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Found 3 results

  1. After reading post about generation explosion I've got an idea. What if we can have that system on cars? When engine durability is lower than 40% (for example), we can have a chance of engine break. After engine break you should exit your car and make some engine maitenance (without spare part). The lower state of engine-the longer it will take to repair. And if the engine condition is very low, you should have a chance of fatal break, after that you should repair it with high mechanic skill and with a fair amount of spare parts. I think that this system can generate some awesome moments. What do you think?
  2. Hey guys, This is a bit of a Work In Progress right now, but now there's a few posts up in the series, I'm open for critique. From the 5th post onwards, I'm trying a slightly different format based on feedback I received from the first 4 entries. There's more snippets of functioning code, complete working code at the end of it (also available to grab on GitHub), and a few more fully interactive demonstrations where applicable. Realmscape HTML5 Game Engines in JavaScript Blog Series Briefly: This is a blog series I've started on the components of a Game Engine, based around actually making an engine of your own in JavaScript. It was originally going to be written alongside a refactor of our near feature-complete engine, but has since taken a turn to cover things slowly and a little more thoroughly. The examples are in JavaScript, because it is reasonably close (complexity-wise) to pseudo-code, and will run on anything with a web browser. It's easy to learn, easy to translate from, and does not under-perform too badly on a range of devices. I'll update this post with new content, as I remember, and turn this into something a bit more legible when I get time. Current posts: (in order) Making an Engine, or making Games?The Basics: Development EnvironmentThe Basics: Game LoopBasic Math: InterpolationThe Very Beginning (Making a text-based interface)Human Interaction (Handling user input)Keyboard Bindings (Create reconfigurable key binds)Prototype, var, and Object oddities (WIP)Planned posts: (vaguely ordered) These will happen eventually, but after some feedback from JavaScript novices I'm taking it a bit slower than previously anticipated. The Basics: Handling User InputService LocatorThe Basics: Asset LoadingRendering: TextBasic Entities: StructurePrototype: The Engine So FarRendering: 2DRendering: 3DAI: Finite State MachinesAI: Behaviour TreesAI: PathfindingPhysics & Collisions
  3. Hello all, I've been trying to set up a server using Google Compute Engine but find myself being stuck. I've installed everything that needs to be installed, I can start the server, no problem. Only thing is, i'm unable to connect to the server. I've opened the required ports in a firewall rule for all source IP as normal, but when I try to connect, i get this message on the server's console : User jet is trying to connect. Connected new client jet ID # 0 and assigned DL port 16262 testing TCP download port 16262 And it waits and waits, nothin happens. I'm pretty sure it's because no connection has been requested from the outsite of the network on that specific port that the outgoing traffic can't be sent, but I was wondering if anyone else has tried to make it work. Thanks for your help guys !
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