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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I’m totally a newbie at this editor and am trying to get it to work. I’m not sure I’m doing something wrong or where its supposed to be installed at, but currently when I enter the building editor I’m unable to see any of the objects. All I’ve done so far is download the editor and tiles and extracted them, I'm not sure how to tell the editor where the tiles are that are missing. I wanted to mess around with the building editor before I started mapping cells. Would appreciate the help (:
  2. Ok when using the wall tool make sure for these sides you click on Exterior wall and select your texture. Click the multicolored square at the top toolbar and you get the room tool. then go to the plus and click add room When you open it up you see there are two names, the top one doesn't matter, the second one indicates what spawns there, so if im making a bedroom put bedroom for internal room name. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5461-full-list-of-current-room-definitions/ this is a good list to help you figure out the names for spawns (THANK YOU RingoD123 for the roomlist). Then go down and click interior walls none (if you used the wall tool) do the same for Tri Go to floors and pick your floor tiles you want, i choose carpet for this bedroom If you click on the little color box, it will let you choose a color so you don't confuse yourself when you have more than one room like 2+ bedrooms, one you can set to blue, another to red. if you want or you can keep using the same one if it's going to use the exact same floors. then you go to the exterior walls and select what you want the outside walls to be, if you want to use the wall tool, select none and it will look like this If you want it to match or use a different color for the hallways outside the bedroom go to exterior walls and select your wall (i decided to match mine). If you go to Ortho you get an overhead view and you'll notice that your rooms are visible based on the color you picked earlier you can do everything without using the room tool if you want, then when you want to spawn stuff(you will need to use the room tool for that) you just set everything in the room tool to none, and go to exterior walls and click it to NONE and it will look like this (this way you can continue using the wall tool). Wall tool version This is how you do floors in ISO mode rather easy. Just go to floors when you have your room selected red bedroom(or whichever you picked) and pick the floor tile you can switch back and forth once you have the rooms setup using the textures on the right, just change the Room drop down menu I have highlighted and it will automatically fill it in Red Bedroom right window click on tile, bam, blue bedroom click on tile, bam, etc etc Also dont be a NUB put lightswitches in your house or it will be pitch black Lighting - Indoor Also if you want to spawn items not found in a bedroom in a bedroom but not mess up dressers too here's how, make a new room with a new internal name - I picked gunstore for gun spawns, picks a gun locker for furniture and placed it. set everything to none, except the same color floor, then this is where ORTHO helps and the color coding click the draw room tool after selecting the new room from the drop down menu you'll notice I have 4 square selected (only need one for the gun locker) but the furniture is blocking the tile so I did 4 for you to see As you can tell it all looks the same in ISO mode, but anything that is storage will spawn gunstore stuff now on those 4 tiles So when you have stuff like offices, that you want office supplies, but also have something like a mini fridge, or cabinets, you can just do that and keep the same textures, but have different spawns! I hope I explained it well. Hopefully there will be more to come! I often get questions in Discord so since I go through the effort to walk people through it I figure I'd share it here! Again TY StarKitty for the motivation! Happy Mapping!
  3. So earlier today, it was brought to my attention there are some new tiles that "Starkittycat || Game Dev || YT" made me aware of. One of those new tiles is Sliding Glass Doors! So here's how to use them on your house to pretty em up all nice. Ok top left click on Building - Then tiles Left side the top menu click on Doors Then in the middle window pane, scroll till you get to fixtures_doors_01, then on the right side the doors will appear. Go down and click on the white sliding glass door(or the red ones). Then you see my mouse cursor in the bottom left is over the Plus symbol. click Add Tiles Click Ok when you see it added to fixtures_doors_01 on the bottom left menu. Ok then go to ISO mode and click on Door Icon at the top toolbar, then click on Door Frames in the right side menu, Select NONE otherwise it will act strange This is what happens if you don't click none, apparently the modified it for doors to act sideways. This is it with door frames at none. Now I'm going to do windows. Ok, so click on the windows, then select the white window one without a handle, Go to the bottom left and click the plus. (just like we did with doors Then in ISO mode click on the Window Tool in the top toolbar, then go to the windows, on the right side menu and select the white sliding door window under fixtures_doors_01 Now you don't have to go to Tiles ever again for those textures! it is a little silly, but it saves time later on. I hope this helps everyone add some awesome sliding glass doors to their houses! Happy Mapping and thanks to StarKitty for motivating me to do this!
