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Found 4 results

  1. Careful shooting without ear protection. Shoot too much without it, or just one poorly timed shot indoors can make your character deaf. Three strike rule is in play. First offense, you have a spell of tinnitus. Second strike you become hard of hearing. Third strike you become deaf. I SAID YOU BECOME DE- oh forget it.
  2. OK, I´m trying to learn how to make new traits and professions. I would need a step-by-step beginner (for dummies) tutorial for coding these effects in lua, so I can get a hang of it. For example, here are a few traits and the effects I had in mind; - Rare genes; genetically immune to the zombie infection, a very rare trait or very expensive in points. How would I code the effect? - Epileptic; Epileptic seizures have a random chance of stopping the character in place for say 10-30 sec or slowing him/her down. Can be prevented with antiepileptics (must be taken regularly) or say digitalis tea (forageable natural remedy, toxic if overdosed) There could also be a modifier to seizures, say stress and fatigue would provoke them more easily. - Psychotic; If left unhappy for too long the character has a random chance to become psychotic which would have some nasty effects (any ideas?) like impaired functionality (can´t do many tasks etc.) Profession Trait; Teaching; Can give other characters an xp boost like books with the cost of giving both sides boredom etc. Ideally the teacher would give a higher bonus when his/her skill in the subject is higher, but could only teach as high as his/her own skill level. Any ideas on how to code these, help would be much appreciated.
  3. I like little interesting things in games that you have to be paying attention to appreciate. Here's a list of some that I will update. Ideas: Comment on this topic with an idea, and I can add one of your ideas. CheezeIsGouda: When a zombie, NPC, or player dies, a blood puddle slowly forms around the body, suggesting they are bleeding on the ground. The size of the blood puddle and how fast it forms would depend on the type of weapon used to kill them and/or the severity of injuries on the body at the time of death. Which one is added, should depend on the games limits. (List of blood puddle size to weapon killed with: Fists: None/Very Small. Fork: Very small. Bat: Medium. Kitchen Knife: Large. Axe: Large, and so on.) Maybe a humanoid character stepping on the blood puddles or other blood decals would give that character bloody footprints for a short time, resulting in interesting player, zombie, and npc tracking. CheezeIsGouda: When a player or NPC has a bleeding debuff, they slowly drip blood onto the ground. Oops, bleeding onto ground from bleeding debuff is already added. -snip-: Have the weapon in your hand slowly break in appearance as the quality goes down. -snip-: I think you should change the amount of blood dripping depending on weapon, into amount of blood dripping depending on the severity of the cut, you could kill someone with an axe, but there is no guarantee it will be a large cut. malankatank: ...It would be cool when you swing the axe and one shot kill a zombie with a head blow, that there is a possibility the head could be lopped off. Also along the lines of that you could hack off a leg (making a crawler (we shall call him Stumpy)) or take off an arm. INoEmo: I think it would be pretty cool if, with some weapons, when it breaks it leaves you with something sharp (golf club stick with a pointy end where it broke, baseball bat handle that is sharp, etc) that you can stick in a zombies face for an insta kill, but you don't get it back. It would be like one last "fuck you" to the horde as they start chomping down on you. Thanks for reading, and please leave some ideas of your own, or any comments.
  4. SO ya, What's That Sound? I am uploading a small sound clip. Identify the object that is making the tinking sound in the beginning. Only one guess per user, don't want to get to overcrowded.. Ahh who cares, post away with multiple guesses. Who ever gets it right gets a cookie.. And I'll post the picture. Edit: *Hint* If you know what fight scene and what movie it is from, keep it to yourself for now. The thing that makes the sound was dropped on the floor. So what it is not: Sword, beer, any type of medical injection, a poor scout dispenser, drum sticks. Added mp3. Top one is ogg, bottom is mp3. WhatsThatSound1.zip WhatsThatSound1mp3.zip
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