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Found 7 results

  1. Not sure if this was addressed earlier. If it was, let me know. With that behind, I suggest icing on roads to form as a result of freezing temperatures after a rain or fog. I'm pretty sure there's a grip mechanic regarding tires so shouldn't be hard to implement (hopefully, I'm not a dev). This would add a bit more realism and challenge to driving a car. Imagine just casually driving and then losing control which ends with a glorious crash. Well technically even water on a road should decrease the grip in some way. Dirt roads could get muddy as well, slowing a car down. What is y
  2. Hello, I'm need some help In this site resources, I found events (seems decompile..), and one was: Events.OnPlayerMove.Add(functionName); But, it does not work, when you are in car( It's bug, or what? ), and I did not find anything like: OnVehicleMove The question is: How to get coords, [without OnPostUIDraw or other not connectable events,] when you are in car? But, however, I can use crutch: OnPlayerMove and if plr:isDriver check coords by OnPostUIDraw..
  3. Players've learnt how to drive... It's time to make driving even harder! If you want to drive faster/slower or go backwards, you need to switch gear. Some of the vehicles (Like sportscars) have Automatic transmission so you don't need to switch gear (except for go backwards). This should make driving a bit harder and new people won't drive a car as fast as they found a key to the nearest car. Also this will add one more option to choose besides Capacity and Speed. P.s: If there's any mistakes in the text — sry. UPD: Uh, there's one thing that imo will make driving
  4. Driving skills! I'm sure this is already being considered, but driving should definitely be worked into character creation when vehicle development stabilizes. High drive skill could increase (and low would decrease): - Turning responsiveness or likelihood of rollover (safe and effective control of momentum) - Likelihood of car starting on first turn of the key (knowing how/when to turn the key for a rough starter) - Control when running over obstacles (default erratic response when driving over something/zeds) - Others?
  5. nolanri

    Driving Cars Mod!

    I could use someones help with some questions. I want to figure out how to hide the player while driving so its like hes IN the car. And lastly make it so the car crushes zombies it runs into. To kill the zomies i hit I just need help with a way to kill a zombie with his MovingObject class. i can already detect all the moving objects i collide with just dont know how to KILL the moving object i hit if its a zombie. someone help plz
  6. Ok first of all I would like to warn everyone that this will be a VERY long post so if you intend to read all of it, hope you are comfy and have all you need. Second of all I would like to say I didn’t steal anyone’s ideas, I have had most of these for months but have not bothered to post them until I had them in an ok format. Third of all and the last thing before I start please remember nothing is confirmed and some of these ideas may reference my other posts and or upcoming posts so some things not implemented in the game may be talked about for possibilities of the future. Thank you and en
  7. Hey Guys, So this was originally a post in one of my topics in the general PZ discussion board but I decided I'd post it here as it's basically a suggestion. This is my personal view on how vehicles should work when they're implemented with the new 3D engine. I personally believe that vehicles should be a large part of the game when it comes to it, I think that vehicles should be a large focus of development once the current big things are out the door (NPCs mainly). I just wonder about controls, and I'm thinking maybe there could be different control types for vehicles that could be s
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