  4. Hey Indie Stoners, I'm playing PZ for about a month now and the 130+ hours i collected hopefully speak for themselves. Congratulations for the release of the newest build. Having such progress after a few weeks may make me a spoiled kid though. So I'm looking forward to build39 within the next weeks. I'm here to give a bit of a feedback but mainly to ask a catalogue of questions. I'm quite tempted to make a map for your game by my own. But I need to know what I'm getting into, as I am aware that this will be an effortful task. For TF2 I carried a map within 5 months to its first alpha stage but eventually dropped it for the time being. This was caused by the strict sets of options you get if you want the map to succeed gameplaywise. There's so much to balance for a teambased game like this, that I was demoralized (after a few mediocre tests) by all the compromises and their solutions one has to make. (Link to the unfinished TF2 map) With less "lod" but more freedom to build what I want to and focus on atmosphere, I hope to have a better experience building for another game I got passionate about. 1. The Editor I already downloaded it and checked it out, watched and read a few tutorials but quite a few questions remain: 1.1. I can't understand why the whole process is structured like it ís if my observations were correct: TL;DR Am I forced to follow the order of the process as I understood it in the tutorials and do I have to repeat most of the steps again every time I like to edit a part of it. 1.1.1. Why do you have to draw the fixed basic structures as the first thing? One has to know quiet exactly where the streets etc. (base map), the forests (veg map) and the zombies will have to be (zombie spawn map) before he even started! Also why isn't this part of the editor itself - why do you have to use another program to draw a png and a bitmap? Why can't I just start with empty tiles and draw rawly on that? 1.1.2. Why do you have to set the inner / exterior wall textures (f.e.) before you draw the wall in the building editor? Wouldn't it be more intuitive to just draw an empty wall and detail it later? 1.1.3. Is there really only one exterior wall texture you can choose for the whole building? Or: How can I make a stone building f.e. with glass-walls in between. When I change the wall type, it always changes it for the whole building. 1.1.4. Why do I have to set the function of the room (bathroom etc.) before I draw the room? Why can't I just build a house, then set rooms and do some detailing in between? 1.1.5. How do you edit a map? If I feel a street is just a few tiles too long, do I have to draw the whole base/veg/zombie map again? ...each time I wanna test it out ingame? When there is new content (like the cars that might come sooner or later) - will i have to edit and update the map again to let it spawn cars or implement some of them myself? 1.2. What's randomly generated, how does spawn work and what is possible to do? 1.2.1. "For sale"/lease-, barricaded houses "bleached" corpses keys on corpses / zombies.. How are these generated? If randomly: Does this mean that a house I built might be empty / barricaded..., because it was chosen by random? If not random: How to add corpses with bleach/pistol or even a written note to it? 1.2.2. Is it possible to have vegetation in buildings? - christmas tree! Or at different levels than 0? 1.2.3. Does the population number you choose for your town affect anything? (like zombie spawn) 1.2.4. How do zombies spawn in buildings on different floors? 1.2.5. Is there any other way than stairs to get to a different level(for building, no sheet ropes)? Roofs arent walkable. Any other way? Is or will there be a way to introduce different ground levels to make a hill f.e.? 1.2.6. Is there a list of things that can be spawned for each room assignment (bathroom f.e.)? 1.2.7. Are there any more ressources; more props f.e. to download? 2. General Impressions / Bugs / Ideas 2.1. Bugs In singleplayer a few bugs are persistent for me: Pouring out water out of containers (pots, buckets, bottles) won’t work and causes error messages (red, rightbottom screen) occasionally and permanent after it happened once. Only a restart of the game fixes this for some amount of time Can’t build something because some materials are missing which I actually have enough of in my inventory. Fix by restart or sometimes switching the item between different containers, then back to main inventory In Multiplayer sometimes items disappear while changing container. 2.2. Wishes 2.2.1. Improvements I like so many features. But quiet a few are implemented systems that aren't worked out: Metal working Electricity Lids / Jars, Shooting ; with low/no skill, seeing what I can craft with it on 1 ingredient (like crafthelper mod) Radio / TV system - what about cassetes and radiochannels after electricity is down? Or even the option for custom radio channels? 2.2.2. Additions Animations / Cars / NPCs? seeds to plant trees ; build natural barriers / own forrest, alley, etc. more craftable weapons (maybe worse in killing than others but with f.e. stun effect): slingshot, sock with billiard-ball... tbc Whoever made it to the end of these lines: Thanks for the patience and energy. Hopefully someone can answer a few of my question so I can find out how limited / unintuitive the editor is so I can decide if I want to make a map with it and noone takes offense at my critism towards at atm. Cya there, Bud
