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Found 7 results

  1. Good afternoon. Enough said. This desk, like all PZ furniture that I know of, is from the Vanilla rendition of "Project Zomboid". Unlike most other types of desks and tables, I cannot disassemble, pick up, rotate, or otherwise alter or relocate the desk by any means except the Sledgehammer. This is not the first time I have encountered furniture like this. Thank you. -TURTLESHROOM
  2. I am not sure if I am mistaken but I swore you could destroy or disassemble wooden floors from the carpentry build menu.... I accidentally place down a wooden floor and now cannot remove it. I have tried having the hammer and crowbar both in main inventory to either pick up, dismantle, or disassemble the wooden floor. Nothing worked. Also I have tried using the sledgehammer to just destroy the floor altogether and again nothing. I have no option to removed the floor. Am I missing something or is anybody else experiencing this problem??? I have only tested this on a multiplayer server.
  3. So, we use sledgehammers to deconstruct/break walls, stairs, etc. but why don't we receive materials when doing this? If I hit the door with the sledgehammer, it breaks, and I receive about 2 planks, a doorknob, and some hinges, but if I "destroy" the door, I get nothing back. I think this is something that should be changed, because it isn't realistic that there is absolutely nothing given back to us from breaking something down. Anyone else agree? Any criticism is also welcome.
  4. So, I couldn't find a thread about this though there probably is 1, but i'm thinking toward a few specific items. Water cooler: store lots of water in your safe house.Oven/Fridge: collect metal or parts of them for repairing or building stuff (not saying build an oven or fridge, though possible).Window/Door: Take them apart without breaking them (not needed, might be nice).Toilet/Sink: cause water to flood out, maybe collect items of them like a tap in order to make sink-like items from water-holders.Table/Chair: Just like doors, would give planks/sticks or such.Shop Shelves: Same as Table/Chair.Stairs: Same as Table/Chair.Cupboard/Wardrobe: Just another way to get planks, but maybe handles too (like doors).Sofa/Bed: Would drop cushions to use like pillows or something, maybe wood.Lamp post: Would drop metal parts, or wires or something for repairs.Other possible items.So ye, just a general idea of collecting items from existing items, maybe its not needed but I thought it'd be nice.
  5. Hi, In theory, I think the players should be able to completely destroy a house and everything in it (with a sledgehammer/axe/hammer). Strategically, I wanna modify the right house at the right location to my liking but the current system of destroying objects just .. sucks balls. Yes, there is zombie-apocalypse, everyone died, so stop your whining, adaptation is part of survival. BUT I think building/crafting is an essential part of PZ and I think just being able to destroy objects properly (including the floors please) will make the game so much more enjoyable... at least for me. Thank you all for your hard work. been playing for the past two weeks and I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work team PB
  6. It is more like general question the request or anything. I noticed that i`m able to destroy crafted stairs via sledgehammer (which is awesome), but it doesn`t seem to be working for stairs in houses (they looks the same but im` unable to pick it up by right click.So my question is - is it possible to destroy stairs by sledgehammer?
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