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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! To keep this nice and concise, I figured the world of Project Zomboid needed a bit of a touch up in terms of improvisation and crafting, so I decided to make a rather random mod: Improvised Containers! Downloads: Improvised Containers 1.1.1 (Latest Version) Features: Planned Features: That's why I'm here. I'd love to get some feedback and criticism (Especially since this is my first time properly modding something, not including Insurgency skins), but most important of all, I want more ideas for improvised bags and such. I'm open to any ideas! (Provided it's within my extremely limited coding knowledge.) Permissions: Feel free to use my work in your own mods, but please credit me! Other Work: Feel free to contact me if you're looking for a sprite artist for your own mods. Don't feel limited to downsizing images anymore! Credits: Icons & Coding - WolfeClaw Download Page Art - Yukiin
  2. Hi guys! Been a while since I was active, but RL is taking it's toll! Fortunately I found I Shall Remain (ISR) on Steam and was able to play it quite a bit. Yes, I have abandoned PZ as it's to addictive for me and disables my real life. About this game, even if it's an early access, the team does a great job, constant updates and fixes, are very active and a guide has been posted. As a zombie, post-apocalyptic , RPG fan, I Shall Remain caught my attention, but I was a bit skeptical about it being early access. There are very good examples (wonder ), but also very bad examples (releasing "final" game just to catch a holiday sale), but I gave it a try! I wasn't disappointed at all! You got zombies (d'oh!), progressive skill gain, great story, weapons from bare fists to sniper rifles, you can play solo or pick up teammates as you advance and even the graphics are really good. As for the mechanics of the game, those are pretty complex and get even more complex if you choose harder difficulty setting and/or to play alone as there's a lot of micromanagement involved. As for the story, some people may get offended as it's about the end of WW II and the Germans managed to release a deadly virus (z0m81e) in the US, but I'm not giving any extra spoilers. There's some balancing to be done, but they are constantly working on that; if you get the grip of the mechanics it may become easy, but some people admit that even normal difficulty is to hard. PZ did a great job and has a great community; I still remember the first time I played it on that tiny map and dying to much. But, from that tiny map, we ended up having multi player! From my opinion, I Shall Remain has great potential, but lacks the awareness and I really want to see this project thrive and, maybe, just maybe, evolve to a state where we'll have multi player as well! So, if I got your attention, at least take a look at this game and share some thoughts about it! If you have doubts or questions, feel free to ask; I managed to finish the game and I have some knowledge of the game's mechanics! Cheers and, together, we can survive the apocalypse!
  3. I get the Early Access message and then just black screen, with the music. Anyone else? I used to be able to play this game, but not now! Hopefully it'll be fixed soon! -Asger
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