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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone ! First post here, I was a ghost watcher for a long time but I have finally decided to bring my contribution. english is not my native language so bear with me is my sentences doesn't make sense sometimes XD. Be prepared, this post is going to be a little long. PART 1 First, I would like to say that I really love this game, I am not a hardcore player who has like 1400 hours on it but I have played it enough to appreciate it ^^ The developpers have made already a really good game and I am very thankful for that. This post will not be about some gameplay changes but about the overall artistic scope of the game. Honestly, the only thing that bother me in this game is the lack of mood and horror vibes. I have seen some suggestion post about that, like adding some crows and such, which is already a very good suggestion in my opinions. But so far I have seen nothing about the lighting or colorimetry of the game. So I have made some little rough mockup about some stuff I would like to be added if possible of course. I am in no way a game designer or a programmer so I have 0 knowledge about what is possible to do. So, my first point is about lighting and ambient light. I find the overall lighting of a room ( when you press the switch on the wall) lacking of credibility. The room suddenly become clear and you can't see where the light attached to the switch is. I have add some shading on the floor and a glow at the top to look like the light is attached on the ceiling Another similar examples is about bedside lamp, the 2d asset have no real difference between switch on or off right now. So I have made a little mock up that show a more clear difference in my opinion. I don't know if it's possible to add some rim lighting on the characters but it could add a lot more mood and presence to them. In this scene you see the TV screen give a real sense of presence in the room. I think, the tv screen asset could be better with some animated GIF depending on the channel you're on. I also have imagined what a near lightning strike could do on the screen with a big flash ! I think it could bring a lot more horror vibe ^^ Again, I really don't know if the rim light on the character is possible. Another thing I was thinking about is flickering light. Of course, a very few lamp in the game would flick but again It could add some really creepy mood. I have attached some examples, but I imagine the same could be applied to the lighting of a gas station or a neon motel sign for example.
  2. Hello, guys! I want to share with you my last article on Tuts+ about necessity of GDD creation, common mistakes with that and some tips (from our experience) how we can avoid them. Every indie developer or team has asked themselves how best to manage the development process. Is it obligatory to use detailed documentation, such as the legendary game design document (GDD)? What are the most common mistakes, and how can they be avoided? For those who have searched for answers to these questions, I want to share our team's experience of creating our GDD. http://gamedevelopment.tutsplus.com/articles/how-and-why-to-write-a-great-game-design-document--cms-23545
  3. Okay, so whats really bothered me lately is the fact that when I obtain a backpack it's not on my character, my question is would it be possible to have it on his or her back after you pick it up? Well that's what I'm suggesting here so tell me what you guys think.
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