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Found 4 results

  1. i have found a type of table that doesnt appear to be dismantleable. it is the one highlighted below. found the same table upstairs in the building and it is also not dismantleable. this is the restaurant in westpoint on the same block as hardware store https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.734800023519501,0.26180016960056296,412.1116559023778
  2. So I was laying in bed last night and a thought ran across my mind: "When putting a door together, you don't use nails to put the hinges on, you use screws." I think by giving the door a "dismantle" option with a screwdriver in your inventory, you should be granted a door, two hinges, a door handle, and a few screws. All of these could also drop broken versions, planks and scrap metal, depending on how high your carpentry level is and how the D20 rolls. This would give screws a use in building doors, give players a chance to use the type of door they wanted for aesthetic reasons, and also drop scrap metal for use in the metal crafting (currently in IWBUMS).
  3. As of build 33 you can pick up and dismantle television. It would be nice if you could dismantle microwaves too - that would make another source of electrical experience, which is hard enough to get as it is
  4. So after playing PZ over the last two months or so i've come up with some suggestions that I think would make the game more diverse. Please comment on my suggestions below: 1. Dismantle Furniture: When I am construction an outpost somewhere far away one of the first things I do is build a "clunky" chair for my character to rest periodically. It would be nice if I could dismantle said chair when my base is complete to salvage nails/planks. Also rain barrels need to be moved sometimes... 2. Shelter: Something easy to put up that could shelter your character from the elements. As it stands I need to rush to carpentry 3 so I can build stairs just to make a roof or run the chance of catching a nasty cold. 3. Twine?: It's very useful from a survival standpoint (fishing line, stick trap). But couldn't I take apart a rope and get twine (or use rope for stick trap)? I tend to leave the rope I see behind. Thanks for reading/commenting
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