  5. Does anyone know the maximum number of floors the game can hold ? I think it was 7 or 9. Any help would be great !
  6. Hey all, I was just wondering if theres any hope of a Mac compatible Map Editor? Im very interested in making new maps for the area where I live but the only issue im running across is that the PZ Map Editor is a windows only program. If PZ is a Mac compatible game, it should only make sense that the Editor should be Mac compatible as well.
  7. Hello fellow survivors! I have made a simple program to edit the sandbox parameters of a save in Project Zomboid. Initially it just started out as a little poking around as I wanted to change when the water and electricity shut off, but I made it into a full program. Check it out if you are interested, I could do with some feedback if there are any bugs with it (please post on the issue tracker on github). https://github.com/BytesGuy/ZomboidSaveEditor To download it (or the source code), visit the link below. It will only run on Windows Vista/7/8/10, sorry no OS X or Linux support (yet)! https://github.com/BytesGuy/ZomboidSaveEditor/releases This project and code is distributed under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPLv3 License.
  8. Docters


    Hello, I am docters I do not speak English I'm building a house ¿Where to go the trash? FloorGrime FloorOverlayFloor
  9. Hello coders ! A little mod request here. Actually I think it's a little mod i'm requesting. I would love to see a mod/software that lets you edit your character traits and job. And if it's not too much of a hassle, maybe edit your inventory too! As you may already know, build 31.6 IWBUMS has introduced quite an important trait & job overhaul. However it screwed up my old save by making my awesome character stout instead of strong and overweight even if he wasn't before the update. I assume that some PZ players may experience the same kind of nonsense, and while it may be too much to ask devs to create an interface that allows you to re-distribute once again the traits of an existing character (given the speed at which the game is developed), I thought it would be nice if someone bothered to create such mod/software. Cheers !
  10. I made a set of swatches for Photoshop so that it's easy to get the correct colours for the various elements of any map you're trying to make. Instructions are based on CS3 because I never bothered to update! Download the file and save it somewhereIn your Photoshop, ensure swatches are visible from Window -> SwatchesClick the little down arrow icon near the close button at the top right of the swatches window and choose "Replace Swatches" (or if you'd rather not replace the ones you already have there, choose "Load Swatches" instead)Navigate to the file you downloaded and select itOnce loaded, hover the mouse over each swatch to see what type of map element it represents.All the colours for both the map and the vegetation map are in there. If anyone has a more modern version of Photoshop it'd be nice to know if this file works there too. For everyone using the GIMP, I don't think this file type is compatible. Not 100% on that though.
