here: local wepBow0 = { name = getItemText("Crossbow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Bolts', shootSound = 'arrowFire', clickSound = 'click', ejectSound = 'arrowReload', insertSound = 'arrowReload', rackSound = 'arrowReload', maxCapacity = 1, reloadTime = 20, rackTime = 10};local wepBow1 = { name = getItemText("Homemade Bow"), moduleName = 'Fletchery', reloadClass = 'ISShotgunWeapon', ammoType = 'Arrows', shootSound = 'arrowFire
  23. Hi dear admins, recently i start the project zomboid server and found that java error [ADJUNTED] i need help i test to remove and turn install full game on steam but i cant start the server. If that try doesn't works i deduce is that a java error pls i need help. Thanks
  24. Hi, I come to present this problem that me comes happening very of followed, when I try to connect to an Internet server, since to a server route hamachi, it connects me, the presentation of the game appears and then it jumps a cartel saying "your lua files are not the same as the server's. the game will now exit, sorry", I hope that they could help me, since I cannot get to any server, hope that they could understand me, since I am using a translator, thanks
  25. Hi, I'm not particularly versed in Linux, I've setup servers in the past though, even PZ servers but this one is troubling me. I'm trying to run the server on what I think is CentOS (Server hosted by CreeperHost). I got through the Steam part, downloaded the game and everything no problems, but when I try to ./projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh I get this Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option UseSplitVerifier; support was removed in 8.0Loading RakNet from: /home/minecraft/steam/pz/projectzomboidException in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /home/minecraft/stea
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