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Found 16 results

  1. I was wondering if there is any way to edit interior doors so they can be locked? I am designing a large apartman building and its just odd for all doors to be open.
  2. I was wondering if there is any way to edit interior doors so they can be locked? I am designing a large apartman building and its just odd for all doors to be open.
  3. the bathroom door opens and a wall appears. can still walk through it. the first image shows the door OPENED, not closed
  4. I had a fully loaded police truck when I saved and exited the game. It was parked and turned off about 20ft from my location. Loaded up a few hours later and the car was gone. This was parked by the rear exit to the movie theater by the mall. EDIT: Another odd effect. The backdoor to the movie theater is now locked and it was NOT when I last played. As far as I can see, the pile of dead zombies I was disposing out back are still there. So, car and contents vanished, door locked itself. The trunk was nearly full with a few tote bags, a school bag, and a hikin
  5. It's currently difficult to close a North-East-facing outer door. When you exit, the tiles behind black out, making the door unclickable. Turning around doesn't immediately make the door visible again. The only way to then close the door is to walk towards the open space where the door should be and click it before you get too close.
  6. This idea popped in my mind as I was barricading one of my safe house exits and didn't really want to do it because I would be essentially going to deny my way out from that direction. So the idea is wooden door latches that could be built on the inside of doors and would allow you to open them from the inside only. something that would look like this: You'd need 2-3 wooden planks and 2-4 nails to build it. It would reinforce the door as much as a normal barricade and the one plank would be removable (when opening). This could also be the only way you could lock a self made door. Now at
  7. Going up the stairs I can go through the closed door. In the previous version of the game, you could not build this door in the frame, it can be used but it does not work. That's how it looks - non-public movie on yt
  8. ORIGINAL POST BY: basedpraetorian I discovered this after I created the compound in the attached image. Upon coming back to base I would find that the double door that I left out of would sometimes be locked for a time. For example, it could be locked on both sides for a few in-game hours, then function as normal.
  9. Hi everyone, During my last session I realized for the first time that garage doors were not big enough to let cars go in. Is there a plan to get the door bigger?
  10. You ever had door where you cant find the key for? Why do we have to tear down the door and build a new one to just change the Key for a door? It would be nice to just exchange the lock/door knob of a door instead of the entire door.
  11. Bonjour all, I have put this thread up in the past but seeing all the new animation stuff going on I thought it was worth putting up again! Hope you'll agree this feature would add immense feel to the game!
  12. Reading the most recent Mondoid, the devs mentioned wanting the world to feel more authentic and less "Cookie cutter" was the term they used. As they said no changes have been made yet, I feel now is the perfect time to suggest any ideas for changes. Right away, instead of zombies just bashing down doors into a pile of planks hinges and doorknobs, make it so zombies will bash /open/ doors. Instead of the door collapsing into a pile of loot, just let the doorknob break so the door would swing freely. This way if the door is loosely swinging you could still barricade it closed the same as th
  13. Just some suggestions I've thought of since I started playing again. Ability to hotkey any item in the inventory. Ability to hotkey to primary, secondary, or both hands. Ability to lock camera in certain direction, ex: while running from West Point to Muldraugh it would be cool to set the camera so it hangs to the southwest so I can have a heads-up if someone is coming from the other direction without having to aim. I believe this would balance itself out because you would lose visibility to the rear. Ability to paint doors. It's cool to plaster constructed walls then paint them, but then ha
  14. I find it to be rather dumb that doors are locked from the inside. But I actually like the idea of keys, but you should be able to open any door from the inside as I have never seen a door that could not be unlocked from the inside in my entire life. I hope this is just a bug and will be fixed in a patch.
  15. I was going to build a wall around my place and then realized that it would be more beneficial to just create a bunch of doorways, place doors in them, and barricade the doors (except one, of course). Now you might ask why! Here's the kicker! Zombies will only try to break through doors and not walls (at least what I have experienced so far). So if I build all walls around my one door, when a horde comes they will only attack this one door and easily break it down. If I build many doors, the zombies will be more evenly spread out, making it harder for them to break through. Also, this would ca
  16. Just curious how to use crowbar as a lockpick to open locked doors. I dont want to use crowbar as a weapon to open door, because I want door to be safe after it has been unlocked. Does anyone know where to click?
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