  11. Im going insane about this issue I have. I have just started with building stuff with the editors in project zomboid. This is the situation I face After I have installed the ZomboidMapTools1_1 and overwritten the tools withthe update files (TileZed-Jan-18-2014-64bit) I have done very litle else than locate the folder for the tiles. Did I mention the snow inside my building? very anoying... These are the steps I take.. 1. I construct a building with the Building editor inside the Tilezed, I save this building which has rooms, walls and roof plus different objects such as doors and containers. I save this file as "alternative.tbx. 2. I open WorldEd -> open muldraugh.pzw , then locate cell 10,12 -> double click on the cell. 3. I place "alternative.btx" and a default building from the tools "lot_house_medium_18_farmhouse.tbx" next to each other. I add the second as a control to avoid wasting time chasing construction ghosts. I save Cell 10,12 (35,37)this , then I click on "The world" save this as well. I can see both buildings place in the cell "The World" 4 I go to File->Generate Lots->Selected Cells Only-> Input the following: "E:\Modding\PZ\tools\MyMaps\Lotpacks" for the lot files "E:\Modding\PZ\tools\rawmap\ZombieSpawnMap.bmp" for the zombie spawn map World Origin offset is x25 y25 I click Apply 5. I go back then click Ok in the same window. 6. I see : Generating .lot files (10,12) -> generated lot files ...Finished ! Buildings: 4 Rooms: 24 Room rects: 33 Room Objects:23 7. I Export the two files to the server inside the propper folder, start the server. 8. I enter the server as admin then run to the location and to my insane issue... There is snow inside the buildings on level 0 (I can build plank floors ontop of that snow) Both buildings have their floors covered in snow. Please, help me
  12. Hello Community With the release of the Map editor yesterday, we can expect many different Maps from many different users in the near future/long term ! I thought a place to look at all created maps would be great so .... here it is ! No maps will get forgotten and it will be easier to search for new maps to play on as well as browse if the theme for a map you want to create is already in another one ! Every time a new map/thread for a new map gets released I will update this thread/post with the link, a small description and the name of the author ! I visit the forum several times a day , so I will probably notice new maps, but sending me a message with a link to the thread in case i didnt would be great too. I am excited for all the new maps ! Huraaay Indiestone , thank you once again for this awesome game and especially the map editor W.I.P - Maps (Work in Progress) Finished Maps
  13. hello community today I created a video tutorial for the creators of sprites that have issues to tilezed agreagar its objects, it is long but show the essentials for successfully add each object in the right position enjoy. Video subtitles are in Spanish so that should translate to English
  14. Hello everyone, I'm new to project zomboid and as many people have probably found out the map editor used for project zomboid is available so you can recreate your hometown or a map of your choice. I really wanted to make my own map so I downloaded the tools and 32 bit tools folders from http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/4674-map-tools/. I replaced everything except the rules.txt folder but then I just had a folder with nothing to do. I managed to find out that it used the program Tiled despite it not being mentioned anywhere on the original post. However, now i'm stuck again. Where do I install the "tools" folder in Tiled to get it to work. Please Help, Thank you.
  15. Sieben

    Room Definitions

    I've come finally to the point, where I give up Because I don't want create my own SuburbsDistributions.lua, I decide to take the standard version and edit the internal names of the rooms after it. In the MappingGuide from Thuztor, he mentioned the SuburbsDistributions.lua is under "media/lua/items", but this folder ("Items") don't exist. I find only a SuburbsDistributions.lua under "media/lua/servers/items" but, there are very few rooms to choose from, so I think this one is not the right one.
  16. Good Evening, After reading the article about the modding tools, i come up with the question if it is already possible to do some pre modding regarding new maps. Apart from the planing and design part, i read something about the surface definition via colors. Is there a limit of colors you can use for surface types? What about the road surface and the actual road tool within the editor, i paint the road onto the bitmap and can add or edit roads later? Can we import/export heightfields? What is the max size of the gameworld? or how many 300x300 tiles i can use? As the old tools are useless (are they really?) we can expect new Modding tools with RC3, any rough eta for the release or even some beta tests planned for the editor? For any information i would be thankfull. Greetings
  17. Heyyy fellow Zomboids, probably not the right place to put this butttttt.... Is there a Developers Console or an Inventory Editor for Project Zomboid? Just wondering so I may make things a tiny bit easier..
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