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Found 4 results

  1. steam://connect/ [ Dedicated Server ][ ACTIVE STAFF ][ VOIP ENABLED ] CHALLENGING, REWARDING AND BALANCED SURVIVAL SERVER [ Join our community on DISCORD: https://discord.gg/huhC7mah2J ] [ Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3018192930 ] || Loot respawns every 28 in-game days - Transmission: BITE ONLY || || Faction/Safehouses(Only safe while offline)/VEHICLE Ownership - Shared Faction Map || || Looking for a challenge!? Take the SUSCEPTIBLE Trait!!! || - PvE Zone at Green Hell Community Center [27/32]!!! Check our DISCORD for maps, trades & voice channels! - - RADIO PUBLIC FREQUENCY: 500 MHz (For light RP or public chat. Starter Kit Walkie-Talkie covers most of map.) - +4 Free Trait Points - 10x Faster Reading - Double XP on ALL SKILLS - - Custom Starter Kit (Includes Walkie-Talkie for comms & CURRENCY MOD) - [ MOD SPOTLIGHT ] - 45+ Unique Map Locations: Unique spawn points in 12 major cities/towns - Rewarding Night Combat: Weapon XP Boost - Dr. Hyde's Vaccine: Fight the Zed Infection! + They Knew cure (also sold at Green Hell shop) - Skill Journal: 75% XP Recovery incl. Passive Skills (FIT/STR) - Brita's Armor & Weapons + Night Vision Goggles & Gun Scopes! - Unique Melee Weps: Reinforced Bat & Viking Axe - Unique Ranged Weps: Kitsune's Crossbows - Ammo Maker + Metalworking Expanded - Channel your inner junkyard warrior w/ Scrap Weapons & Guns! - TOP ZED-KILLER & SURVIVOR Leaderboards - BOUNTY HUNTING system run out of Green Hell Security Office - More Builds + More Builds Appliances - Expanded Helicopter Events - TONS OF UNIQUE CARS incl. Atelier Armored Vehicles!!! - Immersive Solar Arrays: RARE SPAWNS - Extra Trait Effects: Additional effects + balanced costs - True Music & Actions: Dancing, Sitting, Lying [ USEFUL TIPS ] - Stalker Masks protect from Toxic Zones! - Kill enough Zeds and BECOME DESENSITIZED!!! - Don’t smoke for 14 days to lose SMOKER Trait - HARSH WINTER - TOXIC ZONES - NIGHT SPRINTERS - WANDERING HORDES - Come join our community on Discord for more info!!! https://discord.com/invite/huhC7mah2J Official Server Map (Green Hell PVE Zone at green star)
  2. Hello everyone, I am the owner of the Brutality server. We run a lot differently compared to other servers. When you spawn you will not spawn in a random place, instead you will spawn in the safe zone. Also called the Starter Base, SZ or starter zone, its the main social and trade hub of the server. As a server rule, all player safehouses are located in Lousville. This has allowed us to run events and scenarios very effectively where everyone gets to enjoy. We have many events like : Cold snap, Chopper search, Supply drop, Prison Escape, Whackamole, Helicopter Raid, Blood moon, Military convoy, Pit Challenge, Operations Let There Be Light, Operations Defend the Light, Solar Flare, Tornado, Military Operation In Lousville, New Moon, Santa Attack We have PvP OFF, and its only turned on for special events, duels or faction warfare and when its turned ON pvp is only allowed between consenting parties. Our events are as the name suggests, brutal. For instance, cold snap drops temperatures to -40 with 120km/hour winds for a few hours Or blood moon that turns all zombies into sprinters. These events and the fact that safehouses are only allowed in lousville has created a good community that is surviving against hordes of zombies that not only are spawned by the game, but also manually spawned by the admins. Safezone defense events also reward players for defending their community hub with clothes, skills, and weapons. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/zomboid/13794864 https://discord.gg/RRDttKqpcc Happy surviving ow and its Public - No whitelisting - No password .
  3. Greetings! I currently working on a new server and wanted to get some feedback and some admins for it. Connection stuff: Technical stuff: Settings: Maps: Mods:
  4. BOX_OF_MAGIC [PVE] [GER/ENG] [32 Slots] rules: respect each other and keep calm. enjoy yourself and dont panic. [ts:] get your own clan-channel.
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