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Found 8 results

  1. My girlfriend is a pyromaniac. (help me) Anyway, jokes aside. She is, and she’s burned down the Rosewood prison more times than I can count. All while the power was still on. But one thing I noticed is that it was pretty easy for her to just set the place alight and horde up the zombies without much of an issue. I thought, MAN! We should really have a system for that. So, here’s my thought— —fire alarms. - Allow me to explain how this could work: When you use a Molotov to, let’s say, clear up a horde in central Rosewood. Or, you attempt to burn down a house in multiplayer that your least favorite person happens to be living in. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #1: THE BEEP-BEEP AND FLASH FLASH. When this happens, the smoke catches an alarm! Usually, at least— I don’t think trailers have fire alarms?? I could be wrong. Anyways, regardless of where they are, what ensues is a beep beep and a flash flash from the fire alarm until it’s either manually deactivated, burns up or the fire is removed. MAIN ISSUES: Now, I am not a programmer, but I feel like it might be a pain to add this to every single house. Maybe like civic structures or public locations?? I’m not sure. I imagine it’d be sort of like a house alarm, just for fires..? Another issue is epilepsy. I am not a doctor, but adding a flashing white light may not be a great idea for those with epileptic conditions. Again, not a doctor, I could be wrong, but it is something to consider. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #2: HEARING ISSUES I’ll make this simple. HEARING PROBLEMS! When a fire alarm goes off in somebodies face, and they have a trait that deters hearing (Not deaf, obviously, but you know what I mean) the alarm could cause a ringing sound to play or something of the sort, in your ears. This can also apply to house alarms. MAIN ISSUES: It might be hard to simulate perfectly, since it’s hard to get a realistic ringing sound. But that’s just me thinking, I’m not sure how sound design works either. SUGGESTED MECHANIC #3: BALANCING I am so sorry about how long this has gotten, over fire alarms for gods sake. This is the last one, I just wanted to explain in further detail how I feel this could balance the game. Molotovs are very good, and once you find a bar or something they’re essentially cake to make. Let’s say, hypothetically, you're a silly guy and start lugging a burning horde around Muldraugh. Okay, cool! But, one of them stumbles through the police station or pizza place— now there’s an alarm going off. Suddenly, a bunch of zombies are coming in from all sides of the forest and city! You either move your entire horde and escape the oncoming encirclement, or you’ve failed. In this scenario, fire alarms present a new challenge for the player during Molotov burning and motivates players to learn a new type of skill— not an in-game skill— zombie horde control. Let’s say you’re a silly guy and leave the oven on while you take a fat nap. Well, now you’ve got a horde knocking down the walls of your cute cabin in the woods, and you gotta book it and come back to clear it later! It’s little mistakes like those that keep the game interesting, throw you in for a loop and keep you playing with motivation. Finally, let’s say you wanna burn down your friend’s base in multiplayer. Maybe you could do it, but you’ll also have to escape the oncoming horde! Then again, it fuels a feud between you and your friend and creates further interesting drama when the horde shows up to slap you into oblivion. But… they can also be useful, too. Maybe setting a fire to get a horde off your back using a fire alarm, or attracting a large horde to burn them— even if it costs your life— also produces mechanics that can be used by the player. Similarly to house alarms. It also may alert a player to a fire somewhere in their area. MAIN ISSUES: I’m not sure how much of an effect this would really have on molotovs or on the game. Everything I’ve said there is completely hypothetical scenarios, and maybe it will never happen ever. Or maybe it will. CONCLUSION: Overall, my suggestion here is the addition of fire alarms to the game and mechanics related to hearing issues to go along with it. There’s plenty of issues with this suggestion I stated above, I acknowledge, but I stand by my suggestion regardless. Any add-ons or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!! (I am so so violently sorry about how long this is.)
  2. American English and British English diverge on the meaning of the word fanny. In the US, it refers to bottom, like a fanny pack. In the UK, it's a vulgar word that refers to female anatomy. Fanny pack - Wikipedia Urban Dictionary: Fanny Fraser’s Phrases: Five Mild American Words The British Find Rude | Anglophenia | BBC America If ya ever set up a separate UK English version of the game, you may want to consider renaming the fanny pack to, say, a bum bag for them! Which is their inoffensive term for a fanny pack. In British English, fanny pack has a very different meaning.... Or to see a Brit reacting to finding a fanny pack in-game in real time:
  3. SERVER STARTING FEBUARY 3RD, 2023. 7:45 PM EST. 1993… Knox County, Kentucky… Hello, and, thank you for considering our server! Rivercity Roleplay has been running for 3 months now, and we couldn’t have done it without the continued influx of players, and much, much more support than initially anticipated. Rivercity Roleplay is a super-serious, text-based, custom-lore roleplay revolving around the infamous Knox County Exclusion Zone, and the survivors within. We strive on serious, immersive roleplay that is driven by players, for players. Our community consists of veteran writers and established lore-writers and administrators to keep the system running, along with incredibly motivated community members and assistants who make sure your experience is as good as it should be! Striving ourselves on a serious, yet lenient set of standards for roleplay and writing, we try and make sure the application process is heavily vetted- making sure only the serious, and grammatically correct applicants get in for the maximum level of immersion possible. We strive for unparalleled realism, and seriousness in our field- and try to make the experience as amazing for all players involved as possible. We feature - -> An indepth, custom lore that is detailed, yet not hard to get into or get involved with. -> Text-RP only, for maximum immersion! No character-breaks IC, and absolutely no meta or OOC in IC play! -> A freeform, gameplay-oriented combat system, no need for dice and incredibly complex systems! -> Serious, narrative-driven character experiences and storylines. -> A custom, long-form modlist that adds realism, character-building, and immersive mods, while also having plenty of QOL features aswell! -> A focus on cutting-edge realism, with period-appropriate vehicles, weapons, and more. -> A dedicated pair of owners and staff, who seek to help you with both the application process, and much more! -> So, so much more to explore and enjoy!
  4. SERVER OPEN AND PUBLIC - "Pssst... psst... hey you, survivor! Come here, I need help.... I need to heal. Take this please, I found it near Louisville." - *He pulls out a knife and quickly stabs the survivor*. “Knox Country is a tough place to live, survivors struggle for one more day of life trying to find self-sufficient stability between a certain death and the infection.” Welcome to World of Zomboid! - Less skills grind, XP bonus x5 - - Journal recovery skills 50% - - Safehouse claim 2 days - - Vanilla map plus immersive modded towns such as expansion of already existing towns. - - Custom percentage Zeds spawn and random Zeds traits - - Infection by saliva only - - Low loot - - Hard foraging, farming and fishing. - - PvPvE - - RP suggested but not mandatory - - Shops/Money system - - Enhanced Vanilla graphics - - Multi-language support: En/It/Es/De - The best enhanced vanilla settings ever! IP: worldofzomboid.servegame.com Port: 16261 Discord: https://discord.gg/ycE8Zef8 Stay safe! SERVER OPEN AND PUBLIC
  5. Hey everyone! My names Rocksfaux and I'm just posting here to make everyone aware we are looking for more people to turn our co-op host session for our streams on twitch into a public server. Ideally more people who wish to help us secure a area to turn into a community or even other groups to commence trade within our discord at first and see if its viable commiting to a server. It will be a modded server to aid in QOL improvements and such. Our discord can be found here: https://discord.gg/Rwhx2VMQ Or add myself on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/nickyarocks Or even twitch if you just want to get a glimpse first before commiting: https://www.twitch.tv/rocksfaux Thanks for reading and hope to speak soon!
  6. 1) Open TileZed 1.2) Select "Tools -> .pack files -> Pack Viewer" 2) Select "File -> Open .pack" 2.1) Go to \Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\texturepacks 2.2) Choose "Tiles2x.pack" 2.3) Select "File -> Extract Images" I recommend you to select "Each tile as separate image" [Warning: There are more than 9900 tiles!] 2.4) Press at "..." 2.5) Choose any empty folder Modify tiles as you wish 3) Select "Tools -> .pack files -> create .pack file" 3.1) Select any folder where you want to save your texture pack 3.2) Name the texture pack as "Tiles2x" 3.3) Select "Output texture size" -> "2048x2048" 3.4) Press "+" 3.5) Choose the folder with your modified tiles 3.6) If you have chosen "Each tile as separate image" at 2.3) step, uncheck the box. 3.7) Press OK 3.8) BACKUP VANILLA TILE2X 3.9) Put the modified "Tiles2x.pack" into \Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\texturepacks Profit! Russian Version [Русская Версия]
  7. Pann

    Old Dawn RP

    Server info: Server status: ONLINE Server location: United States Player slots: 24 HOW TO CONTACT US: Official Website: www.OldDawnRP.Enjin.com Team Speak: Available on the Site SERVER NAME: Old Dawn RP We’re currently opening up a few applications to our server. We are a mid-range RP server, that focuses on enjoying RP, while enjoying the game as well. We have a light rule set, and are just looking for a few more players to round out our server. Our Prime Player base tends to be in the evenings and mid-day weekends, but we are open all day so that players can play and join our Australian and European players. If you’re interested in joining a small server, where you can tell your own story and enjoy the game, feel free to register and give us a look.
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